Nursing performance evaluation


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nursing performance evaluation

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Nursing performance evaluation

  1. 1. Nursing performance evaluationPerformance evaluations are generally done to evaluate the job performance of anemployee of the respective company. This process is generally conducted by theemployer of the company to ensure that the job is done properly. Before the beginning ofa project, normally the employee sets a number of goals before himself, which he aims tofulfill.In the performance evaluation it is required to review the goals set in the last evaluation.If it has not been done yet, it is the best time to evaluate. What is all the more important isthat, the employee must be sure of the goals. And then ensure whether they have beenable to fulfill the expectations or not.Next, you should fill in the performance evaluation paper according to the instructions.These are often numerical and needs to be filled by numbers. Penning down yourcomments is another good idea. While doing so, you can point to various examples andsubstances. It is a good idea to share this evaluation paper with your employee in aprivate meeting.As this is going to be shared, use civil languages while putting down the comments.Make sure that your employer understands your logic and provides you with anopportunity for the necessary feedback. Chalk down the goals you want to set for the nextterm or year. And make sure that the employer agrees on them and it is a joint decision.Generally the signature of the employer is required. These were the rules about how towrite a performance evaluation. The following are the method of answering aperformance evaluation.First, consider the feedback you have received. This must be done not only from yourown point of view but also from think about how to approach the goals by your work.Generally a performance evaluation comes with a response letter too. But if the employerand the employee are in agreement with the goals then no response is required. Writeyour answers in relation with the goals, and if any of the goals are left unfulfilled, then itis a good time to reconsider them.Once you are done with them, recheck it and sit with the supervisor to go through it, ifyou feel that it will boost the team work up. If there were disagreements regarding theanswers goals or focus then ensure that there is clarity in it as it will influence the entireterm. Performance evaluations are good because it opens the forum for a better discussionfor what your team is working for.
  2. 2. The feedback should be clear and positive toned to ensure that it is a constructive one andthere will be better chances for the goals being fulfilled. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.