Teen Advisory Boards and You!


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Presentation for NLA 2011 Conference.

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Teen Advisory Boards and You!

  1. Teen Advisory Boards and YOU!<br />
  2. Teen Advisory Board (TAB)<br />Youth Advisory Council (YAC)<br />Teen Advisory Group (TAG)<br />Teen Advisory Club/Council (TAC)<br />Teen Library Council (TLC)<br />Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)<br />Known by Many Names:<br />
  3. Get to know local teens<br />Familiarity with interests and needs<br />Encourages involvement<br />Meet new people<br />Provides staff with a better understanding of teens<br />Sense of responsibility and accomplishment<br />What Do TABs Accomplish?<br />
  4. Approval can occur in two ways:<br />Informal<br />Formal<br />Approval for a TAB<br />
  5. Increases services to teens<br />Allows teens to be involved<br />Creates volunteer opportunities<br />Gather teen demographic statistics<br />Writing the Proposal<br />
  6. How formal will TAB be?<br />Teen representation<br />Educate peers<br />Teen input<br />Creative programs and activities<br />Short-term and long-term goals<br />Defining Goals<br />
  7. How will you select members?<br />How will you recruit members?<br />Marketing inside the library<br />Marketing outside the library<br />Setting Up the TAB<br />
  8. TAB = Fun but also serious<br />TAB = important and special<br />TAB = “exclusive”<br />Determine basic operating standards<br />Criteria for TAB Membership<br />
  9. Choose an effective advisor<br />Someone who enjoys working with teens<br />Advisor = friend/mentor/supervisor/objective adult all in one<br />Qualities of an advisor:<br />Sense of humor<br />Enthusiastic and supportive of teens<br />Treats teens with respect and sincerity<br />Ready, Set, Get Started!<br />
  10. Biggest challenge to starting a TAB<br />Determine exact age and/or grade level of members <br />Basic means of recruitment:<br />Talk to teens<br />Have application form ready<br />Promotional posters<br />Visit schools<br />Word of mouth<br />Snacks! “Om-nom-nom”<br />Nominate teens<br />Recruiting Members<br />
  11. Meet in a comfortable place<br />Create an agenda<br />Have snacks<br />Make teens feel welcome and important<br />Decide how often the group will meet and when<br />Follow up with written information <br />TAB Meetings Tips<br />
  12. 10 – 15 minutes for socializing<br />Discuss ongoing business <br />General teen input<br />Develop and plan for upcoming activities<br />Snacks<br />The Agenda<br />
  13. No one shows up<br />Only a few show up<br />Start off strong . . . now no one comes<br />Teens can’t get along<br />What If Things Go Wrong!<br />
  14. Mission statement<br />TAB officers <br />TAB projects:<br />TAB Newsletter<br />TAB Website<br />Other Examples of Projects/Activities<br />Libraries are NOT Boring<br />
  15. Life-Size Candy Land<br />
  16. Life-Size Candy Land<br />
  17. Life-Size Candy Land<br />
  18. Stuffed Animal Sleepover<br />
  19. Stuffed Animal Sleepover<br />
  20. Stuffed Animal Sleepover<br />
  21. Stuffed Animal Sleepover<br />
  22. Biggest difficulty = teen commitment<br />Reasons why a teen should be on the library board:<br />Teens are the future library supporters<br />Teens bring fresh opinions<br />Elevate the status of teens<br />Teens gain support for ideas that will bring more teens to the library and promote teen reading<br />Teen Representation on Adult Library Boards <br />
  23. Make new friends<br />Get volunteer hours<br />Membership looks good on college applications<br />Special TAB-only member T-shirts<br />Food is always a reward!<br />Hold special events just for them<br />Special events beyond the library help develop a cohesive group<br />Perks of TAB Membership<br />
  24. TABs give teens great opportunities for building the 40 Developmental Assets<br />Teens are the BEST resource for finding out what your library can do for them<br />Teens are our future financial supporters<br />Teens need to be heard and will become your friends and allies if you listen to them<br />Why You Need a TAB<br />
  25. Give you new and fresh ideas<br />Increase your knowledge about current teen patrons<br />More relevant collection = increased circulation<br />More relevant programs = increased attendance<br />More relevant displays = increased circulation<br />Attract teens who were not previously library users<br />In the Beginning a TAB Will . . . <br />
  26. Increase passive marketing in the community<br />Provide assistance at programs<br />Shift the perception of the library as “lame” to a cool place to be<br />Later On a TAB Will . . . <br />
  27. Provide more outreach possibilities<br />Increase active marketing in the community<br />Increase other programming<br />As It Becomes Bigger TAB Will . . . <br />
  28. Give 5 – 10 minutes of socializing at the start of a meeting<br />Take notes at meetings<br />Provide snacks <br />TAB = Fun = Serious Too<br />Be honest with your teens<br />Invite members of the staff, media, and city officials to meetings<br />TAB Do:<br />
  29. Don’t get discouraged<br />Don’t let the group be too vague or let them take on too much at once<br />Don’t dominate the meeting by talking at the group <br />Don’t make meetings too serious <br />Don’t set unrealistic deadlines or obscure the difficulties of achieving certain projects<br />Don’t become discouraged if the library budget precludes teenagers or your TAG<br />TAB Don't:<br />
  30. TAB Application Form<br />TAB Rules and Regulations Form<br />Personalized Recruitment Letter<br />Example of Print Newsletter<br />Media Permission Slip<br />Permission Forms for TAB Lock-In<br />Copies of Forms<br />
  31. Contact:<br />Lindsey Tomsu<br />Teen Coordinator<br />La Vista Public Library<br />9110 Giles Road<br />La Vista, NE 68128<br />402-537-3900<br />ltomsu@lavistamail.mccneb.edu<br />Questions?<br />