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What's new at Link-up?


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Link-up successfully partners with clients to support engagement, alignment, agility, talent utilization, innovation and many other factors critical to employee performance and have achieved …

Link-up successfully partners with clients to support engagement, alignment, agility, talent utilization, innovation and many other factors critical to employee performance and have achieved significant results. Link-up client work includes organizations such as Cisco, NetApp, HP, Oracle, Asurion and VMware. Achieved results include shortening planning cycles from 12 – 18 months down to 6 – 8 weeks.
Studies show on average, employees spend 40% of their time second guessing how to work with their managers
Through the introduction of I.D. ™ and tools such as the I.D. Collaboration Engine ™, Link-up successfully reduces this time and provide employees with the information and strategies to meet the needs of their managers.

Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. 1 WHAT’S NEW AT LINK-UP? I.D.™ Products and services to drive enterprise-wide trust, collaboration, teamwork and results August 2013 . © Link-up International Pty Ltd August 2013
  • 2. The Interactive I.D. Experience™ I.D.™ Results are now revealed through an interactive and personalized experience to provide each individual with a customized and impactful learning event. Includes five, 5-10 minute self-paced modules:  Module 1: Your I.D. Results  Module 2: Deep Dive, Your Instinctive Drives®  Module 3: Peak Performance: Being at your Best  Module 4: Collaborate Effectively  Module 5: FAQ’s with an I.D. Coach Increased awareness, understanding and real- life application through weekly, follow-up emails to highlights key insights of a module. Quickly and effectively cascade I.D. across an organization, reaching wider and deeper and giving every individual a high impact opportunity to discover what they need to be at their best and to operate at peak performance. 2© Link-up International Pty Ltd August 2013
  • 3. The NEW look personalized I.D.™ Report A shorter, sharper, new look I.D. Report accompanies access to the Interactive I.D. Experience™, when people discover their I.D.™ for the first time. Easier to read, digest and apply insights of your specific I.D. and to start seeing results! Filled with insights and practical strategies:  What drives and motivates you and what you need to be at your best;  Your natural talents and how to make the most of them;  Your natural vulnerabilities – including potential blind-spots - and how to manage them successfully;  Practical strategies to help you operate at peak performance and experience greater success more consistently! 3© Link-up International Pty Ltd August 2013
  • 4. The I.D. Collaboration Engine™ Discover what others need to engage and connect with you and what you need to do to engage and connect with them! Get instant tips to set your relationships up for success, making connections and building rapport faster and more effectively. Take the guesswork out of working with new people, especially when collaborating cross- functionally and globally. Quick I.D.™ tips, insights strategies generated anytime, anywhere on your PC, mobile or tablet - take a quick look before that challenging 1:1, a game-changing meeting or pressing send on that critical e-mail! Remember to bookmark it so that you can always access it from your PC and mobile devices 4© Link-up International Pty Ltd
  • 5. 5 Enterprise-Wide Interactive I.D. Experience™ Our clients tell us they love the results they get using I.D.™ with their senior leadership teams and direct reports, but keep asking how can they deploy the I.D. organization-wide and so drive greater cross-functional collaboration and innovation, and achieve even more significant business benefits. Well, we now have a cost-effective and efficient solution to do just that! Using our latest products, we’re now able to support delivery of the I.D. on a broader, deeper scale, allowing clients to integrate with cross-functional initiatives and transformational change projects. As well as a great new way to learn about their I.D. and on-going access to the I.D. Collaboration Engine™, individuals will have access to selected I.D. resources to accelerate their personal, team and leadership performance. Clients will also benefit from high value I.D. Cultural Analytics we can now generate, enabling them to hone in on what it will take to:  engage the whole organisation with growth, change, innovation and transformation;  identify critical components of success;  see and mitigate potential challenges and roadblocks. © Link-up International Pty Ltd August 2013
  • 6. 6 Link-up’s Trust Model – How the I.D. System® drives leaders and teams to achieve peak performance. © Link-up International Pty Ltd The I.D. System uncovers and explains each person’s true motivations, allowing people to build relationships based on a solid foundation of trust. This awareness and trust enable the real conversations that are critical for collaboration and allow organizations to achieve strategic priorities, exceed goals and manage change.
  • 7. Link-up’s Enterprise Teaming & Collaboration Model Awareness, trust and respect Working together effectively Real conversations Alignment - functionally & strategically Highly effective teaming Collaboration – internal and cross-functional Strategic leadership behaviours & capability Organizational transformation Exploiting ‘new’ synergies Change Leadership Succession planning and legacy value Seamless team transitions Leveraging I.D.™ collaboration technologies 7August 13© Link-up International Pty Ltd A FOUR STAGE MODEL DESIGNED TO:  BUILD TRUST,  SUPPORT TEAMWORK  DRIVE COLLABORATION  ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS, FASTER
  • 8. Make sure to ask us about… NEW Analytics and Metrics including:  insights into engagement with the I.D.  team peak performance levels  feedback on response, productivity and cycle times Keeping the I.D. Alive Activities, tips and strategies to maximize the value of I.D. to team and individual performance on an on-going basis. I.D. Intensive™ A way for your passionate champions to learn and apply I.D. insights to sustain the impact and value for your investment The I.D. Collaboration Platform™ coming in 2014! 8August 13© Link-up International Pty Ltd November 12 -