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The Content Marketing Master Class, Toronto – a unique one-day workshop – will send you home with the strategy and the know-how you need to create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business.

This roll-up-your-sleeves class is brought to you by the force behind Content Marketing World (a production of the Content Marketing Institute), in partnership with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Join us and you'll find an intimate (and casual) setting where today's content marketing thought-leaders will provide you with the tools you need in order to develop and deliver an effective content strategy.

Interact with the experts and network with 100+ of your peers during a day of presentations and how-to workshops. If you're in marketing, corporate communications, sales leadership, public relations, advertising, audience development, content creation or curation, this is the event for you.

With LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, brands build relationships with the world's professionals by using accurate targeting to deliver relevant content and communications. As today's connected professionals seek out ideas and insights from the people and brands they trust, marketers use LinkedIn to target advertising and publish relevant content in a professional context. Brands extend reach through the social sharing that occurs naturally on LinkedIn, as well as by extending LinkedIn data to their sites and brand experiences through APIs.

CMI Master Class Toronto Presentation

  1. 1. The Evolution of Content Marketing
  2. 2. 91/100
  3. 3.  
  4. 4. Just 42% believe their content marketing is effective
  5. 5. How Many of You Have a Documented Content Marketing Strategy?
  6. 6. Sales, Savings & Sunshine
  8. 8. Create a Content Marketing Mission Statement
  9. 9. Why?  Welcome to, the place where entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses. 1.  Core Target Audience 2.  What Will Be Delivered 3.  The Outcome for the Audience
  10. 10. Robert Rose
  11. 11. Why 2020? It’s closer than you think…
  12. 12. You’re closer to 2020 -  Than you are from the introduction of the iPhone -  Than you are from your possible first tweet -  Than from the possible creation of a Facebook page
  13. 13. Where is content?Where is content marketing… at the heart!
  14. 14. So what has changed? It’s beyond relationships Similar to Production Era to Marketing Dept. Era Globalization of both content And products mean… Loyalty is to approach not to product or service
  15. 15. So what has changed? The democratization of of content & experiences Yes “content shock” but it doesn’t mean attention spans decrease. It’s the power AND risk of not maintaining an audience Value must be continually created.
  16. 16. So what has changed? The adaptation of marketing’s purpose in the business Tendency is to focus on hardware and software development Quality of the information – NOT the channels on which it flows. So……
  17. 17. So what has changed? Nothing & Everything Marketing is here to continually evolve the customer. We are here to create value. Developing audiences will become the critical method by which we engage customers through all aspects of the funnel “The purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two– and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” - Peter Drucker
  18. 18. For some… it’s already happening… Experiences powered by content will be the method by which we differentiate and create value
  19. 19. For some… it’s already happening… Integration of content as a core skill will be as critical as product development.
  20. 20. For some… it’s already happening… A disintegration of “war” mentality of marketing. Adapting to constant evolution marketing. Creating delightful experiences that continue to inform, entertain, engage and evolve the customer.
  21. 21. How do we delight audiences with content-driven experiences?
  22. 22. Delighting an audience in a new generation…
  23. 23. We take the first steps today….
  24. 24. List  of  Headlines   Or  things  I  know  to  be  true   “If you can’t describe what your doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing” W. Edward Deming
  25. 25. -  Develop the muscle & Have the discipline and responsibility to have a purpose. “creativity is not a talent. It’s a way of operating” John Cleese
  26. 26. Promoter Professor Preacher Poet
  27. 27. ProfessorPreacher Poet
  28. 28. Financial Services Strategy Firm The Plan •  Website: Daily - 3 “How To” Articles •  Blog: “The World’s Largest FAQ” Post •  Social: Daily posts on FB, Twitter Etc.. •  LinkedIn: Company Page, Blog Posts From Good to Better: •  SEO Results: Top 10 across 20 keywords •  Websites - 25% increase in traffic •  Blog: 100% increase in traffic •  Social: Thousands of likes, 5K followers
  29. 29. Financial Services Strategy Firm The Plan •  More traffic not actually better •  SEO results great - but who cares? •  Realized - Less content and more “tentpole pieces” and re-use provided better quality traffic, helped sales more From Better to Great: •  Research studies (8 weeks production) •  Aggregate client data (quarterly, yearly •  Industry/Influencer expertise
  30. 30. Financial Services Strategy Firm •  Average Approx 100 Subscribers •  Passionate Subscribers •  Top 5 reason for renewal •  4 New engagements from new clients •  “You Are The Program” Conference •  150 Attendees (Limited) •  Waiting list now •  25 new projects (hallway conversations
  31. 31. ProfessorPreacher Poet
  32. 32. DEVELOP  TWO  IDEAS    GOALS: Pick two business goals. 1.  Where you could improve something you’re already doing 2.  A Stretch Goal that you think an innovative content marketing program could achieve Format: X Goal in Y Time With Z Constraint Example: Deliver 25% more leads in 9 months w/ same CPL or less. IDEAS: Two ideas to meet these goals 1.  What would you change to something you’re already doing to infuse CM into it. 2.  What of the box idea would you try if you could could Example: A white paper series on how to be a storyteller in today’s business environment
  33. 33. “The opportunity today is not thousands of markets with millions of buyers. It’s millions of markets each with thousands of buyers.”
  34. 34. 560 / Day
  35. 35. 3,000 / Day
  36. 36. 13,000 / Day
  37. 37. In 2014 it’s the delight that matters. We have to not only GRAB attention from the audiences that matter. We have to hold it, so that WE matter to them.
  38. 38. Ryan asks Miley to the prom
  39. 39. What does the fox say?
  40. 40. Rosanna Pansino
  41. 41. 1,000,000Views 6Years Human Time 400,000,000 Views 1,200Years Human Time 15,000,000 – 20,000,000 But that’s not even the most interesting thing…
  42. 42. 750,000 – Avg over a Week 1,000,000 – In A Month 0.6 Approx: TV Rating Rosanna Pansino 0.6 TV Rating Audience – 18-49 Total Live+DVR – 1.4 million
  43. 43. 1  Month  Of  Videos   Average:  20K  Views     Take  out  the  outliers:   Average:  5,000  Views  
  44. 44. Avg. <7,000 Views New Audiences For Blog Direct engagement with specific customers AT&T New York Times, Verizon 1st Cisco content aired on TV - For Free The Network Effect
  45. 45. 1,000,000 Views But Only 1 Counted
  46. 46. Audience •  Alumni •  Staff / Professors / Contractors •  Local Businesses •  State Businesses •  National Businesses •  Government (Local, State, Federal) •  Non-Profits •  Sports Franchises •  And on and on…. Buyers •  Parents •  Students
  47. 47. You should never have trouble developing a WHO. If your buyer persona is someone who “doesn’t consume content” –there is an AUDIENCE WHO DOES. Do this: Walk through your main persona’s buying cycle and then ask yourself – where they typically enter your sales cycle. If it’s at the middle or the end ask yourself “who influences that?” Your First Homework Assignment….. …draw an influence map.
  48. 48. Student   Parent   Alumni   Local   Business   NaOonal   Business   Local   Government   An example… Core Persona: Student Audience Personas: •  Parent •  Alumni •  Local Business Owners •  National Business Executives
  49. 49. Prod. Dev. R&D People Procurement CUSTOMER: CEO’s Associations Food Magazine Editors Chefs / Bartenders Planners A Different Story: Instead of creating content trying to influence the Product Development people. Create content around being a “taste-maker” and influence Chefs and Bartenders about the newest flavors that are becoming hip. AUDIENCE: An example…
  50. 50. The Windows Integrated Management Program (the WIMP) Let’s look at some audience personas – and how we might start to develop them Our “Buyer Persona” is the CIO or VP of Technology. Buuuut… we seem to always be called in during the RFP process… never before Welcome to Wimpy Tech….
  51. 51. •  Meet Jeremy •  Mid 30’s – Coffee Lover •  Works at a bank •  Responds to email: phone not so much •  Young, family man •  Sales USP: Enable Jeremy to be 25% more effective •  Personal (Audience) UVP: Give me more time to be me •  Where does Jeremy’s UVP – tie into the brand story we want to tell •  Free online tools for predicted time saving •  A blog on how is peers are creating a quality life •  Mobile app that keeps him up to date on latest news Let’s get to the personal UVP…
  52. 52. •  Meet Cheryl •  The CFO at the bank… •  Influential in creating demand •  Sales USP: Save the organization 100’s of thousands of dollars •  Personal (Audience) UVP: make me a CFO Rockstar •  White papers: predictive analytics change CFO’s manage finances •  Invite HER to write about how she leverages technology (or her peers) •  CFO-Only Event on how dashboards are changing the industry Getting to the personal UVP….
  53. 53. Put your reporter hat on... •  WHO is the persona ... emotionally attached •  WHAT does he/she do? What does her day look like? •  WHERE is the gap in his needs/wants Even beyond our product or service •  WHEN do they need to close this gap •  WHY does he care about US - Not our product Go get the real story
  54. 54. DEVELOP  TWO  IDEAS     Take  your  goals  and  your  idea  and  as  we  go  through  this  next   secOon  –  think  about  choosing  one  of  each,  and  deciding  on  a   WHO  (either  audience  or  core)  of  you  will  target  with  this.      
  55. 55. “Today, TV is a bigger business than the old narrowly defined movie business ever was. Had Hollywood been customer- oriented (providing entertainment) rather than product oriented (making movies), would it have gone through the fiscal purgatory that it did?” - Theodore Levitt Marketing Myopia
  56. 56. “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” - Simon Sinek
  57. 57. “The king walked through the misty forest, the prince walked through the misty forest and the queen walked through the misty forest.” - Plot as they danced... the trees transformed into giant dragons.....”   “The king walked through the misty forest, followed by the queen and prince who danced through the misty forest... - Story
  58. 58. Modular Data Centers Typical Services Methodology: Plan, Design, Build, Maintain Benefits/Features We’re Better, We’re Faster, We’re Cheaper
  59. 59. Content Marketing Program: Directed at the IT (CIO) side of the business. Topic/Idea: Modularized Data Centers: The Future •  Blogs talking about how they work •  Success stories about them.. •  Video of time lapse of building one... •  How our company does them faster... •  Types of infrastructures - detailed specifications... Getting to why…
  60. 60. Content Marketing Program: Directed at the IT (CIO) side of the business. Topic: Modularized / Containerized Data Centers: The Future Why is this topic important to CIO’s Because our MC Data centers are less expensive and more agile than traditional data centers The 5 Why’s…
  61. 61. Why is it important for CIO’s to have less expensive and more agile data centers? Because the needs of computing in the business are rising exponentially, and CIO’s need to have faster/less expensive ways to manage their costs The 5 Why’s…
  62. 62. Why is it important for CIO’s to know about ways to manage costs and be faster? Because if they stay current with these future trends, then they can expand their business more quickly and have a competitive advantage. The 5 Why’s…
  63. 63. Why is it important for CIO’s to about how future trends can give their business a competitive advantage? Because if they don’t stay ahead of the curve, their company may go out of business, or they may be out of a job. The 5 Why’s…
  64. 64. Why is that important to CIO’s? Because their livelihood depends on having this knowledge. The 5 Why’s…
  65. 65. We believe in the office of the CIO But things are changing fast - and in order for them to stay competitive on the job market, they must stay ahead of the curve or they (or their company) will be out of business. So, we help them stay current by delivering the most important future trends to help them expand their business and create competitive advantage. The needs of business computing are rising exponentially, and CIO’s must keep up with ways to do things faster, and less expensively. Modularized, Containerized Data centers - and the trends and best practices in deploying them are a powerful new way for the CIO to stay competitive. 5