Meet the Women at LinkedIn India


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Meet the Women at LinkedIn India.

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Meet the Women at LinkedIn India

  1. 1. Meet the
  2. 2. “I love working at LinkedIn because of all the smart, wonderfully funny people around me! I love being part of my very talented, impactful team.” Srivastava Vibha Hirokawa Associate Recruiter, LinkedIn
  3. 3. “I work with amazing people - LinkedIn colleagues and my extended teams @EdelmanIndia and @EdelmanHK. Working @LinkedIn has transformed my career trajectory. It has been a fabulous 3+ years full of creativity, new relationships, new opportunities, new challenges, travel and constant learning - [in]credible!” Deepa Sapatnekar Head of Communications, LinkedIn
  4. 4. “I love working at LinkedIn because, LinkedIn truly epitomizes “Work Hard, Paarteee Harder. Most collaborative & Relationship oriented company that I’ve been a part of !” Minaxi Indra Sales Professional, LinkedIn
  5. 5. “I love working at LinkedIn because the company has enriched and transformed me in so many ways. The people and culture continue to inspire me to achieve more. #milestogobeforeisleep” Jacqueline Azariah Talent Solutions, LinkedIn
  6. 6. “I love working for LinkedIn as it is a cool and fun place to work , it lets me by myself every day. I can always express my thoughts without being judged by anyone ” Manasi Dhar Global Customer Experience Advocacy, LinkedIn
  7. 7. “I love working at LinkedIn because its “IN”  ” Celin John Customer Advocate, LinkedIn
  8. 8. “I love working at LinkedIn because it is the place that brings together smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds and Empowers women to succeed by providing well atmosphere and encouragement.” Padmini Bommi Customer Advocate, LinkedIn
  9. 9. “I love working at LinkedIn because I make a difference a million times..  (257+  )” Shireen Sequeira LinkedIn
  10. 10. “I Love working with LinkedIn because it's a place where smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds work together and where we could bring out whole self to work. Moreover, we have freedom and flexibility at LinkedIn” Rashi Sahni Customer Advocate, LinkedIn
  11. 11. “I love working at LinkedIn because of the never ending opportunities I got to learn and grow here.” Simranjit Kaur Sales Development Specialist, LinkedIn
  12. 12. “I love working at Linkedin because I get to live and breathe our values! Because I matter!” Vardhani Chavali Talent Solutions Specialist, LinkedIn
  13. 13. “I Love working at LinkedIn because LinkedIn makes me better!” Suzanne Thomas Sales Manager, LinkedIn
  14. 14. “I love working at LinkedIn because of its wonderful environment, great team and huge learning opportunities." Anuprita Harkare Data Services Ops Engineer, LinkedIn
  15. 15. “I like working at LinkedIn because everything you do is appreciated and valued. It is my extended family and I am proud to be here ." Supriya Rahar Manager Sales, LinkedIn
  16. 16. “I love working at LinkedIn because it gives me the chance to impact and be a part of the transformation in the HR industry that is underway! And I am able to do this while having fun @ work with really smart, humble and passionate peers. ” Vibha Adlakha Solutions Consultant, LinkedIn
  17. 17. “I love working at LinkedIn because of its great culture and freedom (to express our thoughts) we get here” Bhagya Endroji Customer Advocate, LinkedIn
  18. 18. “There are very few organizations that allow you to pursue your passion (in my case, DJing and Dancing) at work. I love working at LinkedIn!” Gunjan Govani Product Consultant, LinkedIn
  19. 19. “I love working at LinkedIn because it’s challenging yet fun and because of the awesome team spirit that we share” Anindita Kundu Manager- Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
  20. 20. “I love working at LinkedIn because I am not afraid to be myself, and at the same time I am excited to push the boundaries every single day to see what I really am” Shuba Bhaskaran Enterprise Relationship Manager, LinkedIn
  21. 21. “I love working at LinkedIn because even though I have spent three years here, I still learn something new every single day .” Megha Jha Senior Account Manager, LinkedIn
  22. 22. “I love working with LinkedIn because of the freedom to be yourself & rectitude of the company.” Roohi Soni Campaign Manager, LinkedIn
  23. 23. “I love working at LinkedIn because my lil one has made friends out here too!” Shilpa Paleri Sharma Staffing Relationship Manager, LinkedIn
  24. 24. “I love working with LinkedIn because the sheer energy of the company is amazing – keeps you on your toes and motivates you to DO MORE and BE MORE.” Saloni Singh Recruitment Product Consultant, LinkedIn
  25. 25. “I love LinkedIn as it gives me an opportunity to explore and challenge myself.” Chaitra Rao Talent Advisor, LinkedIn
  26. 26. “I love working at LinkedIn because it lets me be myself.” Rashi Elhance Regional Account Manager, LinkedIn
  27. 27. “Apart from being a fun place to work at and encouraging colleagues, LinkedIn helps me get better at what I do everyday.” Sneha Jaisingh Manager – Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
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