Ems - Summer I ’11 - T101 Lecture 14: Matt Falk- The Music Industry
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Ems - Summer I ’11 - T101 Lecture 14: Matt Falk- The Music Industry






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Ems - Summer I ’11 - T101 Lecture 14: Matt Falk- The Music Industry Ems - Summer I ’11 - T101 Lecture 14: Matt Falk- The Music Industry Presentation Transcript

  • A presentation completely devoid of fun pictures
    Matthew Falk
    The Music Industry
  • Who am I, and why am I talking to you?
    BSC in Communications, Ohio University 2005
    Majored in Music Production
    Studied Recording under Eddie Ashworth
    Minored in both Music and History
    MA in Communications, Ohio University 2007
    Focus was on Media Management
    Founded Falk Music LTD, an independent record label
    Currently PhD Candidate, Telecommunications, Indiana University
    Study cognitive processing of audio
    Including the ways that sound effects, song changes, song structure, radio broadcast structure, familiarity, and liking, effect the ways we process audio and devote attention to it.
  • Industry Experience
    Artist / Tour Management
    More than a decade of experience
    Falk Music LTD
    Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Accounting / Marketing / Distribution
    Scorpio Audio – Cleveland, Ohio
    Unpaid Intern -> Paid Engineer
    Studio Recording
    Live Sound
    Independent / Contractor Work
    Mixing / Mastering / Sound for Video / Live Sound, etc
  • What is the Music Industry?
    Lady Gaga?
    Skinny Jeans and PBR?
  • Who are the people that make it work?
    Writers (words and music)
    Scouts of all kinds
  • How do they work together?
    From your porch to the nation
  • How has the industry changed?
    In some ways, it hasn't in 50 years.
    In the ways it has, it has revolved around publishing
    Publishing 101
    Musical Works vs Masters
    Performing Rights Societies and Live Performance
    What does this actually mean for an artist?
    Where is this reflected?
    Contracts and Cash
  • Can’t we just leave contracts to the lawyers?
    Yawn…doesn’t this guy know that it is 1030am the morning after a long weekend, in the summer?
    Traditional Contracts
    Record label pays for everything
    Recording, Promotion, Radio Play (what?!), Music Videos, Tour Equipment
    Recoupment – or why rock stars aren’t rich at all
    Paid back in a percentage of the overall product sales.
    Case in point: Breakage
    There is a pun here, it is a bad pun, I’m sorry.
  • The Long Tail
    Digital Distribution
    Cost efficiency vs Demand
    There is a market for everything
    Professionalism vs Crap
    Long Tail is possible because of:
    Equipment costs sinking
    Digital recording ease
    Distribution being “free” online
    iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby
  • Indie Contracts?
    I thought Indie music was independent and damn-the-man and all that?
    Sorry 
    License Deal
    A step forward, in that artists get their recordings, but not always their works
    Manufacturing and Distribution Deal
    Many independent CD’s are made this way
    Profit Sharing
    Much more rare, but independent labels are heading here
    Truth lies somewhere in-between
  • Careers
    Thanks for the history lesson, but at some point, I’d like to move out of my mom’s basement…
  • What is working in the industry like?
    Long hours
    Internships and Low Pay
    Hard Work
    Great Rewards
  • How do I get in?
    I am, in fact, dedicated (or crazy) enough, now what?
    Use your time at IU Wisely
    Accounting, Small Business Strategies, Contract Law
    Unpaid Internships CAN pay off
    Set a clear end date
    Under promise, over deliver
    Treat your time there like a trial run, show them why they can’t live without you
    Craigslist can make or break a career
    Quick emails with well written cover letters
    Fill your time with as many part time jobs as you can handle. You’ve got to pay the rent, but you also want a full time job, and one of them may turn into one
  • What is Successful?
    Andrew Logan?
    Last Slide’s Advice
    3 jobs, engineer, DJ, videographer
    Ronny Murphy?
    Composer, musician, engineer
    PhD Candidate, Mixer, Label Owner
  • Questions?