Get Rid of Your Nominating Committee


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Many nonprofits struggle with ineffective boards. Why? Most often it is because they do not take the board recruitment process seriously. This is a year round job that has to be done by the best and brightest of your board members.

If you want your board to be successful, take board recruitment seriously. Don't just think about the "old 3 G's" Learn Linda's "New Three G's" and you'll be able to transform your board into a powerful force in governance and fundraising.

Get rid of your nominating committee and start working on building an effective board for your nonprofit.

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Get Rid of Your Nominating Committee

  1. 1. Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE President, Linda Lysakowski, LLC
  2. 2.  Planning  Governing  Creating vision  Working with staff  Fundraising  Board giving: Is it the three G’s?
  3. 3.  Give,  Get, or  Get Off
  4. 4.  Gather,  Get Ready, and  Grow
  5. 5.  Too little, too late!  Weak Leadership!  Lack of understanding of the governance role!
  6. 6.  The Governance Committee
  7. 7.  Meets year round  Chaired by the strongest board member  Assesses board performance  Develops or refines board position descriptions
  8. 8.  Evaluates needs of the board  Finds the right people to fill board vacancies  Plans board orientation  Responsible for ongoing board education
  9. 9. Do We Have the Right Board Members  Choosing candidates that will meet our needs  Identifying candidates and evaluating commitment  Building a sense of ownership
  10. 10. Interest Once a prospective candidate has expressed interest in your organization, the first step is research. • What do they do for a living? • Are they successful? • Do they know “people?” • Can they help build your board/organization? • Are they willing to give their time and money to your organization?
  11. 11. Involvement ◦ What do they expect to get out of their involvement? ◦ Do they have a good/bad past history with other organizations? ◦ Do they want hands on, or is this just a resume booster? Qualifications ◦ Are they qualified to join the board? ◦ Remember: Board members are the decision makers of the organization…interview them as if you are paying them a salary!
  12. 12. Education ◦ Educating a board member on the vision, direction, and ultimate goals of your organization is the single most important mission of your organization’s executive staff. This will keep the board on the right track.
  13. 13. Evangelism When the board takes ownership of your organization, they, in a sense, become evangelists for your cause.
  14. 14. Belief in and support of the mission of the organization is the most critical requirement for serving on the board
  15. 15.  Overall responsibilities  Term of office  Attendance requirements  Requirement to be informed about organization  Participation in meetings  Committee requirements  Financial commitment  Conflict of interest disclosure  Fiduciary responsibility
  16. 16.  Never done by individual board members on their own  Names are given to Governance Committee for consideration  Executive Director is involved in recruitment
  17. 17.  The “Tin Cup” mentality?  A necessary evil?  We don’t need it.  Not my job!  I don’t know how.  I don’t want to bug my friends!
  18. 18.  Board Recruitment/Governance Committee  Board Orientation/Governance Committee  Board Education/Governance Committee  The Board Appeal/Development Committee  Identifying/The Development Committee  Cultivating/The Development Committee  Fundraising/The Development Committee  Stewarding/The Development Committee
  19. 19.  But we give our time…..
  20. 20.  Each board member invite three people to have lunch with the CEO  Board members host an event  Board Thank-a-thon  Speaking engagements  The elevator speech  Birthday/anniversary gifts  Opening doors
  21. 21.  Do we have a large enough board?  Do we have the skills we need on the board?  Do we have a diverse board?  How do we plan to build the board we need to succeed?  What one thing will we do tomorrow to get started?
  22. 22.  Recruitment Kit  Email Linda for Board Evaluation forms
  23. 23.  15 percent discount on Linda’s books (and other CharityChannel books)  Use discount code: linda2014books
  24. 24.   Follow me: Linda Lysakowski, LLC @LLysakowskiLLC Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE Email me: