Photo expressions platinum 5 (old version) [download]


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Photo expressions platinum 5 (old version) [download]

  1. 1. Photo Expressions Platinum 5 (OLD VERSION)[Download]Product Featureq Edit and enhance photos and create memorable photo projects--all from one easy-to-use interfaceq Organize photos with smart auto tags and tagging features for face and scene recognitionq Create sensational projects with professional templates for cards, scrapbooks, slideshows and moreq Burn, print, copy and preserve photos; upload to Facebook, YouTube and Flickrq Share your memories with friends and family online--with just one clickq Read more Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 3.3 out of 5Product DescriptionAll in one, complete digital photo suite. Organize, edit, and enhance digital photos. Quickly find photos with facerecognition tagging and scene recognition tagging. Create scrapbooks, photo albums, greeting cards, calendars—evenslide show movies to play on CD/DVD, iPod, PSP, iPad, PDA’s, and cell phones. Read moreProduct Description Photo Expressions Platinum 5 -- The Fastest Way to Express Memories! Photo Expressions has all the tools you need to organize and edit your photos, create sensational photo projects, share your projects, and burn and preserve your photo memories. All of this in one easy-to-use Interface--no comparable photo editing software is as easy to use or as powerful!
  2. 2. Smart Tag Magic! Face & Scene Recognition.Let Smart Auto Tagging scan your photos and groupphotos of a person or a scene in minutes! Get startedquickly and save hours of searching for photos. Creatememorable slideshows, vacation photo albums, orwedding scrapbooks--easily!Smart Tags gives you an easy way to find, edit,and share all the pictures of a person or place.Smart Tags!Organize your photos with face recognition-- createslideshows, photo books, greeting cards, and more inminutes! Smart Tagging does the work for you--just selectthe group of photos you want to tag and get startedquickly. If a photo is hard to detect, Smart Tags willprompt you to confirm the right tag. Its that easy!ORGANIZE! Choose. Click. Create.The friendly interface design allows you to move fromproject to project with ease. The consistent look and feelof tasks make it easy for you to you jump between photoediting and photo projects. This all in-one interface putseverything right at your fingertips!The all-in-one interface puts everything right atyour fingertips!Tagging FeaturesOrganize photos with Auto Face and Scene Tagging, ormanually tag photos by any category.
  3. 3. ImportUsing WebCam, Scanner or Camera Cards.Photo EditingEdit photos with Easy Fix, Face Beautify, Color and PhotoEffects. Add Frames and Edges, and Text and Clip Art.ShareWith Photo Email, Easy Email or Print Photos.UploadPost to Facebook, upload to Flickr, or broadcast on Twitter.Print CreationsCreate photo projects with professional templates forgreeting cards, photo books, scrapbooks, calendars, andmore!EDIT! Select. Transform. Perfect.Create "picture perfect" photos with powerful editing tools!Easy Fix improves your photos instantly. Crop, rotate,sharpen, remove red-eye, face beautify, adjust brightnessand more with just a few clicks.Use the Retouch tools to enhance or repair photos,or the Editing tools to crop, straighten, fix red-eye,and add or enhance color.Powerful Editing FeaturesEasily enhance photos with Face Beautify features:smooth skin, add a tan, remove blemishes, and brightenteeth. Experiment with makeover tools, black and whitefilters and many creative effects. Choose from multipleFace Beautify features to create professional-lookingresults. You can apply Face Beautify features to one or allfaces in any photo.
  4. 4. The face highlighter (shown in green) makes iteasy to outline exact facial dimensions before youselect a Face Beautify feature.CREATE! Choose. Design. Enhance.Transform all of your photos into project masterpieces toenjoy and share with friends and family. Choose fromprofessional templates for photo books, scrapbooks,greeting cards, calendars, slideshows, and more!Personalize your photo projects! Choose from anextensive library of props, borders and embellishments todecorate and enhance your projects.Easily transform a series of photographs into a beautifulphoto book or scrapbook. Its easy with professionaltemplates, fun clip art, borders, and text tools.Create Photo Projects in Minutes!