Finding full text articles using SFX in Google Scholar @ UCT Libraries


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Frustrated with having to pay for articles when searching in Google Scholar? This guide shows UCT staff & students how to access full text articles in Google Scholar by using SFX.

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Finding full text articles using SFX in Google Scholar @ UCT Libraries

  1. 1. Finding full text articles using SFX in Google Scholar By Linda Kelly l Academic Librarian @ UCT Libraries l April 2014 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. 2. Got a reading list and need to find the full text journal articles? Let’s use this journal article as the example: Popkin, J.H. 2013. Social costs from proximity to hydraulic fracturing in New York State. Energy policy, 62: p62 -69. Go to the UCT Libraries website: Click on Off Campus Login
  3. 3. Fill in your details o username: student/staff number o password: same as UCT email/Vula
  4. 4. Congratulations! You are now through the firewall and can now access the full text articles & eBooks that UCT Libraries subscribes to  Since you already have the article title, go straight to Google Scholar
  5. 5. Type in the article title and click search/hit enter button on keyboard
  6. 6. The first hit is the article you are looking for To the right is the SFX@UCT icon Click on the SFX@UCT icon
  7. 7. The page opens with the generic SFX page The article title as well as the source info (i.e. journal title, author, year, volume, etc.) are displayed at the top The Full Text section tells one from where full text is available In this case full text is available via x3 platforms I clicked on GO for the top one, i.e. Elsevier ScienceDirect
  8. 8. The page opens in Science Direct with the online format of the article. On the top left is the article in PDF format: see Downlad PDF & PDF icon Check that this is the right article o Below is the journal title, volume, year and page info o Below this is the article title Scroll down to view the online article displayed below Go back to Google Scholar and in the same way, locate the other articles from your reading list  For more info on using UCT Library resources o look at the Archaeology, Environmental & Geographical Science, and Oceanography LibGuides o contact me: o call the UCT Libraries Info Desk: +27 21 650 3703/4