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  • New Law Librarian establish library and cohort of 30Now 350 LawEmperor’s new clothes
  • Eating the elephant BIALL 2010

    1. 1. Eating the Elephant Linda Jones University of Portsmouth
    2. 2. First identify your elephant
    3. 3. Target the problem Referencing Access
    4. 4. Identify stakeholders & recruit team Referencing @Portsmouth (R@P) (University-wide initiative) Body in the Library (BiL) (Departmental pilot) Academic Course Leader Academic Skills Unit Department of Curriculum & Quality Enhancement Dissertation Supervisors Faculty Librarians Floor manager Library Web Developer Faculty Librarian Library Assistant (NVQ candidate) Department of Curriculum & Quality Enhancement Web Developer
    5. 5. Analyse the problems: Referencing
    6. 6. Look for a solution: Referencing= R@P
    7. 7. Analyse the problems: Access
    8. 8. Look for a solution: Access=BiL
    9. 9. Start small The benefits of a soft launch R@P was piloted as a in-house Access database of queries and answers. R@P started with the basics, i.e. how to reference a book, an article, and a website using the most widely adopted system. It grew as it attracted queries. BiL was aimed specifically at one study skills unit with little or no publicity.
    10. 10. Think big R@P has grown to cover both OSCOLA and Vancouver and is still expanding to cover new resources. It is now being linked to by numerous other institutions including our partner colleges, franchised courses and other universities.
    11. 11. Think big BiL is being adopted within the piloting department for campus based students. We are tailoring further editions for Digital Forensics and Forensic Accounting.
    12. 12. Utilise existing assets R@P was initially based on an existing printed guide. BiL linked to many of our printed guides.
    13. 13. Utilise existing assets By kind permission R@P links to both the Cardiff Index of Legal Abbreviations, Cardiff Citing the Law and Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities. BiL also links to some of our own information literacy “nuggets” such as The Information Literacy Landscape and Captivate demos.
    14. 14. Utilise existing assets The original idea for a virtual BiL came from an actual Fresher’s Fair event. Our Web Developer came up with the idea for R@P’s selection tool whilst shopping on eBay.
    15. 15. Spend time on the design The majority of BiL is generic guidance but actual resources and links to personal help are designed to be easily changeable.
    16. 16. Spend time on the design The selection tool in R@P means that it can cope with an expanding range of resources and formats with no extra work.
    17. 17. Spend time on the design In R@P each style utilises the same style sheet adapted to the specific system The design makes it easy to emphasise common general principles.
    18. 18. Collect feedback and utilise it With R@P we initially collected comments from staff and students:“It is the best thing about the University.” (Politics student) “…has made my responses more efficient. I can in some cases simply point the enquirer to it, rather than using my response to model references.” (Academic Skills Unit lecturer) “It has really helped me understand what I am supposed to be doing.” (Criminology student) “The definitive guidance.” (Lecturer)
    19. 19. Collect feedback and utilise it Now with R@P we use:New queries via the Contact us link to generate additional guidance pages. Logs of failed searches to identify useful examples or items which need better indexing.
    20. 20. Collect feedback and utilise it With the pilot of BiL we monitored use with Google analytics:Launch of ICJS Course Induction Centre Study School Linda promotes resource finding on discussion boards
    21. 21. Collect feedback and utilise it We have also collected together some audio feedback to use in promoting the resource next year:- Fran Sarah BSc Crime and Criminology Alan FD Police Studies MSc Counter Fraud & Counter Corruption Studies Lisa Kevin BSc Crime and Criminology MSc Criminology
    22. 22. Celebrate Success Hits on R@P by over academic years from August 2006- mid May 2010. 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 2006-7 2007-8 30000 2008-9 2009-10 20000 10000 0
    23. 23. Celebrate Success Hits rates on R@P growing year by year. 500000 450000 400000 350000 2006-7 300000 2007-8 250000 2008-9 200000 2009-10 150000 100000 50000 0 2006-7 2007-8 2008-9 2009-10
    24. 24. Celebrate Success The projects have been publicised with posters and presentations at internal Teaching and Learning Conferences. Library staff involved in both projects have been given Contribution Awards, Teaching and Learning Awards. The projects have been mentioned in presentations at Umbrella and LILAC conferences and have been written about in various professional journals.
    25. 25. Be prepared for unexpected consequences My email inbox has shrunk, although I doubt all the predicted 420,000 Referencing@Portsmouth hits were really heading my way. Perhaps a more realistic plus is that access queries were down by two thirds with the launch of the Body in the Library. So are my elephants sliced, diced or tamed?
    26. 26. Perhaps, but … The Library has acquired a reputation for imaginative and creative problem solving and for delivering on projects. Library staff have developed a liking for working „outside the box‟. I have been energised in my work on information literacy.
    27. 27. What next? I am:currently involved in a bid to pilot a scheme for student information literacy mentors in our Business School. involved in work on multi-level, cross-unit subject hubs in our VLE for Criminology. looking at developing some guidance on developing Law dissertation proposals. still nursing an ambition to develop a RLO on „Weighing the Evidence‟.
    28. 28. What’s that on the horizon?
    29. 29. No elephants were harmed in the making of this presentation but until 4th July there is time to capture one of your own on film. For more information see