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  • 1. “The LinkedIn Recruiter license pays for itself – it’s an essential tool for building up a database.” Adam Govan, Manager of International Technology Recruitment, Huntress Huntress searches smart and fast with LinkedIn, enabling recruiters to concentrate on relationships and service Company Profile Huntress Group recruits across a range of niche markets including technology and life sciences, specialising in senior positions with salaries of £40K and above. With over 250 recruiters across locations in London and Munich, they are also looking to expand into Switzerland in the near future. Business Challenge Sourcing candidates for specialist roles in areas like life sciences, means searching in a candidate- short talent pool. Traditionally, head hunting was labour intensive and drawn out, and often the best passive candidates remained hidden away behind switchboard defences. ‘We are dependent on things like LinkedIn to get access to passive candidates’ says Adam Govan, who heads up the permanent recruitment division for technology and life sciences at Huntress. In addition, agencies need to spot changes in candidates’ circumstances and be the first to get in touch with new talent in order to secure exclusivity early on. ‘Why else would a company work with an agency exclusively other than if you can offer exclusive candidates?’ explains Adam. With LinkedIn’s saved searches and alerts, Adam gets access to new candidates much faster than the majority of people in the market: ‘getting to them first is key’ says Adam. Talent Solutions Highlights • Paid for a LinkedIn Recruiter licence in one deal • Huntress Group sources one in three candidates from LinkedIn • Rely on LinkedIn for entering a new market and finding potential clients
  • 2. Copyright © 2013 LinkedIn Corporation.LinkedIn,the LinkedIn logo,and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners.All rights reserved. Two head-hunters are better than one Adam sees LinkedIn as a powerful tool for agencies to use in sourcing and contacting candidates, but he also recognises that it can only be put to its full potential when used in partnership with the skills of a professional recruiter. ‘There is nothing to replace combing through a profile, building a relationship and winning a candidate’s trust’ says Adam. These are some of the key features that Huntress takes advantage of on LinkedIn: • Huntress has expanded its use of the LinkedIn Recruiter tool, giving every two in-house recruiters access to the entire LinkedIn database. • Keyword searches, saved searches and alert functions allow Huntress to stay ahead of their competition. • Targeted Job Slots make passive candidates aware of the possibilities Huntress has to offer. • InMails let Huntress contact prospects and personally target interesting candidates. • Huntress uses its LinkedIn Company Page to help develop and promote its employer brand. • Mapping the client market. For recruiters like Huntress, LinkedIn is also a great tool for finding new potential clients and pinpointing their key decision makers. When you view a profile, LinkedIn brings up similar profiles that may be of interest to you; ‘It helps you network’ says Adam. • Employer branding. Like any recruitment agency, Huntress is always pitching to two markets: clients and candidates. The LinkedIn Company Page helps to display both Huntress’s own internal talent and the quality of the candidates recruiters look for. • Fulfilling the need for speed. ‘LinkedIn shortens the time to market, and time is one commodity you can’t get back’ says Adam. With saved searches, recruiters can get instant notifications when people alter their profile, change roles or arrive on LinkedIn. • Pays for itself and more. Huntress needs to source a minimum of one successful placement per year using each of their LinkedIn Recruiter licenses in order for the system to pay for itself. Since they currently source around a third of their candidates from LinkedIn, the tool represents a great investment. • Working together to target. Huntress also uses Targeted Job Slots, which use LinkedIn algorithms to automatically target the most promising candidates’ profiles. ‘The more accurately you write an advert, the better LinkedIn is able to match it to people’s profiles’ says Adam. It’s a perfect example of how combining LinkedIn’s tools and a head- hunter’s skills can help you reach the most talented, and most passive candidates. “We are looking to double and triple in size over the next few years and undoubtedly LinkedIn will be a part of that strategy.” Adam Govan Manager of International Technology Recruitment, Huntress Results Overall, LinkedIn offers Huntress speed and breadth of access to a candidate-short, niche recruitment market. ‘It’s hard to differentiate between recruitment agencies – a lot of it is down to the level of service you provide’ says Adam. By using LinkedIn, Adam and his teams have the time to concentrate on relationships and reliability, which ultimately win the best clients. Visit business.linkedin.com to learn how you can source top candidates on LinkedIn Benefits ‘Candidate acquisition is LinkedIn’s major strength’ says Adam, but it offers other benefits too: • Market intelligence tool. Not only can Adam and his teams find candidates through LinkedIn, but they can also use profiles to get work history and background. Even if a new candidate comes from another source, LinkedIn works as a ‘self-updating, live database’ says Adam.