Top Five Internationalization Tips Webinar & Visual Data Analytics


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Top Five Internationalization Tips Webinar & Visual Data Analytics

  1. 1. Welcome to Lingoports August 2012 WorldReady Newsletter In this Issue Hi Friend of Lingoport, Top-Five i18n Considerations Webinar Here in Colorado, the kids are starting school in only two weeks! That never seems fair, but I digress. Rumor hasLingoport Dashboard: Visual it that people are taking vacations and work doesn’t data you can act upon move along as fast in the summer, especially August. Globalyzer 4.1 Released It’s just a rumor. We’ve seen very heavy software Question of the Month: globalization activity among our clients and prospective Agile & i18n customers. That said, there is always new intensity that happens in September. To help you prepare for that Featured White Paper rush, we are presenting a Top-Five Tips for Stay in Touch Internationalization Planning webinar on Wednesday, August 22nd. We’ve seen that getting planning aspects Quick Links together can supersede technical details in terms of successful project outcomes. I hope you can join us forLingoport Resource Center this 30-minute webinar. Globalyzer Video Tutorial About Lingoport On the product front, back in June we released Lingoport Dashboard, a new product to help development teams and management monitor internationalization code- readiness and issues. Cisco’s internationalization expert Gary Lefman joined us as a guest-presenter for two Dashboard webinars. I recommend you watch the replay of at least one of these webinars if you missed the live sessions. In July we announced the release of Globalyzer 4.1 and you may also review a short webinar summarizing new features here, and read about it here. Development continues on a new product that provides many time and engineering savings for string resource management from release to release. You’ll be hearing more about that in September, but it is a great
  2. 2. complement to Globalyzer and will make life a lot easier for localization engineering on an ongoing basis. Thanks for reading. Regards, AdamTop-Five Considerations to Make When InternationalizingSoftwareIn this fast-paced 30-minute webinar, Adam Asnes will present the top-fiveconsiderations to make when internationalizing software to ensure that a projectend successfullyJoin Adam on Wednesday, August 22nd at 11am PDT and learn how to go beyondbasic string externalization. There vital pieces to i18n puzzle, including budget,expertise, test protocols and source quality that have to fit together to successfullyprepare an application for localization.Registration for this webinar is available hereLingoport Dashboard: Visual data you can act uponIn June, Lingoport released a valuable addition to its suite of products to helpcompanies ensure global readiness by visually tracking i18n issues within the code,identifying which pieces of code need work and measure progress over time. A briefdemo of Lingoport Dashboard is available below.Recently, Lingoport held a webinar series highlighting the features of the newlyreleased Lingoport Dashboard. As part of a two-part series, Lingoport was pleased
  3. 3. to welcome Gary Lefman, Internationalization Architect at Cisco, to share his i18nexpertise as well as his vision for a global maturity model.Part one of the webinar series highlighted how i18n source code quality could bemeasured at a glance while part two drilled down to how development teams candrill down into i18n issues as part of an ongoing build.Globalyzer 4.1 Released - Internationalize Faster and MoreEffectivelyIn Lingoports latest update of Globalyzer, we took some very clear ease of usesuggestions from some “power” customers and our own i18n services team. Webuilt on that to give developers faster and easier filter writing capabilities, and anew heuristic system that prioritizes internationalization errors detected bylikelihood and severity for embedded strings, locale limitingmethods/functions/classes and programming patterns. This helps you get to themost important i18n issues faster. Plus, we made it all highly configurable. Whatthat all means is that if you haven’t looked at Globalyzer in a while, it’s time to takeanother look. There’s more, and you can read the release notes for more details.We held a short webinar to highlight the features of Globalyzer 4.1 in July. Therecording of this webinar is available here (registration free).Question of the month: Agile Development, SaaS and i18n"Can you expand on i18n for a SaaS product or rapid (Agile) environment withmonthly localized releases?"Answer: First of all, SaaS is a fairly common architecture these days, and agile isone of our best friends with Globalyzer because the point of it is is to makeincremental changes to the code base. By its nature, if internationalization is a
  4. 4. requirement, you will want to do that as you go. So that fact that you haveGlobalyzer, that you can run your code through it before testing makes a lot ofsense. It controls that internationalization potential technical debt, and as far asthe SaaS architecture, one of the strengths of Globalyzer is that it works with a lotof different programming languages. Whether it’s Java, Objective-C for mobileplatforms or basic HTML, Globalyzers advantage is that its customizable with amultitude of programming languages.Featured White Paper: Measuring Internationalization with aDashboardWhat gets measured, gets done. Period. A recent Lingoport webinar poll revealedthat nearly 3/4 of all respondents experienced delays in releasing global softwareproducts. Getting software products to market late can have a huge impact on acompanys bottom line and can put its reputation on the line.We invite you to read this white paper and learn how globally oriented companies are nowable to track, analyze and act on code quality data to avoid costly mistakes. Download here (will download in your browser)Stay in TouchConnect with us on Twitter @Lingoport and read our internationalization blog.Find us online @ www.lingoport.comTry Globalyzer free @ us at (303) 444-8020 or email us @