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Twitter For Beginners
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Twitter For Beginners


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A short presentation for those who want to try on Twitter

A short presentation for those who want to try on Twitter

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Twitter for Beginners A Crash Course in Twitter
  • 2. Getting Started
    • Open a Twitter Account at
  • 3. Also Download Tweetdeck
    • Tweetdeck is a free application that allows you to create "groups" for your Twitter Network. Unlike Twitter, it's search function works. It will allow you to create TinyURL's right from the app screen plus much much more.
  • 4. Installing Tweetdeck
    • To install Tweetdeck, scroll down
    • You will also need to install Adobe Air
  • 5. Time to Twitter
    • First you'll want to set up your profile.
    • To do that, you'll go to "settings" (not profile)
  • 6. Account
    • Use your real name
    • Create a user name symbolic of you or your business (Unlike LinkedIn, you CAN have more than one profile)
    • Use a valid email address (you can always create one in gmail or hotmail just for twitter if you are worried about spam)
    • If you have a website, make sure you put your URL in here. (It should help your Google ranking.)
    • Great time to define yourself in 160 characters or less for your BIO
    • Be honest about your location.
    • Use English if you know enough of it.
    • I suggest NOT protecting your updates. If you do it will be hard to grow your network. Many people won't bother taking the extra step to follow you.
    • This is a good option if you want a private communication tool (family, work etc.)
    • Don't forget to hit SAVE
  • 7. @Ellieeeille Rocks
    • Ellie gives us some great links for custom backgrounds :
  • 8. Passwords
    • Choose a unique password. There are a lot of secondary apps (like Tweetdeck) that will ask for your username and password. Don't use the one you use for everything else.
  • 9. Devices
    • This feature proves your obsession.
    • You can have all messages go to your cell, no messages go to your cell, or just DM (direct message) go to your cell.
    • You can also specify WHEN you want to get messages. I suggest DM's during business hours . (You are already addicted enough to your cell phone.)
  • 10. Notices
    • More addictions.
    • These are all options to have Twitter send you emails.
    • Do show ALL @ replies so you can see your fans out there!
  • 11. Notices
    • These are all examples of Twitter notices. Some people following me, some people DMing me, some people @replying to me.
  • 12. Pictures
    • Unlike LinkedIn, I think you should have fun with your picture on Twitter.
    • Many folks use avatars.
    • If you are representing your business use a logo.
    • During holidays throw something festive up
  • 13. Design
    • Design is where you can add your fancy background by creating a .jpeg and uploading..
    • You can pay people to do this for you
    • Or you can choose any of the designs to the right.
  • 14. Now you are ready to dive in!
    • Start following people
    • Start Tweeting (be relevant and give of yourself – or ask questions)
    • Build you Network
  • 15. Tweet Network Specialized "design" page
  • 16. Following
    • Because Twitter's search engine doesn't work very well, I would suggest following these people. And then follow who they follow. @MariSmith, @GuyKawasaki, @JoelComm, @LinkedInExpert, @FreeRangeMom, @DaVinciDeb, @ThomasFrey, @MikeONeilDenver, @DMScott, @KevinHouchin, @DuctTape, @Hubspot, @MVolpe
  • 17.
    • To do that, write a Tweet with their user names using the @ sign in front of their names.
  • 18.
    • Then double click on the user, and Twitter will take you to their profile. The just hit "follow".
  • 19. Unfollow
    • You can always block or unfollow Tweople who do not live up to your expectation 
  • 20. @ Replies
    • @Replies or @Name is a way of grabbing someone's attention on Twitter. Because you can get thousands of tweets a day, without a DM or @ reply, you would NEVER know if someone was speaking about or to you. Any time there is a "@" sign before your name, Twitter will let you know. This is PUBLIC , so keep that in mind. If you want to start a conversation without your whole network being dragged into it, use DM (direct Mail)
  • 21. The Power of @Replies
    • In the time I have been creating this .PPT, I asked for some advice on Twitter. Using @ reply, here are some answers I received:
  • 22. DM – Direct Mail
    • Direct Mail allows you to privately converse with another user without giving away your email address. DM's remain private to you and the person you are conversing with.
  • 23. What a DM looks like
  • 24. Favorites
    • Favorites is a neat little tool that allows you to "star" your favorite tweets that Twitter will keep in one place for you.
  • 25. Everyone
    • "Everyone" lets you see – well - everyone on the Twitter Network. Not just those following you or those you are following. This is also a good place to start following people. Then NEVER, I repeat never go back again!!!!
    I have NO idea who these people are….
  • 26. The End
    • So now you have enough to get you started on Twitter. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM or @me with a question at @linkedinexpert