ConnectIn Amsterdam 2014 - Strategie voor student recruitment - Charles Hardy - LinkedIn


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Charles drijft één van de hoogste prioriteiten van LinkedIn, namelijk: Higher Education and Students / Graduates. Dit is de snelst groeiende demografie wereldwijd op LinkedIn. Studenten realiseren dat LinkedIn dé plek is om hun 'personal brand’ te creëeren en te laten groeien en zo in contact te komen met werkgevers. Hij legt de belangrijkheid van deze doelgroep uit en hoe je studenten het beste kan benaderen.


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ConnectIn Amsterdam 2014 - Strategie voor student recruitment - Charles Hardy - LinkedIn

  1. 1. Attract, Source, Engage Students - connecting talent with opportunity June 2014 Charles Hardy Higher Education Evangelist LinkedIn
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. The Economic Graph Mapping every global connection between…
  4. 4. LinkedIn provides the environment to bring all parties together EMPLOYERS Find Talent Attract, target and hire the best new talent – early! Build Brand Engagement Start early so the best students know your company Streamline Process Improve your reach, efficiency and impact UNIVERSITIES Attract Students Showcase strengths and careers of alumni Alumni Relations Engage alumni for gifts, relations Career Centres Prepare students for successful careers CommunityCareer Identity Insights STUDENTS Find opportunities. Best fit for me. Informed decisions to help me succeed. Parents Find the right fit – and outcomes – for their children Alumni Increase lifetime value of their educations 4
  5. 5. Help students at every milestone Choosing a Direction  What colleges send students to the top medical schools?  What are my career options if I choose this degree?  I didn’t know I could get an internship at ING!  What companies hire the most marketing graduates? Getting There  Who can give me the inside scoop on this school?  Am I keeping up with students in my major?  Who has internships for people like me?  How do I keep in touch with the great people I met along the way? COLLEGEYEARS Choosing College Academic Planning Internships Graduate School? Alumni Network Success at 1st Job Choosing a Major Finding 1st Job 5
  6. 6. More BIG numbers ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 6 60K+ college and university alumni groups 39M+ students and recent grads 42% of all Dutch students have a LinkedIn profile 67% of Dutch university students are on LinkedIn
  7. 7. Driving this growth on LinkedIn  Through Schools & Universities – New tools  e.g. University Pages – Resource Centre – Direct engagement / coaching for influencers  Careers Staff  Academics  Direct to Students – Resources for using LinkedIn – Dedicated Dutch site and videos – Direct marketing via several social media channels 8
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  9. 9. 10 The 3 Pillars of LinkedIn Success What you knowWho you knowWho you are
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  12. 12. European Students 1. Challenging Work 2. Good relationships with colleagues 3. Strong career path 4. Good work/life balance 5. Excellent compensation & benefits Benelux Students Source: LinkedIn Q3 2013 survey of 2,006 students 18-30 in Europe vs. 188 in NL What are LinkedIn student members looking for in a job? vs. 1. Challenging Work 2. A place I would be proud to work at 3. A culture that fits my personality 4. Good work/life balance 5. Ability to make an impact
  13. 13. Why Universities want their students on LinkedIn?  Help their students get hired – Search opportunities and be sourced by employers – Sell their capabilities and potential – Network for opportunities – Gather intelligence  Employability – the university’s brand  Tracking – data on graduate destination and career paths  Engagement – with students/alumni now and in future 14
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  19. 19. What are universities doing to promote LinkedIn with their students? 20 Support Advocacy Mandatory • Profile clinics • Careers & Academics • All students must be on LinkedIn
  20. 20. How can You leverage LinkedIn to attract, source and engage the right students? 21
  21. 21. INTELLIGENCE Understand trends and success to plan the future… Informed decisions based on alumni data or leveraging the data analysis power of the LinkedIn Recruiter tool… 22
  22. 22. BRAND Making the right connection with your target audience… Relevant content, information and insight into careers – target your Followers Your employees are your brand ambassadors 23
  23. 23. JOB OPPORTUNITIES A world of opportunities… Entry Level roles (Student, Intern, Graduate) on LinkedIn are FREE View Jobs on Mobile Apply to Jobs on Mobile 24
  24. 24. TARGETED MARKETING Engage the right talent… Target directly by specific university, course, year of graduation… Targeted InMails You’re Invited! IBM is coming to campus Thursday, July 20th Register Targeted Ads IBM is hiring! Start building the career you want.
  25. 25. TALENT PIPELINING Proactively source and build talent pools of relevant students… Use CheckIn and Recruiter to source and direct students into managed talent pools for ongoing engagement… 26
  26. 26. “We don’t want more applicants!” 27
  27. 27. Engage ahead of time like tripadvisor
  29. 29. TOMORROW: INTELLIGENCE Over 1,000 students registered using LinkedIn CheckIn before and during the event. SAP could then engage with this audience, filtering based on interest, degree, skills, graduate year, for targeted communications / activity.
  30. 30. IN SUMMARY…  Rapid growth of engaged students on LinkedIn  Leverage the INTELLIGENCE  Optimise your BRAND and JOBS  Deploy your BRAND AMBASSADORS  Identify and source TALENT POOLS  Engage the RIGHT AUDIENCE
  31. 31. 32 Thank you.