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Important Recruitment Trends

LinkedIn a brief introduction

Five things you should do tomorrow

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Hr and social media euic[1]

  1. 1. HR and Social Media ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. AGENDA §  Important Recruitment Trends §  LinkedIn a brief introduction §  Five things you should do tomorrow
  3. 3. FROM ADS TO PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS THEN Newspapers & Job boards Limited audience / Not targeted / No metrics NOW Professional Networks Unlimited audience* / Targeted / Measurable
  4. 4. FIVE IMPORTANT TRENDS YOU SHOULD KNOW 1 Professional networks are increasingly impacting quality of hire 2 Employer branding is both a competitive threat and advantage 3 Data is used to make better hiring and branding decisions 4 Companies are investing in hiring internally 5 Companies are figuring out the mobile recruiting terrain
  5. 5. Global recruiters agree: Social professional networks are the fastest-growing source of quality hires… Top 10 most important places to find quality hires Increase (+) Decrease (-) Sources of Quality Hires 2011 2012 2013 Internet job boards 36% 39% 38% -1% Professional networks 20% 26% 37% +11% Recruitment agencies 41% 36% 35% -1% Employee referral programs 35% 31% 35% +4% Internal hires 32% 32% 34% +2% Company career website 28% 31% 30% -1% Internet resume databases 14% 13% 16% +3% Company ATS/internal candidate database 12% 12% 13% +1% College recruiting programs 12% 10% 11% +1% 4% 4% 5% +1% General career fairs “Think about the key quality hires that your organization made in 2012. Which of the following were the most important sources for those key positions?” Recruiters are relying more and more on professional social networks to engage top talent. Stay ahead of the competition by training your team and employees how to be effective.
  6. 6. The employer branding war is in full swing Competitive Threat Top 3 Threats 1.  Invest in their employer brand 2.  Improve employee retention Learn to use social networking and social media more effectively 3.  “What are the things that your competitors have done or may plan on doing that would make you most nervous?” Competitive Advantage 83% Believe employer brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent
  8. 8. A GLOBAL NETWORK. EVER GROWING The value increases with every new member 259M+ +2 new 143 M Members worldwide Members per second US & Canada 91M+ Brazil 13M+ Europe, Middle East and Africa 74M+ Monthly unique visitors Nordics 4M+ Asia Pacific 42M+ Monthly uniques source:Comscore
  9. 9. THE HIGH LEVEL BUSINESS CASE Quality. Speed. Cost. Proactivity: Increases Quality Increases Speed Lower Cost Strategic Foundational Established metrics and benchmarks Data driven decision making Metrics Understanding of employee value proposition Defined employer brand strategy Influential talent brand engaging employees and candidates Brand Post-and-pray Jobs on niche boards and social platforms Targeted engagement to attract highly qualified candidates Talent segmentation and prioritization Jobs Reactive, over-reliant on agencies Build internal capabilities to focus on passive talent Engage with strong pipeline of leads and ‘silver medalists’ Team-wide pipelining with engaged talent communities Sourcing Developing Traditional
  10. 10. WORK WITH THESE THREE COMPONENTS STRUCTURE Company Page CONTENT Jobs & Status updates ACTIVITY ”Recruiter”
  11. 11. ESTABLISH A STRUCTURE FOR COMMUNICATION §  Build a clear structure §  Make it clear how to subscribe §  Collect a dynamic pipeline
  12. 12. PUBLISH CONTENT TO DRIVE ENGAGEMENT •  Publish jobs and reach the right candidates •  Increase awareness through status updates •  Reach people that didn’t know they were looking for a new job
  13. 13. REACH THE MOST ATTRACTIVE CANDIDATES DIRECTLY THROUGH PERSONAL ACTIVITY •  Access +259 million profiles •  Go from recruitment to talent scouting •  Collaborate internally 13
  14. 14. FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD DO TOMORROW 1.  It starts with yourself understanding the value of LinkedIn. Do you have a great profile? Do you follow industry news and interesting companies? 2.  Prioritize the quick wins and expand. Take control of your company page. Share updates to prove immediate results 3.  Evaluate your priorities being aligned with the recruitment trends and the framework ”from traditional to strategic recruitment” 4.  Build strategic alliances internally. The use of LinkedIn is often shared over departments 5.  Establish cooperation with your LinkedIn representative, explain your challenges, near- and long-term objectives and prioritizations