Lingoport Resource Manager Connects Development and Localization
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Lingoport Resource Manager Connects Development and Localization






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Lingoport Resource Manager Connects Development and Localization Lingoport Resource Manager Connects Development and Localization Document Transcript

  • Lingoport Resource Manager ConnectsDevelopment and LocalizationNew technology automates translated file management and supports localization in fastmoving development projects; optimizes manual and error prone resource file managementNovember 8, 2012 — Boulder, CO — Lingoport (, a software internationalization andlocalization products and services firm, announced its release of Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM) toautomate managing and integrating changes to user interface messages and localization/translationprocesses.Typical software localization projects require managing a large amount of resource files comprised oftranslated content from each target locale. This process requires a great deal of iterative updating andchecking between development and localization, resulting in lost engineering time, file confusion andquality-control issues for localized releases.Lingoport President Adam Asnes notes, “During our product research for LRM, we saw great demand foran automated resource manager solution yet no commercial product was available. Localization andengineering teams talked about the difficulty in keeping up with changes and even delaying globalrelease versions because of the management and integration overhead.” He continues, “Our solutionallows localization managers and project engineers to automatically view changes right at thebuild/source management level, prepare those files for localization and then reintegrate them back intothe product build when translated, along with quality and error checking in every step. LRM particularlyhelps agile teams with complex applications in keeping up with development changes and translationprocesses. It makes globalized products easier to keep up to date for every market.”Additionally, with an included dashboard-view reporting, LRM enables managers to view locale-by-localecompleteness and drill down on resource file issues should they be incomplete. “The ability for managersto pinpoint file translation status and view a full status report is powerful,” adds Asnes. “By bridgingworkflows between development and localization, global companies are able to focus on prime productdevelopment tasks instead of getting lost in burdensome tasks that suck away man-hours.”For additional information about LRM and to request a free trial, please visit: LingoportLingoport is a trusted resource to the world’s leading companies in modifying software and webapplications to perform gracefully in any language or locale. Lingoport’s product suite helps companies indeveloping software for the world by checking, measuring and fixing source code for internationalization(i18n) defects, then automating the flow of localization to keep up with ongoing development. Ourextensive outsourced internationalization service offerings help companies meet challenging globalrelease deadlines while augmenting development teams.For more information, please visit or contact Lingoport Adam Blau,, +1 (202) 617-4530