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Using DESTINY databases to locate CCGPS Instructional Resources

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  1. 1. Using DESTINY to Find CCGPS Instructional ResourcesWhere do I go to find vetted teaching resources to use with CCGPS? CCGPS Let’s begin by opening the Library Catalog in your Application Launcher.
  2. 2. Login to your DESTINY account.(A warning screen will appear, ignore the warning and select “Proceed anyway”)
  3. 3. Type in your username and password.Usn: (first initial & last name lowercase) Psw: pces
  4. 4. You will be taken to the PCES Destiny home page. Click on the Catalog tab.
  5. 5. Select Resource Lists from the left menu bar.
  6. 6. Select Add ListTitle your list, check if you would like your list to be Public,and give a brief description of the list contents, then Save.
  7. 7. Go to Standards Search, select Georgia, type in your Find topic. From the drop-down menu, select the CCGPS you would like to find resources for, and then select the grade level. Click on Find It at the end of the standard you select.
  8. 8. You will be given a list of educator reviewed Web resources relevant to your standard & topic for your grade level. Note the list is printableOnce you’ve selected a Website you’d like to preview, click on the link to be taken to the site. If it is a website you’d like to save in your Resource List, click on Add to this List.
  9. 9. There are several other ways to add to your resource lists. Let’s look at some additional digital resources. Select Digital Resources from the left menu bar
  10. 10. You will be shown an annotated list of digital resources to support instruction.(Please note, you will need to download a ndm media player in order to view the videos.)
  11. 11. WebPath Express is another excellent resource you may want to try out.
  12. 12. You may also do a Power “One Search”that searches popular educational databases.
  13. 13. Select Show to find the results from a database. Thenbe sure and check-out the book titles available on the subject to access E-books.
  14. 14. You may visit the link & add to your resource list.After selecting the Titles tab, you may check-out E-books online as well as local print materials. Be sure to add the titles to your resource list.
  15. 15. You may use the E-books with a small group or for whole class instruction. Many of the E-books do have a audio feature.
  16. 16. Click on a book title to place a book on Hold.Select Hold It! & then you may specify if you want a book now, or at a later date.
  17. 17. Before logging out, be sure & browse through the Copyright & Online Resources linked on our DESTINY Home page.