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Revealing the individuality and inspiration that define us all, Keepsakes charms symbolise those abiding memories we gather along life’s journey. Whimsical and wondrous, commemorative and charismatic, every piece in this collection tells its own story.



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    Links of London - Keepsakes Collection Links of London - Keepsakes Collection Presentation Transcript

    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionAW12
    • KeepsakesRevealing the individuality and inspiration that define us all,Keepsakes charms symbolise those abiding memories we gatheralong life’s journey. Whimsical and wondrous, commemorative andcharismatic, every piece in this collection tells its own story. AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionBlack Charm Wrap Bracelet Multi row Cord & Chain Black & Silver Cord & Chain Necklace NecklaceCaptivating for its simple beauty, thisBlack Charm Wrap Bracelet of Imaginatively offsetting the Hand-woven with black thread,interwoven cord and spiga chain is a dexterity of woven metallic cords these sterling silver bracelets are acompletely new take on the with the strength of the sterling modern, grown-up take on thetraditional charm bracelet, striking a silver chain, this Multi-row Cord & friendship bands we made asdelicate balance between substance Chain Necklace is a unlike any children.and beauty. other.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionTurquoise Charm Wrap Heart Charm Catcher Star Charm CatcherBracelet This exquisite sterling silver Heart This beautifully crafted new sterlingCaptivating for its simple beauty, this Charm Catcher is a visionary way silver Star Charm Catcher is aTurquoise Charm Wrap Bracelet of to wear charms and an evocative completely new way to wearinterwoven cord and spiga chain is a symbol of love. Simply catch charms.completely new take on the favourite charms onto the hearttraditional charm bracelet, striking a and thread a chain through todelicate balance between substance create a piece of jewellery.and beauty.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionHorseshoe Charm Catcher Silver Lining 18ct Gold & Butterflies in my Tummy Diamond Charm 18ct Gold & Diamond CharmThe refined splendour of this newsterling silver Horseshoe Charm "Every cloud has a silver lining” , In this heart-shaped, 18ct goldCatcher makes it a delightfully so the saying goes. Whatever the Butterflies In My Tummy charm thedifferent way to wear charms. circumstances, this stunning Silver shimmering pave diamonds Lining charm is a great reminder epitomise the way the body feels in that there is a positive side to those first stages of love. everything in life.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionOver the Moon 18ct Rose Silver Lining 18ct Rose Butterflies in my TummyGold Charm Gold & Diamond Charm 18ct Gold & Diamond CharmWhat better way to express the "Every cloud has a silver lining” , In this heart-shaped, 18ct rose goldrapture of true happiness than with so the saying goes. Whatever the Butterflies In My Tummy charm thethis 18ct rose gold Over The Moon circumstances, this stunning Silver shimmering pave diamondscharm? Inspired by a famous English Lining charm is a great reminder epitomise the way the body feels innursery rhyme, feelings of elation that there is a positive side to those first stages of love.and bliss are delightfully everything in life.represented.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionPearls of Wisdom 18ct Rose Silver Lining London Blue Butterflies in my TummyGold Charm Charm CharmDiscernible in character with a This sublime Silver Lining London Epitomising the way the bodysprinkling of savoir faire , this savvy Blue Topaz charm echoes that responds in those initial stages, thisPearls Of Wisdom charm in 18ct expression of positivity with a rim heart-shaped, sterling silverrose gold features a full pave of sterling silver surrounding a Butterflies In My Tummy charm alsodiamond-encrusted lining - a perfect hand-crafted London Blue Topaz features effervescent white topaz.present for someone taking exams stone - representing the colour ofor heading off to college. the sky of its city of origin.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionPearls of Wisdom Charm Silver Lining Charm Heart on Fire CharmDiscernible in character with a Whatever the circumstances, this The all-consuming frenzy of thosesprinkling of savoir faire , this savvy stunning Silver Lining charm is a first feelings of love is captured inPearls Of Wisdom silver charm - a great reminder that there is a stunning detail with the heartperfect present for someone taking positive side to everything in life. emblem surrounded by rising flamesexams or heading off to college. Designed in sterling silver, the and its sparkling effect on the rim sparkling effect on the outer rim is evokes the fieriness of early visible to all. passion.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm Collection18th Birthday Key Charm 16th Birthday Charm Cupids Arrow CharmCelebrate one of lifes most Every sweet sixteen should be If Cupids arrow has already struckmemorable birthdays with this celebrated in style and this charm the heart of someone special,stunning sterling silver 18th birthday is the perfect present - engraved symbolise that feeling ofkey charm featuring cut-out heart- with Sweet 16 to mark this enchantment with this Cupids Arrowshape detailing - just one of the birthday it is the first of three key charm in sterling silver, featuringseries of birthday key charms that charms that grow in size at every wings and a bow and arrow detailform a small collection and grow milestone anniversary. that capture true love in all its glory.larger with age.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionReach for the Moon Charm Mum to be Charm Shooting Star Charm"Reach for the moon and you may Its well-known that babies rarely Take inspiration from the iridescentget the stars”. Never were truer arrive on time. This sterling silver beauty of the nights sky andwords written. Muse over every Mum-To-Be charm is the ideal gift capture those truly magicalsuccess life brings with this subtle for the expectant mother. moments in life with this Shootingsterling silver charm engraved with Featuring two tags it can be easily Star charm in sterling silver,words from this most wonderful of personalised. complete with its own shimmeringpersonal mottos. cluster of smaller stars.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionMini Keepsake Locket Lucky Ladybird Charm Wishbone CharmKeep close to the heart a photo or One of natures more enigmatic Share a wish or symbolise a secretlock of hair from a loved one with this beauties, the ladybird is also a desire with this playful WishboneMini Keepsake Locket charm. symbol of good luck. This sterling charm, a centuries-old emblem ofDesigned in sterling silver and with silver Lucky Ladybird charm good luck crafted in sterling silverroom for engraving, there is space to shows its capacity to surprise with and carefully engraved with “Make akeep everyday reminders of that a red glass wing cover. wish” in the lightest of lettering.special someone.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionGlobe - Travelling Memories Birdcage Charm Flirty Thirty CharmLocket Featuring a beautiful 18ct vermeil Mark a true milestone in life withPerfect for someone setting off on bird in an enchanting sterling silver this Flirty Thirty charm. A fun way oftheir travels, what better way to keep cage, with the words of the phrase celebrating a 30th birthday, thea memento close at hand? Take a engraved onto the base, this script on the front of this sterlingsymbol of home or bring back grains Birdcage charm is the true silver charm becomes a subtleof sand from a faraway beach with expression of the sentiment that pattern and with a plain back therethis sterling silver Globe - Travelling soulmates will always find each is even space for a personalisedMemories Locket charm. other. engraving.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionBun in the Oven Charm Wishing Well Charm Zodiac Pebble Cancer CharmAn age-old English saying to mark a European folklore suggests thatnew pregnancy - Having a bun in the any spoken wish would be granted Complex yet adaptable, Canceriansoven - is delightfully recreated in this by the wishing well. Make dreams will appreciate the subtle detailing ofsterling silver Bun-In-The-Oven of love come true with this sterling this tactile sterling silver Zodiaccharm, featuring an 18ct vermeil silver Wishing Well Pebble charm.bun inside the locket and engraved charm, featuring a working handleon the outside with words from this which raises an 18ct vermeilclassic phrase. heart.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionZodiac Pebble Capricorn Zodiac Pebble Libra Charm Zodiac Pebble ScorpioCharm Charm Graceful beauty and a spirit ofResourceful and independent, what Celebrate the Scorpios passion for adventure characterise the Libranbetter way to capture a Capricorns life and observation to detail with and what better way to symbolisepersonality than with this stunning this tactile sterling silver Zodiac such a unique personality thansterling silver Zodiac Pebble charm? Pebble charm, etched with a with this tactile sterling silver Zodiac Pebble charm? Scorpio constellation on the front.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionZodiac Pebble Aquarius Zodiac Pebble Pisces Zodiac Pebble Aries CharmCharm Charm The strength and independence ofThe inventiveness and originality of Inspire devotion with this every Aries is reflected in this tactileevery Aquarian is reflected in the imaginative Pisces Zodiac Pebble sterling silver Zodiac Pebble charm.attention to detail of this Zodiac charm. Crafted in sterling silver, Engraved on the reverse with AriesPebble charm. Pisces is engraved on the reverse and offering space for a alongside space for a short personalised inscription, it also personal inscription. features a constellation of Aries on the front.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionZodiac Pebble Taurus Charm Zodiac Pebble Gemini Zodiac Pebble Leo Charm CharmCelebrate the generosity and loyalty Leos love all things new andof Taureans with this playful sterling Symbolising the wit and extraordinary, which makes thissilver Zodiac Pebble charm. A gift for imagination of a Gemini, this sterling silver Zodiac Pebble thethose born under Taurus, this charm sterling silver Zodiac Pebble perfect memento. Engraved withechoes natures own cosmos with charm expresses hidden depth. Leo on the reverse this delightfullythe signs constellation etched on the The front is etched with the signs tactile charm also features afront. constellation, while the reverse is constellation of the sign of Leo on engraved with Gemini. the front.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionZodiac Pebble Virgo Charm Home is Where the Heart is Sweeter than Honey Locket Charm CharmWith a well-known desire forperfection, every Virgo will delight in Celebrate a new home or moving Simply oozing style and dripping inthis crafted sterling silver Zodiac in together with this intriguing detail, this sterling silver SweeterPebble charm with unsurpassed charm in sterling silver. Open the Than Honey charm is a perfect gift.attention to detail. locket to reveal a personalised Its honeycomb-shaped locket hidden message and 18ct vermeil design features an 18ct vermeil bee heart. inside and comes engraved with the phrase on the reverse.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionSeashell Charm Life Begins at 40 Charm Sending you my love CharmEvoking memories of days by the Life is what you make it and what The love letter is the most enduringshore, searching the sands for those better way to represent new symbol of true passion. This sterlinginconceivable shapes thrown back beginnings than with the stunning silver charm, engraved with theseby the sea, this Seashell charm in attention to detail on this words on the reverse, can besterling silver hides one of natures reversible feather charm? opened by pulling on the bale andtrue treasures, a freshwater pearl. Celebrate age knowing no bounds comes with a card inside for a with the delightfully engraved personalised, handwritten message declaration, Life Begins At 40 . of love.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionBoy Charm Girl Charm Seahorse CharmCrafted with exquisite attention to Inspired by the classic rag doll One of natures true underwaterdetail, this beautiful Boy charm girls of days gone by, this perfectly treasures, this Seahorse charmcomes in solid sterling silver and playful sterling silver charm is the captures the serenity of the sea withfeatures delightful detailing, like his ideal gift for a young. Pristine pink stunning attention to detail. Made ofblue enamel hat and moveable legs. enamelling is recessed in the solid sterling silver, its dreamy blue design to protect it from damage sapphire eyes will draw you in while so it can be worn every day in encouraging the imagination to drift celebration. away…AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionEnvelope - Sealed with a Kiss Fairy Godmother Charm Bunny CharmCharm Everyone needs someone to Styled on the loveable soft toyLove can be expressed in a number watch over them on lifes journey, rabbit, this sterling silver Bunnyof ways but perhaps the most so why not choose this perfect charm is reminiscent of childhoodtreasured is the traditional love letter, charm? Crafted in sterling silver and evokes playful memories withwonderfully symbolised by this and engraved “Watch over me” on its floppy-ears and white mother-of-sterling silver Sealed With A Kiss the reverse of the moon, it makes pearl heart inlay.Envelope charm. the ideal gift for when someone is moving away.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionElephant Charm Turn Over a New Leaf Decisions of the Heart Charm CharmSymbolising good fortune around theworld, this sterling silver seated Engraved with this well-known Affairs of the heart are rarely easyElephant charm is the ideal emblem phrase on the reverse, this but this sterling silver Decisions Ofof luck. With its raised trunk and soft lovingly recreated Turn Over A The Heart charm turns the optionsand tactile form it makes the perfect New Leaf charm in sterling silver we all face into wearabletalisman. is a stunningly detailed emblem to statements. mark a transformation in life or a change of direction.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionFaith Hope & Love Charm Once Upon a Time Book 18ct Gold & Diamond Locket Charm Anchor of Hope CharmA cross symbolises true faith. Theanchor - a sailors last resort in Life never ceases to amaze, so A symbol of hope and stability, thestormy seas - represents hope. The capture those extra-special anchor is also considered lucky.heart evokes true love. All three are moments in this sterling silver This luxurious, 18ct gold charmbrought together to be cherished in charm, featuring a story book features pave-set diamond tips andthis sterling silver Faith, Hope & design and a page insert that can is engraved with Hope on theLove charm. be engraved with a reminder of reverse, promoting that belief that truly important events. positivity lies around every corner.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm Collection18ct Rose Gold & Diamond 18ct White Gold & Diamond Wishbone 18ct Gold &Anchor of Hope Charm Anchor of Hope Charm Diamond CharmA symbol of hope and stability, the This luxurious, 18ct white gold Share a wish or symbolise a secretanchor is also considered lucky. This Anchor of Hope charm features desire with this playful Wishboneluxurious, 18ct rose gold charm pave-set diamond tips and is charm, a centuries-old emblem offeatures pave-set diamond tips and engraved with Hope on the good luck crafted in rich 18ct goldis engraved with Hope on the reverse, promoting that belief that and encrusted with pave diamonds.reverse, promoting that belief that positivity lies around every corner.positivity lies around every corner.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionMini Pink Sparkle 18ct Gold Mini Sparkle Heart 18ct Wish Upon a Star 18ct WhiteHeart Charm White Gold & diamond Gold Charm CharmGlorious in 18ct gold, this Mini Pink Dreams may come true when youSparkle charm delicately captures Glorious in 18ct white gold, this wish upon a star - playfully broughtloves true passion with its enticing Mini Sparkle Heart charm to life in this 18ct white gold Wishflash of ruby and captivating delicately captures loves true Upon A Star charm with shimmeringidiosyncrasy. passion with its enticing flash of pave diamonds. pave diamond and captivating idiosyncrasy.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm Collection18ct Gold & Diamond Sea 18ct Rose Gold & Diamond Feather - New BeginningsShell Charm Sea Shell Charm 18ct White Gold & Diamond CharmEvoking memories of days by the Evoking memories of days by theshore, searching the sands for those shore, searching the sands for As a emblem signifying a freshinconceivable shapes thrown back those inconceivable shapes start, this 18ct white gold Newby the sea, this Seashell charm in thrown back by the sea, this Beginnings Feather charm with its18ct gold hides a most glorious Seashell charm in 18ct rose gold scattering of diamonds is the perfectdiscovery inside, a full pave diamond hides a most glorious discovery way to celebrate a new stage in life.pearl. inside, a full pave diamond pearl.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm Collection18ct Rose Gold Hot Air 18ct Gold Hot Air Balloon 18ct Gold & DiamondBallon Charm Charm Peacock Feather CharmChase those castles in the sky with Chase those castles in the sky Symbolising new beginnings, thisthis gorgeous 18ct gold Hot Air with this gorgeous 18ct gold Hot Peacock Feather charm in 18ct goldBalloon charm. Follow a dream Air Balloon charm. Follow a dream accentuates the beauty ofwherever it may soar with the white wherever it may soar with the red everything around it as the lightmother-of-pearl detailing and enamel detailing and stunning reflects off the pear-shaped bluestunning gold casing of this truly gold casing. topaz stone set within a paveimaginative hot air balloon emblem. diamond-encrusted casing.AW12
    • Keepsakes Charm CollectionLove Struck Bow & Arrow 4 Leaf Clover 18ct White As Free as a Bird 18ct Gold18ct Gold & Diamond Charm Gold & Diamond Charm & Diamond CharmWhen love pierces the heart, Bringing luck to those who find A decorative motif representing thesymbolise that special feeling with them, the classic symbol of good free spirit within us all, with thethis Love Struck Bow & Arrow charm fortune is expressed in exquisite shimmering luxuriousness of thisin 18ct gold, featuring Cupids bow detail in this Four Leaf Clover 18ct gold Free As A Bird charm itand a pave diamond arrow tip that charm designed in 18ct white gold seems as though lifes cares areembody the quivering effect of that and set with a scattering of being carried off into the horizon.very first glance. diamonds.AW12
    • Thank youAW12