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LibGuides Presentation at iCON 2011

  1. 1. Good News/Bad News: <br />What LibGuides can do for you <br />and what you can do with LibGuides<br />
  2. 2. Why LibGuides?<br />Our existing research guides:<br />Were barely being used<br />Were not being maintained<br />Some departments did not even have a research guide.<br />
  3. 3. Why LibGuides?<br />Three reasons that we chose LibGuides:<br />Ease of maintenance<br /><ul><li>Link checker</li></ul>Ability to create reusable content<br />Appealing Features<br /><ul><li>Multimedia content and customization options</li></li></ul><li>System Setup<br />Getting Started:<br />All Librarians attended the LibGuides Basics Parts I and II webinar training. <br />The two designated administrators attended the System Administrator training. <br />
  4. 4. System Setup<br />Good:<br />You can do a lot to customize your LibGuides.<br /><ul><li>Move last updated and URL fields
  5. 5. Customize color schemes</li></li></ul><li>System Setup<br />Bad:<br />Coding got us in over our heads.<br /><ul><li>Tabs
  6. 6. Color between boxes
  7. 7. The lesson we took from this is that if you are not an expert at coding, you will have to rely on tech support quite a bit.</li></li></ul><li>System Setup<br />Good:<br />Springshare has helpful and responsive support (generally speaking).<br />Springshare has several other avenues for assistance.<br /><ul><li>Customization LibGuides and others for authors
  8. 8. Robust FAQ system
  9. 9. Springshare Lounge</li></li></ul><li>Standards/Templates<br />Why Standards?<br />We felt that our LibGuides would be more effective if they had a consistent look and feel. <br />Having a set of standards increases the benefits of reusable content.<br />
  10. 10. Standards/Templates<br />Good:<br />Springshare has compiled a public LibGuide of standards from various libraries.<br />
  11. 11. Standards/Templates<br />Bad:<br />Writing a complete, thorough set of standards is a time-consuming and daunting task.<br /><ul><li>It is especially daunting when many of the librarians do not have much experience with the system.</li></li></ul><li>Standards/Templates<br />Good:<br />We chose not to write our standards collaboratively.<br /><ul><li>Our primary administrator, who had considerably more experience with the system drafted a document for all of the librarians to review.
  12. 12. Having one person draft the standards is a time-saver for the process, but a large time commitment for one person.
  13. 13. It might have been more productive to split the workload among the librarians.</li></li></ul><li>Standards/Templates<br />Subject Guide Template:<br />There will be a subject guide created for each of our liaison areas.<br /><ul><li>Resource-based</li></li></ul><li>Standards/Templates<br />Course Guide Template:<br />We will create a course guide for each instruction session.<br /><ul><li>Created as instructions are requested
  14. 14. Process-based
  15. 15. Assignment-driven
  16. 16. Tweaked for future instructions</li></li></ul><li>Standards/Templates<br />Course Guide Template:<br />The design for our course guides came largely from a handout workshop that we conducted in June.<br /><ul><li>We came to some conclusions about what we wanted to accomplish in our instructions.
  17. 17. We standardized our “About this page” sections and instructional components to make using the templates easier.</li></li></ul><li>Standards/Templates<br />Reusable Content Guide:<br />We found it important to have a repository for content that librarians could use across guides.<br /><ul><li>Includes search boxes and more</li></li></ul><li>Guide Creation<br />Time:<br />It has taken longer to set up the system than initially expected.<br /><ul><li>Our goal for subject guide completion was the beginning of the fall semester, but is now September 1st.
  18. 18. Each of the librarians are working on their own guides.</li></li></ul><li>Guide Creation<br />Good:<br />Robust templates make it easy to get started with a given guide.<br />There is quite a bit of reusable content available.<br /><ul><li>We have an A-Z Electronic Resources Guide that contains links to and descriptions of all of our electronic resources.
  19. 19. When links to these resources change, the Periodicals Librarian can update the link and it will change across all of our LibGuides.</li></li></ul><li>Guide Creation<br />Bad:<br />Copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word.<br /><ul><li>You often get extraneous code that can alter the appearance of your text dramatically.
  20. 20. Copying and pasting the text into a text editor like Notepad first, and then into LibGuides, seems to work better. </li></li></ul><li>Guide Creation<br />Bad:<br />Accessibility within the Administrative Interface<br /><ul><li>Problems with magnification software, causing some overlapping and spill-over
  21. 21. Our concerns about accessibility have not been addressed in a customer-service oriented manner.</li></li></ul><li>Good News/Bad News: <br />What LibGuides can do for you <br />and what you can do with LibGuides<br />Conclusions:<br />It takes a lot of work. <br /><ul><li>There is a lot of work required up-front, but if you take the time to develop standards and plan out your pages, you’ll maximize the benefits to your patrons and have a usable and sustainable model.</li></ul>It takes both collaboration and leadership.<br /><ul><li>You will have to have buy-in from your entire staff, but you will also need leadership to keep everyone on task and provide direction.</li></li></ul><li>Good News/Bad News: <br />What LibGuides can do for you <br />and what you can do with LibGuides<br />Our Verdict: <br />Although there have been negative aspects involved with our LibGuides implementation, we feel that the benefits will outweigh them. <br />
  22. 22. Good News/Bad News: <br />What LibGuides can do for you <br />and what you can do with LibGuides<br />Resources:<br />LibGuides Trainings:<br />LibGuides FAQs:<br />LibGuides Help Guides:<br />Springshare Lounge:<br />LibGuides Style & Standard Guidelines Collection:<br />Linscheid Library LibGuides Standards:<br />University of Washington LibGuides Usability Study:<br />
  23. 23. Good News/Bad News: <br />What LibGuides can do for you <br />and what you can do with LibGuides<br />Chelsea Baker<br /><br />(580) 559-5370<br />Patrick Baumann <br /><br />(580) 559-5373<br />Access this presentation at<br />Access our LibGuides system at<br />