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Y7 ways of growing and selling food differently

Y7 ways of growing and selling food differently






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Y7 ways of growing and selling food differently Y7 ways of growing and selling food differently Presentation Transcript

  • Ways of growing and selling food differently Year 7 (Margays and Lions) 2012 1
  • Keelham Farm Shop Keelham farm shop is more than just another shop selling farm products. Keelham have been farming for over three generations and they support over 250 local producers and farmers from Yorkshire. Keelham believe that this helps strengthen the local economy, conserve our local countryside and offer the freshest, tastiest food. All of the produce is organic.By Lucas
  • Keelham make a difference to the community. They provide jobs for local people, help with community work, offer time to help local charities with fund raising and education focusing on schemes associated with young people, healthy eating and the environment.They make fresh food affordable to everyone with the veg. exchange scheme and provide a weeklyshopper hopper which picks up people in the local communities and taking them to Keelham. They offer lots of fun and educational events to raise awareness of organic farming.By Lucas
  • By Lucas
  • Ivy Farm Liverton Hill • Kent was once known as the Garden of England unfortunately a lot of the farming land has been lost to development . • Ivy farm is a fruit farming business which grows strawberries, apples and pears. The farm covers 170 hectares of Kent land. The farmer has recently planted a new apple orchard and built a reservoir to water them.By Aidan
  • The project• The farmer is planning on building a huge eco house next to the orchard. He is also planning on building an anaerobic digester which will power the house.The digester will take fruit waste from the orchard and their cardboard and paper recycling.It will convert this into biogas which will provide power and heat for the house and compost to be laid back on the orchard as compost that will act as a fertiliser. By Aidan
  • ByBrendan Vidovic 7
  • This is the farm we went to buy raw milk from a few years back. We talked to the farm owner Ann andfound out some history on the farm.The farm was started by her mother in 1950 with a herd of Jersey cows for dairy farming. Over time itbecame a mixed farm later with more cows, pigs, ponies, ducks and arable crops of wheat and barley.The main income though came from the dairy cows, where they sold the milk to a large dairy whoprocessed it and distributed it by milkmen and supermarkets.Unfortunately Ann’s mother died young when Ann was just a teenager and so she had to sell most ofher stock but kept 7 dairy cows. Ann then started to sell unpasteurised cream from her farm stall. Itwas very successful and she soon added raw milk for sale.They were very successful with their unpasteurised products and proudly won the gold medal in 2010at the Great Taste Awards.Ann is very aware of the environment and keeps her farm as clean from chemicals as possible andsafe for her animals. 8
  • Now that Ann and her husband are getting older, they made the tough decision to stop their dairyherd as so much work is involved in milking the cows 7 days a week, 365 days a year anddecided to raise beef instead.They have a herd of Aberdeen Angus Beef, that they bred and rear on the farm. All the calvesstay with their mothers.The animals are fed a natural diet spending the summer grazing the grass around the farm and inwinter they are in the straw bedded yards, fed on the grass made into hay from the farm as well.I think that Ann and her family have showed how to keep a farm through lots of changes and stillbe aware of the environment and the needs of her herds. 9
  • All about where Jamie lives and the good things that are being done there• Local farmers grow sugar beet as a winter crop. The sugar beet is not sent for sugar production but sent to a factory to be refined into bio-fuel. There is a large production factory that supplies local authorities and business that use vehicles for low emissions in city centres.• Beccles farmers market is a monthly market held at a hanger on a heliport that sells only locally produced goods. These range from beef pork and lamb products to locally produced beer. Farmers that grow veg provide seasonal varieties. The apple farmer puts apples in storage so that he can provide fruit during the winter months.• Venison and rabbit are provided by farmers for the public to enjoy. Somerleyton estate is over run with rabbits and monkjack deer which can be shot all the year round. Other deer and wild fowl are only shot in a certain season. I LOVE PIGEON PIE!!!!!!!!! 10
  • All about where Jamie lives and the good things that are being done there• In the summer our fields are full of wheat or rapeseed. Some of these are grown to an organic level. Some fields have had to be left fallow. This has allowed the soil to recover and have man made products disintegrate.• A lot of farms sell there products from there own farms or leave crops bagged up and rely on the honesty of the public to put the money in the tin. 11
  • Local Farming On The Isle Of WightBy LowanFarmer Jacks is a farm shop located in Arreton Old Village which is almost in the middle of the Isle of Wight. It was started by a group of Island farmers with a genuine passionand love for good food. They take pride in all that they sell and aim to provide the very best in quality and variety of fresh local Isle of Wight produce, that being fruit,vegetables and local meat. This brings Island farmers and food producers together and encourages locals to buy locally produced food and support the local farmers. 12
  • By Lowan Farmer Jacks organise various events throughout the year for locals and visitors to get involved in, once again supporting local farmers and producers and encouraging community fun. These include pumpkin growing competitions, a giant maize maze to wander through or get lost in, taster evenings, recipes, a sweetcorn fair, Easter egg hunts and decorating competitions. Farmer Jack’s is a place that supports all farming on the Isle of Wight and gets the community13 involved.
  • Farms Make things better by Sîoned• WORZALS FARM SHOP/Coffee SHOP/Garden Centre• The owners are farmers, they were not making sufficient money from their farm, so three years ago they decided to diversify.• It took a long time to get the business established, as they had to clear land and build the Farm Shop, Coffee Shop and Garden Centre.• The owners wanted to provide fresh quality products from the locality, they wanted to provide a better service for the local community as their are few facilities due to the rural location.• They also grow Pumpkins, Courgettes and Vegetables to supply to local outlets, but use this produce in the farm shop and their coffee shop.• The garden centre is doing so well they are expanding. 14
  • WORZALS• They sell a variety of food, Meat, Fresh Vegetables, Fruit• They also sell a range of dairy produce and some really nice sweets .• They provide lots of organic produce and speciality foods.• They support green energy and are looking at wind turbines, solar panels as the owner wants to respect the planet.• The owner told me that you have to look at what people need and want, he feels some farmers wont change and that they will get left behind in a changing market, that doesnt stand still.• My family uses Worzals a lot and we love their produce. 15
  • By Bradley Vidovic 16
  • • I often go with my mum to shop in the Hall Farm shop that is only 5 minutes from us. We often see the owners in the shop , John and Stella Barrie. Most items in the shop are from either their farm or are locally produced .• I asked about how Hall Farm started and John said it has been in his family since 1920. I also did some research on it for this project.• It is a working mixed farm with livestock of lambs, pigs, chickens and cows. They also grow about 6 acres of potatoes that they also sell in the shop along with a variety of herbs and plants. Their chickens are also free range and the eggs are sold in the shop as well.• The lambs and cows are looked after by John and his sons and are butchered by the local butchers and come back to the farm to be sold. This means very few food miles are involved with this farm. 17
  • • They have now won in 2011 the “Best Farm Shop” award by the Suffolk Food and Drink Awards in 2008 and again in 2011 based on their own produce and the quality of the other items offered in their farm shop• In 2010 they grew even bigger and opened their own café that cooks their meat and vegetables and this has won them the “Best Informal Venue” in 2009. I especially like this café as they are always kind to Brendan and me and give us extra cake and drinks!• I think that they have shown that whilst farming and environmental procedures have progressed so have they to met these changes and be successful too. Farm ShopInside the Farm Shop 18
  •  In and around Verona, there are five farmer’s markets, they open once a week. For example, one of them sells: Wines and vinegars, pasta, flour, different kind of jams, vegetables, cheeses and fresh meat and salames. By Abigail 19
  • There are quiet a lot of cherry orchards in Negrar.When they are ready to be harvested the different farmers take the cherries to a fruit depot, just outside the center of the village.There are also a lot of grape vines in my village, it is a wine region called Valpolicella.Recently some of the local cherry farmers have been digging up their cherry trees and they’ve been planting grape vines to replace them.They’ve been making these changes because they can make more money making wine.Some of the vinyards here are using organic farming methods, without synthetic chemicals or GMO’s, for example, one is called VINO BIO, but the company is called Mont’Albano; and another one that is called Cantina Valpolicella Negrar. 20 By Abigail
  • Pasture House FarmBy Angell 21
  • Pasture House FarmPasture house farm has a different idea to being a dairy farm instead ofmilking cows for milk they use goats for milking they sell the goat milkto dalamere dairy that makes the goat milk drinkableThere are 750 goats that are all mature and they have a few baby goatsthat have to meture and they have 8 billy goats all the baby goats arewaiting to mature so they can be added to the milking groupThe farm has 197 acres of land to fit all of his animals on. He has 750+goats and his small group of pedigree red poll cattleThere land is split into 3 partsBut not only do they milk goats they use49 of there acres on growing winterwheat that is sown in the autumn andharvested in the summer By Angell 22
  • There animal farmingAll of their goats live indoors and there cattle live outside inone of there fields with long grass. All the goats have strawand bedding and a warm place to sleep. all the buildings havebeen adapted for the goats to live in and sleep in there is oneroom that has big doors that just let air in there is also aroom for the tractors and a room for selling the straw andalso a room for milking the goats. The red poll cattle arechestnut brown and don’t have any horns. By Angell 23
  • By Angell 24
  • By CallumChurch farm is a mixed, high well fair, ecological and low carbon food and farming enterprise.A place for wildlife, beauty, diversity, community and people.The Farm has:New orchard of 8 acres, 130 varieties of fruit: apples, gages, plums, cherries, quince, medlar, pears,damsons, mulberries and more...Vicarage Field: 2 acre soft fruit enclosure, a little bit of ‘every berry’60 Black Welsh Mountain & 60 Lleyn sheep & rams30 Red Poll cattle & bull plus followers20 British Lop & 12 Berkshire breeding sows plus boars400 Light Sussex, Cuckoo Maran, Black Rock, Rhode Island and White Leghorn Laying hens300 Poulet Anglais outdoor reared poultry300 Norfolk Black & British White turkeys100 Embden geese, 100 Aylesbury ducks3 Bee hives & Apiary Garden20 acres of new woods in-filled with wild cherry and hazel2 acre walnut orchard4 acres of wild bird seeds and pollen/nectar mix30 acres of woods: 3 acres of ancient hornbeam coppice, 7 acres of established 60 year old woodland and 20acres of mixed, mainly hardwoods, planted over the past 10 years2 acres of rough nesting ground amongst a line of old clay pits2 ponds established in 1996, two more flood ponds and a new pond in the vegetable gardensBeards Oak Kitchen Gardens: 8 acres growing over 200 varieties of vegetables and herbs 25
  • By CallumIn 1988 Church Farm was “set-aside” and we established events company MotivAction. Twentyyears later we started a new farm that produces food directly for people, provides social care,education and greener events. It is based on a systems approach, synergy and economies ofscope, aiming for wildlife, beauty, diversity, high welfare and low carbon and producing adiverseseasonal diet.It is a mixed farm. A hundred varieties of vegetables and herbs are grown here, there are neworchards, ancient woodland, new plantations, acres of soft fruit and a forest garden. All themeat is from rare breeds and prepared on site. We host groups of less than 10 to more than100 people using the meeting room, the café, fields, cabins and woods. Across the road from usis also the 17th century Jolly Waggoner Inn where you can enjoy farm feasts and local ale.Everything grown here is taken from the field to the fork, all the primary ingredients that makeup your menu come from the farm, water is from our spring and electricity is supplied by GreenEnergy.An event with us won’t cost the earth, it will enrich it. Your event will be greener, greater valueand run by professionals. By booking events here our customers boost the local economy,create meaningful jobs, conserve the green and pleasant land and help re-establish localagriculture and local food. Do come and visit us to discuss your special event, conferences,meetings, team-build, learning experiences, volunteering projects, family festivals, parties and 26celebrations.
  • The box scheme allows you to enjoy Church Farm fresh produce in the way that best suitsBy Callum you. Each farm box is tailored by you and can contain all or a selection of Church Farm high welfare meat, the best tasting varieties of vegetables, free range orchard eggs, fresh fruit, bread handmade by the baker as well as organic cheese, milk, and butter. Picked, packed and available for FREE home delivery or collection. 27
  • Farms make things better  by Darnell • In my local area there have been some changes in Hackney city farm. They have come up with a new scheme that supports the local public and helps the environment. They are growing and planting new natural recourses which are helping us with our everyday life style. They are allowing us to come to the farm and collect a box full of vegetables! • Another good point is that my uncle who doesn’t live to far from me has an allotment (a big one) at the back of his garden. He picks his own fruits and vegetables from there and he rents a part of it for his self and his family! • I also have a big market write near my house, it sells allot of fruit and vegetables, over stuff as well mainly fruit and vegetables, but I’m not quite sure where it comes from! But I do have allot of markets and they all sell allot of fruit and vegetables! • I also have another farm near my house and that’s called Kentish town city farm and I know that that farm sells fresh vegetables and fruits that have been grown from the farm and been cleaned ! (Fresh)!!The area I live in just loves farms    28