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  • Hypergrowth
  • The way we get our information has drastically changed over the years making some technologies seem obsolete or dated. We live in a world where business is done online and on the move. LinkedIn brings value to its members by giving them a platform for their online identity, gain insights and take that information with them where ever they go on their mobile devices.LinkedIn is a professional network, not a job board. Members come to LinkedIn for a number of reasons:Maintaining their professional profile of recordNetworking with other professionalsFinding insights to get better at what they doActive job searching is just one of the reasons professionals come to LinkedIn, and the majority of LinkedIn’s members are passive job seekers.
  • SLIDE BUILDSSo, why are all these people on LinkedIn? There are multiple reasons. Here are just five of them.To brand themselves. Through their profile, of course, but also through status updates and their every interaction on LinkedIn, such as answering a question in our Answers section to show their expertiseTo get smart on what’s being said about their industries, through looking at their peers’ network updates, Group discussions, and using tools like SignalTo think generally about careers. They may not be actively looking, but they might decide it’s time to polish their profile… just in case. Or approach colleagues to ask for recommendations. Or even reach out to close associates to see if there are any interesting opportunities.To discuss business issues that matter to them. There are over 1 million groups on LinkedIn, ranging from diversity groups through specialized skills to careers and much, much more. Every day 100,000 people join another group.To generally connect with opportunities in numerous other ways. Case in point: Irish start-up goshido raised a quarter of a million dollars in 8 days, using only LinkedIn and InMails to reach out to targeted angel investors with the opportunity to join their In short, the professional opportunity is only limited by your imagination. We bring economic opportunity to professionals in countless ways. And THAT’s why two new members join us every second.OK, so all these professionals are on LinkedIn… but they’re not necessarily interested in Jobs… are they?
  • We also want to change the way your company works.
  • LinkedIn wants to change the way you 1) Hire – engage the world’s passive talent, 2) Market – connect more effectively with professionals, and 3) Sell – turn cold calls into warm prospects
  • [Note: Important to get the client’s agreement up front that passive candidate recruiting is a key to success. Most staffing agencies will be fully comfortable with the concept of passive candidates, but even if just to agree a shared understanding and frame the conversation it’s worth discussing]The point of this slide is to highlight LinkedIn’s unparalleled depth and quality as a talent poolBecause LinkedIn is a professional network, it’s home to both passive and active job seekers Getting passive candidate sourcing right is critical to achieving your recruiting goalsMany of today’s best candidates are not looking for a jobHowever Recruiting passive candidates requires a very different approach from recruiting active candidates.While active candidates frequent job boards and seek out many opportunities, passive candidates spend their time networking. They’ll listen to opportunities, but only if it’s the right opportunity for them.LinkedIn is the only platform that can help you recruit both passive and active candidates. Furthermore in most economies the Passive candidate will comprise 80% of the applicable workforce. [NOTE: We should not overlook active candidates as a legitimate source of hire. Instead, focus on how LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and the tens of millions of passive candidates that can’t be reached anywhere else]
  •  ASK: Let me ask you, what percentage of members are passive?....80%.Not only represent potentially high quality for your organization; They’re also out there in abundance. And Receptive to hear about the right opportunity – targeted/relevant.Based on research passive talent accounts for almost 80% of the fully employed workforce around the world. That means if you’re currently using more traditional approach, job boards agencies etc. only reaching 21% of working professionals at most. That’s a small percentage of potential candidates, and it’s a labour pool that’s highly saturated, with all your competitors vying for the same people. Your EVP’s have to work even harder. So if the majority of people are passive, i.e. not looking for a new role, don’t have a current CV – how should we engage with them? Well before we get to that let’s take amount to understand their motivations/aspirations further.Our most recent research was conducted in October 2011 in ten countries including the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India and Singapore. We surveyed over 10,000 professionals who were fully-employed to learn more about their attitudes to jobseeking.
  • Separate research that LinkedIn conducted last year among 3,300+ professionals around the world showed that passive candidates think differently from active candidates. Based on our research, we found that They are far likelier to want to make an impact (120% more likely, in fact). They’re also 56% more likely to want a corporate culture that fits their personalityOne other major point of difference: they are 1/3 more likely to want challenging work. They want to make a difference in the workplace, are looking for a place where there’s a strong cultural match, and are hungry for challenging work…Motivated by different things.
  • Conversely, our research showed that passive candidates are 21% less likely to need recognition for their contributions 17% less likely to be focused on skill development opportunities. (which might be why detailed job descriptions listing a long set of requirements are often ineffective with passive talent).
  • [Recruiter]Remember when you would post and pray, i.e., post a job and just hope that one of those thousands of applicants would be the right person for the job? The LinkedIn Recruiter tool enables you to engage passive candidates at scale so that you can find the right person much more effectively.
  • Moving away from post and pray, here’s a case in point: Next, looking for a senior swimwear designer in the UK – LinkedIn has the people. You can see how they are completely changing the game.
  • [Talent Pipeline]So what do you do with all of your extremely relevant candidates? You used to use a combination of spreadsheets and post-it notes, but LinkedIn introduced Talent Pipeline last year.
  • Thisis a product that enables you to integrate resumes, cross reference with LinkedIn profiles, tag, organize, and share with other people in your companies. Over 50% of our Recruiter customers are activating this tool. We see new use cases every day, and we are continuing to invest in this really enabling platform.
  • [Talent Brand Index]What’s next? We hear you want to build your talent brand. We recently conducted some research where we found that 80% of you say talent brand is critical to hiring success, and more than 50% of you will invest more in your employer brand this year.
  • How can you tell your talent brand stories? First, you need a big, connected audience in order to amplify your message through the value of virality. Next, you want to increase your effectiveness with prospects, and finally, you want to engage with those candidates. Recruiters are increasingly thinking like the world’s best marketers- you’re changing the game by using marketing practices to do your jobs.
  • A best in class example is HP: they are using Company Pages to showcase their brand, using things like display media, and targeting status updates to engage with the most relevant members.
  • The higher your index score the easier it is to Get your company’s customized index scoreMeasure your talent brand strength with a free and reliable index, calculated from billions of professional interactions taking place on LinkedIn. Compare Reach, the number of people familiar with you as an employer; with Engagement, the number of people who proactively show an interest in your brand.See how your brand stacks upQuantify and benchmark your talent brand against peers. Track changes over time to measure the impact of branding initiatives.Compare your multiple talent brandsUnderstand how different types of professionals view you by comparing your talent brand across functions and geographies.
  • In order to remain objective we excluded LinkedIn
  • Data Retention: Own the data of your employeesThis is key, especially for business owners. Corporate Solutions enable them to move away from LinkedIn activity being trapped within the private accounts of their employees. They will never own their connections, but any activity undertaken as an employee can be tracked and recorded. This also counters the problem of recruiters leaving and taking their history of conversations with them. Reach: Access the entire networkUnlimited searching and results based solely on search criteria and not according to network connections. Efficiency: Compress the front end processHave recruiters achieve better results in less time. Free up time and increase productivity. Team Collaboration: Full team visibility of Linkedin activityOnly Corporate Solutions allow colleagues to collaborate and share activity via clipboards and project folders. They are also the only way management can track their team’s activity via a bespoke dashboard. Existing clients see huge benefits in efficiency as duplication ends and management ensures optimal activity is achieved. Brand of Choice: Leverage Employee’s networkMaximise the exposure your employees give you by reaching their networks in the most effective way (LinkedIn can give insight to who they are connected to, where they work, what traffic they receive monthly in profile views, and much more to understand where the value is in this)Passive members: Improve engagement As 80% of your possible candidate base is passive, make sure you’re equipped with the best possible tools to engage them. Relationships matter: Quality vs. Quantity10 ok candidates or 3 brilliant candidates? Save your clients time and deliver the best candidates by improving your sourcing and engagement techniques with LinkedIn.
  • Well over 250 UK staffing firms are already driving great results from their LCS investment. The market is at a tipping point where early adopters are now seeing significant advantages over their competition.
  • Most staffing firms will use LinkedIn to varying degrees anyway. The point of this slide is to introduce the existence of Corporate Solutions, if they were unaware, or to introduce a conversation around their value if they were aware.There’s no need to drill in to each solution here but rather steer the conversation towards why they could be valuable. As a trusted partner you should present this in a fairly agnostic way – there is a full range of LinkedIn solutions, from free to corporate, and you can help articulate the value of each. To put it simply, Corporate Solutions offer the best possible branding exposure and the best possible sourcing and engagement tools on the platform. The conversation will normally start with a factual, data led conversation on a client ( slide)
  • Like marketers, you want to reach the right prospect with the right message at the right time. Historically that’s been difficult, if not impossible – the old saying is that you know that half of your marketing spend is working but you don’t know which half. Same with job postings.
  • Jobs You May Be Interested In matches the jobs you post on LinkedIn with the right members based on their work history, career trajectory, and skills and interests. We put personalized jobs on the homepage, in the feed, in email alerts … in all of the site flows that reach over 100 million unique visitors per month. Over the past few years, Jobs You May Be Interested In has become the engine that delivers passive candidates at scale. In fact, it drives well over 50% of jobs engagement on LinkedIn.
  • Jobs You May Be Interested In matches the jobs you post on LinkedIn with the right members based on their work history, career trajectory, and skills and interests. We put personalized jobs on the homepage, in the feed, in email alerts … in all of the site flows that reach over 100 million unique visitors per month. Over the past few years, Jobs You May Be Interested In has become the engine that delivers passive candidates at scale. In fact, it drives well over 50% of jobs engagement on LinkedIn.
  • Partner - Talent Solutions - Corporate

    1. 1. Note to Partner – delete this slide before presentingPlease pay attention to the notes section to help you present this deckappropriatelyThis is a general deck to introduce LinkedIn and presents our new profileand homepageShould be used for corporate clients only (NOT for Staffing Agencies).If you would like to make changes to this deck please make sure you areabiding by our brand guidelines.Any questions please email
    2. 2. Partner Introduction – Talent Solutions Presented by: Partner Name / Date©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    3. 3. Firstname Surname Job Title Company©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    4. 4. Agenda LinkedIn Overview Value to the Member Relevance to you Talent Solutions Q&A©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    5. 5. The LinkedIn opportunity Connect talent with opportunity at massive scale + Fundamentally transforming the way the world works
    6. 6. LinkedIn’s global market opportunity is growing 1 175M+ LinkedIn Members 2 640M+Worldwide Professionals 23,300M+ Worldwide Workforce 1 LinkedIn members as of 2 August 2012 | 2 Source: International Planning & Research
    7. 7. LinkedIn: A global and local talent pool 175 M+ +2 new 1 50 M+ 2 3 Members worldwide Members per second Members in EMEAMembers in200+ countriesand 150+ industries 1 Members from every single FTSE 250 company 1 As of August 2, 2012, LinkedIn has more than 175 million members in over 200 countries and territories. 2 As of June 30, 2012 - professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of approximately two new members per second. 3 Internal LinkedIn Data :EMEA REGION: 50m+ members in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) as of June 30, 2012
    8. 8. Identity Insights EverywhereConnect, find, and Be great at what Work wherever our be found you do members work
    9. 9. Five reasons why the world’s best professionals join andvisit LinkedIn 1 2 3 1,000,000+ groups 4 5 Biotech & .NET Creative Pharma Developers Design Pros
    10. 10. LinkedIn is changing the wayCompanies work.
    11. 11. Hire Market SellEngage the world’s Connect most effectively Turn cold calls intobest passive talent with professionals warm prospect
    12. 12. Passive and active candidates require different approachesActive Candidates Passive CandidatesWork on their job search Work on doing their jobs better- Search job boards - Develop networks- Seek out many opportunities - Only listen to the right opportunities
    13. 13. Passive talent rules the professional world
    14. 14. What passive talent want… 56% 33% 120% more likely to want more likely to want more likely to want a corporate culture that challenging work to make an impact fits their personality
    15. 15. …and is less concerned about 21% 17% less likely to need less likely to need skill recognition for their development contributions opportunities
    16. 16. From “Post & Pray”…
    17. 17. …to Sourcing Passive Candidates at Scale175 Million people at your fingertips Senior swimwear designer 12K+ Organisations Using LinkedIn Recruiter
    18. 18. From Spreadsheets…
    19. 19. …to Talent PipelineIntegrate CVs, Organise, and share with your colleagues
    20. 20. How to build your Talent Brand?
    21. 21. The world’s best recruiters Build relationships over help LinkedIn has the tools to timethink like the world’s best marketers
    22. 22. The most effective way for marketersto engage with professionals Target Brand Engage
    23. 23. 83% Employers on LinkedIn say their brand has aIntroducing significant impact on their ability to hire How many people dream of great talentTalent Brandcompany? working at your Index 33% Of those employers regularly measure it
    24. 24. Talent Brand Reach Talent Brand EngagementHow many professionals are familiar with you as an employer?How many professionals are interested in you as an employer? Talent Brand Engagement Engaging Following Researching with jobs your company your company Talent Brand Reach Viewing Connecting with employee profiles your employees
    25. 25. Talent Brand Engagement Talent Brand Ind = How attractive yo Talent Brand Reach to prospective can
    26. 26. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011. The Walt Disney Company 21. Pfizer 31. Razorfish12. Nike 22. Johnson & Johnson 32. BP13. Salesforce 23. L’Oréal 33. Starbucks14. Twitter 24. Adidas Group 34. Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies15. Shell 25. Amazon 35. Electronic Arts16. Nestle S.A. 26. Bain and Company 36. Samsung Electronics17. The Boston Consulting Group 27. Roche 37. Hewlett Packard18. Ogilvy & Mather 28. Diageo 38. Total E&P19. Expedia 29. Burberry 39. Netflix20. Accenture 30. Chevron 40. Red Bull *LinkedIn excluded from rankings
    27. 27. Why invest in LinkedIn Corporate Solutions?Reach Engage with175 MillionProfessionals at your fingertips Passive Candidates Talent PipelineUnderstand your talent brand and Integrate CVs, organise, and share with your colleaguesleverage your employees’ networks
    28. 28. What others are saying…“We now place more “We joined as a corporate client 6 people through LinkedIn months ago and already we have than any job board” paid for the solution 5 times over”
    29. 29. Questions?©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    30. 30. Appendix©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All RightsReserved.
    31. 31. Best practices to engage Passive Candidates Drive Applicants Position Company Career Page, Jobs, Referrals Employee Profiles Target Passives Engage Audience Groups, Updates, Employee Recruiter, InMails Profile Ads
    32. 32. Enhance current LinkedIn activityLinkedIn Corporate Recruiting Solutions
    33. 33. More onTalent Brand Index
    34. 34. interactions
    35. 35. #InDemand12UK NETHERLANDSGoogle RabobankBBC ABN AmroUnilever PhilipsShell FRANCE ShellBP L’Oreal KLM Microsoft Google HP Accenture
    36. 36. #InDemand12 Software Marketing Finance & Sales Education Engineers Accounting1 2 3 4 5
    37. 37. More onTalent Pipeline
    38. 38. 827,304 followers70% of Followers Interested in Career Opportunities
    39. 39. mobile engineer
    40. 40. 80% More Likely to Respond to InMails
    41. 41. Follow company
    42. 42. A Better Network Talent
    43. 43. 50% of Job Seeker Engagement on LinkedIn
    44. 44. 5X Click-Through Rates of Display Ads
    45. 45. Right Candidate.Right Job.Right Time.
    46. 46. Brand Engage TargetTalent Brand Index Followers in Recruiter Sponsored Jobs+ -