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  1. 1. CustomerSuccessGuide
  2. 2. ShapeWorks™ at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Know Your Body 6Your Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Enjoy Your Ideal Meal 8Personalization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Ideal Meal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Protein Snacks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Carbohydrates: A Rainbow of Foods. . . . . . . . . . 11Making Sense of Carbohydrates . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12Your Meal Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Food Charts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 147-Day Meal Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16Optimize Your Success 18Trigger Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19Overcoming Hurdles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20Personal Vision. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21Shape Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22Tools for Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23Tips for Healthy Living . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24“We Lost 116 Pounds.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Table of ContentsTable of Contents2
  3. 3. ForewordMy experience with thousands of patients over the past 25 years has taught me that aone-size weight-loss plan does not fit all. Individualized approaches to getting intoshape work best–approaches in which people use programs customized to their own shapes and body composition, approachesthat fit their lifestyles and their personalities.My theories and philosophies of weight loss are reflected in the ShapeWorks™ program. A healthy diet is one in which youeat an amount of protein in your diet that is matched to the protein needs of your body. And it helps you build or maintainlean muscle, which burns calories and helps keep your metabolic rate up. You learn to watch the calories you burn at rest andhow fast you can lose weight on the number of calories in your personalized weight-management program. You also learnwhat your target weight (based on the proper ratio of fat to lean) should be and see how it compares to what you think youshould weigh.If you tried to get all the protein you needed from foods such as meats, you would consume too many calories, because proteinusually comes with extra fat calories in these foods. But by using a variety of delicious, protein-enriched meal-replacementshakes, you can easily obtain the protein your body requires to build or maintain lean muscle mass and feel full and satisfied.High-protein shakes, along with healthy meals and exercise, can help you realize easy and lasting weight loss. A healthy mealalso is rich in colorful fruits and vegetables. This is because the substances that give fruits and vegetables their “color” (calledphytonutrients) may provide a number of health benefits. In addition, this program guide also discusses the role of exercisein building lean body mass (muscle) and in reducing stress.In my practice at UCLA, I have helped people learn about their individual bodies and, based on that, how to eat better andlose weight.* Today, I am proud to be the Chairman of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards for Herbalife International,one of the largest distributors of high-quality meal replacements in the world. Herbalife has embraced the ideas and the sciencethat I have used in my practice. I hope this program helps you achieve your goals and your ideal weight.David Heber, M.D., Ph.D.Los Angeles, CaliforniaMarch 2004*Dr. Heber’s title is for identification purposes only. The University of California does not endorse specific products or services as a matter of policy.Foreword3C M Y K
  4. 4. TimesA DayIt’s as easy as 3-2-1:3Take your supplementsthree times daily toenhance your healthand give your body thebenefits of CellularNutrition.Cellular Nutrition and thePower of ProteinAt Herbalife, we understand thechallenges you face when it comes tolosing weight. That’s why we’vecreated the ShapeWorks™ Program.A breakthrough in weight loss, theShapeWorks™ Program combines our25-year heritage of weight loss withthe latest in scientific research. Bycombining Cellular Nutrition and thepower of protein, you experience moreenergy and control hunger while youlose weight. The ShapeWorks™Program is simple, healthy, and best offall-it works.At A Glance4
  5. 5. Shakes,PersonalizedColorfulMealEnjoy two meal-replacement shakes,personalized to theprotein needs of yourbody, plus proteinsnacks to keep yourmetabolism up andhunger at bay. Noneed to count calories.Shakes are simple,delicious and fun.2 1Eat a healthy mealincluding plenty ofcolorful fruits andvegetables.Delicious and Nutritious2 shakes a day + 1 colorful meal+ protein snacksAt A Glance5C M Y K HerbalifeGree
  7. 7. Shape and weight are related, but they’re not the same thing. You have inheritedone of the natural body shapes, depending on whether you tend to carry weightin your upper body or lower body or put on weight proportionately.What shape are you?UpperLowerKnow Your Body7ProportionalWhat Your Shape MeansIt’s Not Just Your Weight. It’s Your Body Composition.Healthy target weight is based on your lean body mass, which includes your muscles, bone, minerals and other nonfattissue in your body. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body burns. Remember, you need a certainamount of body fat for good health. It stores the energy your muscles need and serves as your body’s shock absorber.Too little body fat can be as unhealthy as too much.UpperYou carry fat in your upper body: face, neck, chest and waist.Includes women and almost all men.• Upper-body fat is usually caused by diet and lackof exercise.• Fat around the waist usually means that there isalso internal fat, which may cause serious health problems.• Reducing internal fat can dramatically improve your health.• Cutting calories alone will not eliminate upper body fat.• To lose this weight, remodel your percentage of lean bodymass with calorie management, protein and exercise.LowerYou carry fat in your lower body: hips and thighs.Predominately women.• Lower-body fat is partially inherited, partially a resultof diet.• This type of fat does not cause specific health problems.• Cutting calories and increasing exercise may not besufficient to reduce lower-body fat.• Eat more protein and include lower-body exercises in yourworkout.ProportionalWhen you put on weight, it is spread proportionatelythroughout your body.• You may not notice weight gain because it’s spreadthroughout.• Suggest overall body conditioning.C M K
  9. 9. Increase protein to controlappetite and maintain leanbody mass.The more lean body mass you have,the higher your metabolism and themore calories you’ll burn. Eating moreprotein helps control your appetite,making weight loss easier.Protein + healthycarbohydrates = success.The right amount of proteincombined with healthy fruits andvegetables results in less hungerand a more balanced approach tolosing weight.You need protein to staystrong and healthy.If you don’t eat enough of it everyday, your body will steal proteinfrom your muscles and organs.Remember, not all proteinis created equal.15% to 35% of your diet should belean protein that doesn’t containsignificant levels of fat. TheShapeWorks™personalized high-protein, low-fat program makesburning calories easy, tastyand satisfying.The Herbalife DifferenceShapeWorks™ helps you customizeyour protein intake and controlhunger with delicious, meal-replacement shakes.• Formula 1 Shake is loaded withheart-healthy soy protein. Itoffers you all the nutritionof a meal with a minimumof calories.• Formula 3 PersonalizedProtein Powder is our ownproprietary blend of whey and soyproteins. Add it to yourFormula 1 Shake to increase yourprotein intake with minimaladditional calories.Soy proteinis the highest-quality plantprotein available. It’s an excellentsource for the amino acids yourbody needs, as well asantioxidants to help you maintainhealthy cells. Soy protein is long-acting and slowly metabolized.Whey proteinprovides amino acids and mixeswell with nonfat (skim) milk orsoy milk to create creamy,delicious shakes. Whey protein isfast-acting and quicklymetabolized.Enjoy Your Ideal Meal9Personalization is the KeyAnd don’t forget Formula 2Multivitamin Complexfor nutritional support,especially when you’re on aweight-loss program.RMRYour Resting MetabolicRate (RMR) is the numberof calories you burn at rest.Your RMR helps determinehow many calories you caneat per day and stilllose weight.C M Y K
  10. 10. ShapeWorks™ helps you create a healthy lifestylewithout making you feel hungry or deprived. Youdon’t even have to give up snacks, thanks to theseHerbalife alternatives.• Helps control hunger and boostsenergy*• Contains soy protein, which isgood for your heart as well assatisfying your hunger• Low in saturated fat, cholesteroland calories• A good source of fiber• Easily digestible• Includes a variety of flavors, soyou’ll never get boredMAKE A MEAL IN TWO MINUTESTry various Formula 1 Shake flavorswith your favorite fruits for flavorvariety. A few minutes of preparationwill build a lifetime of benefits.Make a ShakeIn a blender, combine:• 1 cup of nonfat or soy milk• 2 scoops of Formula 1Nutritional Shake Mix• Your personalized amount ofFormula 3 Personalized ProteinPowder• 1 cup fruitBlend well and enjoy.If you like your shakes thick andextra cold, add one-half cup ofcrushed ice to the blender and/oruse frozen fruit.ShapeWorks™ is based on Herbalife’s delicious,easy-to-use meal-replacement shakes, made withFormula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix and Formula 3Personalized Protein Powder. Some potentadvantages of this plan are:Enjoy Your Ideal Meal10Protein SnacksIdeal Meal–Formula 1 ShakeCraving sweets? Treat yourself to one of the several flavors of anHPLC Bar or an HPLC Shake. Either will satisfy your sweet tooth andprovide extra protein to help reduce your hunger and maintain your energy.Do you have the urge for chips or nuts? Grab a handful ofHPLC Roasted Soy Nuts. They’re sprinkled with Cardia®Salt, whichcontains 54% less sodium than regular salt. So, you can enjoy the crunchand taste that you want without falling off the wagon.Want a beverage for a quick pick-me-up? Power up with a refreshingHPLC Drink, or iced Herbal Concentrate or N-R-G Tea.Need a warm snack on-the-run? Stir up a nutritious cup of HPLC Soup inminutes. Just add hot water and stir for a quick snack or as part of a nutritiousmeal.reality checkIf you burn 1,200 calories per day, a 600-calorie cola is half of your daily limit.*These statements have not beenevaluated by the Food and DrugAdministration. This product is notintended to diagnose, treat, cure orprevent any disease.
  11. 11. Enjoy Your Ideal Meal11Carbohydrates: A Rainbow of FoodsColorful fruits and vegetables are thefoundation of your daily menus. Fullof vitamins and minerals, they helpmaintain your organs and immunesystem, keeping your body strong asthe weight comes off.ShapeWorks™ makes it easy tochoose the right fruits andvegetables for your meal plan byorganizing them into seven uniquecolor groups. Both men and womenshould include at least one servingfrom each group every day.Simply eating more fruits andvegetables is not the answer– theymust be the right fruits andvegetables. Starchy vegetables suchas peas or lentils (200 to 250 caloriesper cup) are healthy, but theycontain more calories than you maywant. If you need to eat more tosatisfy your hunger, add low-glycemic-load vegetables. Forexample, spinach and asparagus arebetter choices than higher-caloriecorn and peas. A cup of spinachtopped with 1⁄2 cup of tomato saucehas only about 90 calories, but it givesyou nutrients from two color groups.the doctor saysColorful foods provide nutrition fromthe family of chemicals calledphytonutrients or “plant” nutrients.These substances contribute toyour healthy-food Not Brown and Beige?When considering which foods toenjoy sparingly, also use color as aguideline. Many brown and beigecarbohydrates, like pasta, beans andpotatoes, while healthy, also tend tobe high in calories.Color Counts:2 cups of spinach = 80 calories2 cups of rice or potatoes = 500 caloriesC M Y K
  12. 12. Making Sense of CarbohydratesYour body converts carbohydrates into sugar, which gives you energy. That’s thegood news. The bad news is that some carbohydrate foods turn into too much sugartoo fast, with too many calories. You can identify which carbohydrates are good foryou and which to avoid by checking their glycemic index and glycemic load.Glycemic Index measures how fastthe carbohydrates in a food turn intosugar in the body. Foods with a high-glycemic index convert into sugar veryquickly, with negative physical effects.Foods with a low-glycemic index turninto sugar gradually, helping maintainyour body’s chemical balance. Ingeneral, foods with a low indexare preferable.High-Glycemic Index Medium-Glycemic Index Low-Glycemic IndexGLYCEMICINDEXGlycemic Load measures theamount of sugar a food actuallyreleases in the body. Foods with a low-glycemic load usually have a low-glycemic index. They are good choicesfor your meal plan. Foods can have ahigh-glycemic index, yet still have alow-glycemic load. Other foods haveboth a high index and a high load. Youshould avoid high-load foods as aregular part of your meal plan.When you choose carbohydratefoods, always check both theirglycemic index and glycemic load.Detailed tables with this informationare widely available. Use the chartbelow to get started.Like carbohydrates, fats canhave a positive or a negativeeffect. Good fats can loweryour risk of heart disease.Good fats are found in oliveoil, fish, olives, avocados andwalnuts. But remember, evengood fats have a lot ofcalories, so use sparingly!Enjoy Your Ideal Meal12*Low glycemic-load foods.Fruits andVegetablesCornCranberry JuiceOrange Juice*RaisinStarchesBagelBread (white)Refined CerealGranolaMuffinPastaPotatoPretzelRiceTortilla (flour)Fruits andVegetablesApricot*Grape*Pineapple*WatermelonStarchesFrench FriesOatmealPita BreadWaffleFruits andVegetablesApple*Asparagus*Broccoli*Brussels Sprout*Cauliflower*Celery*Cherry*Cucumber*Grapefruit*Green Bean*Green Pepper*Kiwi*Lettuce*Mushroom*Onion*Orange*Peach*Plum*Spinach*Strawberry*Tomato*Zucchini*StarchesBarley*Black Bean*Kidney Bean*Lentil*Pea*
  13. 13. Enjoy Your Ideal Meal13In addition to your twoFormula 1 Shakes, enjoy ahealthy, well-balanced meal.Now that you know your nutritionalneeds, you can create a personal mealplan with the right amounts of protein,fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fiber.Did you ever think that a personalizedideal-meal plan would let you eat avegetable salad, barbeque chicken,corn-on-the-cob and sliced kiwi withstrawberries and a drizzle of chocolate?Colorful eating is about good choices,not about doing without.Pick the foods and flavors thatyou enjoy. Remember that proteinplus healthy carbohydrates will helpyou burn calories and keep youfeeling full. In the following pages,you’ll learn more colorful ways tomeet your food requirements andlearn more about other Herbalifeproducts that will support yourShapeWorks™ Program.A 25–30 gramprotein portionis a serving of lean meatabout the size of your palmor a Formula 1 Shake madewith nonfat milk or plainsoy milk and adding twotablespoons of Formula 3Personalized ProteinPowder.A portion of fruitsor vegetables is aboutthe size of your fist.These guidelines are,of course, not exact. Apalm-sized protein portion willrange between 25 and30 grams of protein.Your Meal Planfood mythTo lose weight, you need to cut out all thefat you factReduced-fat foods often have the samenumber of calories, or even more calories,than full-fat products due to added sugar.And, because they are “low-fat,” you maybe tempted to eat a larger serving.C M Y K
  14. 14. Food ChartsMushrooms, cooked 1 C 40Onion, cooked 1 C 105Endive, raw 1 C 10Artichoke 1 medium 60Asparagus 1 C 45Celery, diced 1 C 20Leeks, cooked 1 C 30Food Item Portion CaloriesRed/PurpleRedOrangeOrange/YellowYellow/GreenGreenWhite/GreenPrunes 3 whole 60Red Apple 1 medium 100Red Pear 1 medium 100Red Wine 4 oz. glass 80Strawberries 1 C, sliced 50Peppers, red, chopped 1 C 30Tomato Juice 1 C 40Tomato Sauce or Puree 1 C 100Tomato Soup, made w/ water 1 C 85Tomato Vegetable Juice 1 C 45Tomatoes, cooked 1 C 70Pink Grapefruit 1⁄2 fruit 40Pink Grapefruit Juice 1⁄2 C 50Watermelon 1 C balls 50Tomatoes, raw, chopped 1 C 40Apricots 3 whole 50Cantaloupe 1 C cubes 55Mango 1⁄2 large 80Carrots, raw 1 C 50Acorn Squash, baked 1 C 85Carrots, cooked 1 C 70Pumpkin, cooked 1 C 50Sweet Potato 1 C 200Winter Squash, baked 1 C 70Peach 1 large 70Pineapple 1 C, diced 75Tangerine 1 medium 45Yellow Grapefruit 1⁄2 fruit 40Nectarine 1 large 70Orange 1 large 85Orange Juice 1⁄2 C 50Papaya 1⁄2 large 75Collard Greens, cooked 1 C 50Corn 1 ear 75Green Beans, cooked 1 C 45Green Peas 1 C 140Mustard Greens, cooked 1 C 20Spinach, cooked 1 C 40Turnip Greens, cooked 1 C 30Zucchini, with skin, cooked 1 C 30Avocado 1⁄2 average fruit 80Honeydew 1 C cubes 60Kiwi 1 large 55Cucumber 1 C 15Pepper, green, chopped 1 C 30Pepper, yellow, chopped 1 C 30Romaine Lettuce 1 C 10Spinach, raw 1 C 10Chinese Cabbage, cooked 1 C 20Kale, cooked 1 C 35Swiss Chard, cooked 1 C 20Cabbage, raw 1 C 20Broccoli, cooked 1 C 45Brussels Sprouts 1 C 60Cabbage, cooked 1 C 35Cauliflower, cooked 1 C 30Enjoy Your Ideal Meal14Beets, cooked 1 C 75Eggplant, cooked 1 C 30Red Cabbage, cooked 1 C 30Blackberries 1 C 75Blueberries 1 C 110Grapes 1 C 115Plums 2 small 70Food Item Portion Calories
  15. 15. Enjoy Your Ideal Meal15Food ChartsCooked Beans 1⁄2 C, cooked 115–140 7Brown Rice 1⁄2 C, cooked 110 3Lentils 1⁄2 C, cooked 115 9Whole-Grain Pasta 1⁄2 C, cooked 85 3Shredded Wheat, bite size 1 C 110 5High-Fiber Bran Cereal 1⁄2 C 90–120 4Oatmeal 1 C, cooked 130 6Bread, Whole Grain 1 slice 100 5Bread, Sprouted Wheat 1 slice 80 4Bread, Sprouted Multigrain 1 slice 60 3Cheese, reduced fat 1 oz 50–80 2–5Food Item Portion Calories Protein (gm)Cheese, Parmesan 3 tbsp 80 5Nuts 1⁄2 oz 80–100 6–11Olive Oil 1 tbsp 40 4Olives 10 large 50 7Pine Nuts, sesame seeds 1 tbsp (40 nuts) 50 4–7Food Item Portion Calories Protein (gm)Food Item Portion Calories Protein (gm)Starch/GrainHerbalifeProteinsTasteEnhancers Food Item Portion Calories Protein (gm)Formula 1 Shake 2 scoops 90 9Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder 1 tbsp 20 5HPLC Shake 2 scoops 110 15HPLC Drink 1 packet 70 15HPLC Soup 1 packet 70 15HPLC Bar 1 bar 150 12HPLC Roasted Soy Nuts 1 packet 110 11ProteinFoodsEgg Whites 7 whites 115 25Nonfat Cottage Cheese 1 C 140 28Formula 1 + Nonfat Milk + PPP 2 scoops Formula 1 + 1 C 220 29Nonfat Milk + 2 tbsp PPPSoy Canadian Bacon 4 slices 80 21 (varies)Soy Cereal 1⁄2 C 140 25 (varies)Formula 1 + Soy Milk + PPP 2 scoops Formula 1 + 1 C 220 29Soy Milk + 2 tbsp PPPTurkey Breast 3 oz (cooked wt.) 135 25Chicken Breast 3 oz (cooked wt.) 140 25Lean Red Meat 3 oz (cooked wt.) 145–160 25Ocean-Caught Fish 4 oz (cooked wt.) 130–170 25–31Shrimp, Crab, Lobster 4 oz (cooked wt.) 120 22–24Tuna 4 oz, water pack 145 27Scallops 4 oz (cooked wt.) 135 25Soy Hot Dog 2 links 110 22 (varies)Soy Ground Round 3⁄4 C 120 24Soy Burgers 2 patties 160 26Tofu, firm 1⁄2 C 180 20 (varies)C M Y K
  16. 16. 2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup blueberries, 1 cup soyor nonfat milk2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 peach, 1 cup soy or nonfatmilk1 HPLC Bar Open-faced soy burger w/soycheese and condiments(single-side multi-grain rollor bun), 1⁄2 sliced tomato,dark green salad with pinenuts and low-fat dressingDay12 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup blueberries, 1 cup soyor nonfat milkStew with 3 oz. chicken breast,vegetable broth, sliced carrots,sliced celery, summer squash,onions and green beans, darkgreen salad with reduced-calorie dressingCarrot sticks, celery sticks,broccoli spears, 3 oz. slicedturkey breast2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soyor nonfat milkDay27 egg-white omelet, 1 C salsa,1⁄2 C broccoli, 1⁄2 C dicedtomato, 1 C spinach, 1 slicewhole-grain toast2 scoops Dutch ChocolateFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3, 1⁄2banana, 1 cup soy or nonfatmilk1 HPLC Bar1 apple4 oz. crab meat, 1⁄2 avocado,dark green salad greens, gratedreduced-fat cheese, slicedmango and reduced-caloriedressing, 1 sliced appleDay32 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk,1 cup mango chunks2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk,1⁄2 kiwi and 1⁄2 cup strawberries1 packet HPLC Soup 3 oz. chicken breast with BBQsauce, tossed salad withlowfat dressing, 2 cupssteamed spinach withvinegar, 1 cup melon ballsDay41 cup nonfat cottage cheese1 cup mixed berries1 cup tomato juice2 scoops Cookies ’n CreamFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk1⁄2 banana, dash of cinnamon1 packet HPLC Soup,1 chopped vegetable salad(tomato, carrot, cucumber,peppers) with low-fat dressing2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk,3 diced apricots, dash ofalmond extractDay52 scoops Dutch ChocolateFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk,1⁄2 banana, sprinkle of instantcoffee crystals1 cup tomato soup,4 oz. water-packed tunamixed with 2 cups choppedvegetables, 1⁄4 avocado andlight Italian dressing1 HPLC Bar 2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk,1⁄2 cup mandarin orangesegments, dash of coconutextractDay62 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk,1 cup blackberries, dash oforange extract2 scoops Dutch ChocolateFormula 1, 2 tbsp Formula 3,1 cup nonfat milk or soy milk,1 cup strawberries1 packet HPLC Soy Nuts1 cup tomato juice2 soy-protein burger patties,grilled peppers, onion andeggplant, tossed green saladwith low-fat dressing,1 baked appleDay7 7-Day Meal Plan1,200 calories100 grams of proteinEnjoy Your Ideal Meal16Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
  17. 17. Enjoy Your Ideal Meal177-Day Meal Plan1,500 calories150 grams of proteinBreakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk, 1 cupblueberries1 HPLC Bar 2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk,1 dicedpeach, ginger to taste,dash of almond extract1 packet HPLC Soy Nuts1 appleOpen-faced 6 oz. turkeyburger on 1⁄2 whole-grainbun with condiments,tossed salad with tomatoand avocado and lowfatdressing, 2 cups steamed,mixed vegetablesDay12 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk, 1 cupblackberries1 packet HPLC Soupwith 1 cup choppedmixed vegetables2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk,1⁄2 mango, dash ofcoconut extract1 HPLC Bar1 orangeStew with 6 oz. chickenbreast, vegetable broth,celery, squash, onions andgreen beans, tossed greensalad with low-fatdressing, 1 fresh pearDay27 egg-white omelet with1 cup steamed spinach,tomatoes, salsa, 1 slicewhole-grain toast,1⁄2 grapefruit1 HPLC Bar1 cup diced pineapple2 scoops Cookies ’nCream Formula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk,1⁄2 banana1 packet HPLC Soy Nuts1 cup tomato juice2 scoops Dutch ChocolateFormula 1, 3 tbsp Formula3, 1 cup nonfat milk orsoy milk, 1 cupstrawberriesDay32 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk, 1 cupmango chunks1 HPLC Bar1 fresh nectarine2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk, 1⁄2 kiwiand 1⁄2 cup strawberries1 packet HPLC Soup2 plums6 oz. chicken breast withBBQ sauce, tossed salad,low-fat dressing(sparingly), 2 cupssteamed spinach withvinegar, 1⁄2 cup brown rice,1 cup melon ballsDay41 cup nonfat cottagecheese, 1 cup mixedberries, 1 slice whole-grain toast, 1 cup tomatojuice1 HPLC Bar1 fresh pear2 scoops Cookies ’nCream Formula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk, 1⁄2banana, dash ofcinnamon1 packet HPLC Soup +3 oz. diced, cookedchicken breast mixed in,1 chopped vegetablesalad (tomato, carrot,cucumber, peppers) withlow-fat dressing2 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk, 3 dicedapricots, dash of almondextractDay52 scoops DutchChocolate Formula 1,3 tbsp Formula 3, 1 cupnonfat milk or soy milk,1⁄2 banana, sprinkle ofinstant coffee crystals1 packet HPLC Soy Nuts,1 cup spicy-mixedvegetable juice1 cup tomato soup, 6 oz.water-pack tuna mixedwith chopped vegetables,1⁄4 avocado, 1⁄2 cup cookedpasta and light Italiandressing, 1 cup melonballs1 HPLC Bar1⁄2 fresh papaya withlime juice2 tbsp French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbsp Formula3, 1 cup nonfat milk orsoy milk, 1⁄2 cup mandarinorange segments, dash ofcoconut extractDay62 scoops French VanillaFormula 1, 3 tbspFormula 3, 1 cup nonfatmilk or soy milk, 1 cupblackberries, dash oforange extract1 packet HPLC Soupwith 1⁄2 cup brown ricewith 1 cup cookedspinach mixed in2 scoops DutchChocolate Formula 1, 3tbsp Formula 3, 1 cupnonfat milk or soy milk, 1cup strawberries1 packet HPLC Soy Nuts1 apple6 oz. grilled halibut withteriyaki sauce, grilledpeppers, onion andeggplant, tossed greensalad with low-fatdressing, 1 poached pearwith cinnamonDay7C M Y K
  19. 19. 19Optimize Your Success19Trigger FoodsINSTEAD OF CHOOSEcreamy salad dressing balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar or reduced-calorie dressingred meat white chicken meat with steak saucecolas water with a slice of lemonorange juice an orangedouble cheeseburger grilled chicken sandwich with no mayonnaisepasta spaghetti squash or whole-wheat pasta with sauceice cream mixed fruits & berries with a drizzle of chocolate syrupcorn chips raw vegetablesINSTEAD OF CHOOSEchocolate bar Dutch Chocolate Formula 1 Nutritional Shakepeanuts HPLC Roasted Soy Nutspotato soup HPLC Cream of Chicken Soupcandy bar HPLC Chocolate Fudge BarTrigger foods are the ones that youlove and crave. They make you feelgood while you eat them. Then, youfeel guilty because you know they’resabotaging your results.Have you ever started with just onepotato chip or one chocolate-chipcookie and ended up eating thewhole bag? Those little snackscan add up to big doses of fatand calories.Once you settle into the healthy eating habit, you’ll start thinking of the nutritiousoption first. These are a few suggestions to get you started.Look at the damage that triggerfoods can do to your meal plan:• peanuts (1 cup) 835 calories, 71grams of fat• corn chips (7 ounces) 1,065calories, 66 grams of fat• chocolate-chip cookies (6 small)350 calories, 16 grams of fatHealthy AlternativesC M Y K
  20. 20. Energy• Sometimes when you’re on a diet,you may feel more tired as yourbody adjusts to less calories.Solution:Eat every meal and shake on time.Don’t skip meals, be sure you arefollowing your program as outlinedand get plenty of rest. If you needextra energy, try HerbalConcentrate or N-R-G Tea.HungerOccasionally, you may feel morehungry.• Are you really hungry or justcraving certain foods?• Are you eating the right amount ofprotein for your body’s needs?Solution:Be sure you are drinking the shakes asdirected with the Formula 3Personalized Protein Powder. If youdon’t want to eat more, try TotalControl™or Snack Defense™.Overcoming HurdlesDigestive Upset• Do you experience mildindigestion, gasiness orbloating?Solution:HerbalAloeDrinkandAminogen®canalso help your digestive system.Regularity• Do you have a change in yourdigestive functions?• Is the problem constipation?Solution:If taking some fiber each day doesnot solve constipation problems, tryHerbalife Active Fiber Powder or 21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program.As you begin eating healthier, your body may need time to adjust to newamounts and types of foods. Most ShapeWorks™ users don’t have any problems.They simply notice how much better they feel. But, as with any weight-loss plan,you may encounter an occasional bump in the road. These are some commonproblems experienced by any dieter and solutions.Optimize Your Success20
  21. 21. Optimize Your Success21As you begin your personalized ShapeWorks™ program, look ahead toward yourdestination. Write down your goals. When you compare the “Starting You” to the“New You,” you’ll be amazed at the ShapeWorks™ difference!Your Personal Vision of SuccessStarting You New YouMeasurementsChest/Bust ____________________________________ ______________________________________Waist _________________________________________ ______________________________________Hips __________________________________________ ______________________________________Thighs ________________________________________ ______________________________________SizesPants _________________________________________ ______________________________________Shirt/Blouse ___________________________________ ______________________________________Dress _________________________________________ ______________________________________Shoe _________________________________________ ______________________________________Men’s inseam trouser length: ____________________ ______________________________________Current Weight: _______________________________ My reasons for wanting to lose weight.Target Weight:_________________________________ 1. ____________________________________Dress-size Goal (Woman): _______________________ 2. ____________________________________Waist-size Goal (Man): __________________________ 3. ____________________________________Date: _________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________C M Y K
  22. 22. Optimize Your Success22Aerobic ExerciseAerobic exercise involves largemuscle movements over a sustainedperiod of time. Running, fastwalking and exercise classes aregood examples. You breathe harder,your heart beats faster and greatthings may happen.• Your metabolic rate increases andyou burn more calories.• You build muscle as you lose fat.• Your heart and cardiovascularsystem become much healthier.• Your mood improves, as exerciserelieves feelings of stress andfrustration.Shape Up Every DayAnaerobic ExerciseAnaerobic exercise includesactivities such as lifting weights andresistance training. This kind ofworkout builds new muscle and hassome great benefits.• More muscle mass burns morecalories.• Building muscle tones andreshapes your body.Only 20 minutes of anaerobicexercise per day can make adramatic change in your body’sshape and condition. Combine itwith a daily aerobic workout andyour ShapeWorks™ meal plan, andyou’ll reach your weight-loss goalsfaster.Exercise is just as important as your eating plan forlosing weight and improving your health. Maximizeyour ShapeWorks™ progress with a personal fitnessplan that includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.Exercise Programs• stationary bicycling• martial arts• aerobics class• walking/running on treadmill• circuit training• weightliftingSports• golf• basketball• tennis• volleyball• racquetball• soccer• bowling• softballRecreational Exercise• snow skiing• ice skating• water skiing• roller skating• bicycling• hiking• swimming• rowingLifestyle Exercise• walking• use stairs not elevators• gardening• yard work• dancing• yoga• walk your dogremember:If you’re not already in a supervised exerciseprogram, check with your doctor beforesubstantially increasing your daily exercise.The National Academy of Sciencesrecommends 30 to 60 minutes ofvigorous exercise every day.Walking is a great calorie burner. Arecent research study found thatwomen who walked one mile in20 minutes burned just as manyor more calories than those who ranone mile in 12 minutes. A150-pound person can burn 132calories on a fast 20-minute walk.
  23. 23. Optimize Your Success23Tools for SuccessWhat kind of support works best for you? Your ShapeWorks™ coach is your #1source for encouragement, motivation and information. Here are some usefultools your coach can offer you to optimize your program:• 30-Day Success Tracker helps you track your weightloss and identify eating patterns.• Colorful Dining Guide is an excellent resource forrecipes and nutritional information.• is all ShapeWorks™, all the time.Reward Your SuccessA new weight, a new shape and a healthy new life arethe ultimate rewards of your ShapeWorks™ program. Butdon’t forget to celebrate small victories along the way.• Use your ShapeWorks™ 30-Day Success Tracker towrite down realistic goals that you want to celebrate.• When you meet a goal, give yourself permission tolet loose a bit.• Concentrate on the next goal, achieve it and giveyourself another reward, such as a new CD or a movieticket.• Put a couple of dollars in a jar for each day that youstick to your plan. When the jar is full, reward yourselfwith a little luxury, such as a new pair of shoes or shortweekend trip.• Use your savings from meal replacements instead ofexpensive fast food. Buy yourself a piece of exerciseequipment.remember:A lapse or two won’t sabotage your wholeplan or cancel what you have achieved. Theimportant thing is to forgive yourself and getback on your plan. Every day is a newopportunity.C M Y K
  24. 24. Optimize Your Success24Shape Up Your KitchenYour kitchen pantry can support orsabotage your weight-loss plan. If ahigh-fat snack is the first thing yousee when you open a cabinet, itcan undermine your best intentions.The ShapeWorks™ KitchenRule: “If you don’t have it,you can’t eat it.”Go through your cabinets andrefrigerator and get rid of the foodsthat don’t match your healthy newlifestyle. That will make room fordelicious and nutritious alternatives.Some ideas to get youstarted. . .• Keep an HPLC Bar handy for aquick snack. It will fill you upwithout filling you out.• Dump those fattening chips andreplace them with crunchy, saltyHPLC Roasted Soy Nuts.Stock Up for a Healthy Life• Always shop with a listWhen you have a list, you cansimply walk on by your triggerfoods!• Never shop hungryDo your shopping right afteryou’ve had a meal, a Formula1 Shake or a protein snack.• Know what you’re buyingUse the food charts on pages14 & 15 to help you identifythe right, low-calorie foods.Prioritize your shoppingStart with the produce sectionand choose plenty of low-caloriefruits and vegetables. Always buywhole fruit rather than higher-calorie fruit juices. Next, pick upthe low-calorie proteins on yourlist. Save the grains for last andbuy fewer of them.Spice it upStock up on spices and other low-calorie flavor enhancers that canliven up a meal without fatteningit up.• balsamic, rice, tarragonvinegars• chicken or vegetable broth• Dijon mustard• salsas and relishes• dried herbs and spices• garlic• red-pepper flakes• Get rid of the ice cream andreplace it with fresh or frozensweet berries or fresh fruit forsnacks or as fruits to accompanyyour shakes.• Rework your cooking staples.Herbs, spices, nuts, seeds andsmall amounts of olive oil willenhance your meals withcontrasting flavors. Salsa and chilipeppers add a nutritious snap toany dish, and citrus fruits add asweet and tangy twist.Once you have your kitchen in shape, keep it filled with healthy foods by usingthese simple mythFrozen fruits and vegetables aren’t asgood as factFruits and vegetables selected forfreezing are picked ripe and frozenimmediately. This may make them morenutritious than those harvested beforeripening and placed in the producesection.3tipsTips for Healthy LivingYou’re changing your shape and your lifestyle–now reorganize some regularroutines to support your new life.
  25. 25. Optimize Your Success25You can still have a great time andmaintain your program by learningto eat smart when you eat out.• Don’t eat chips or bread brought tothe table before the meal. If youask, some restaurants will substitutecut-up vegetables or crudités. Ifalternatives aren’t available andyou’re really hungry, ask for wateror iced tea while you wait.• Order a salad with dark greensrather than iceberg lettuce. If itincludes colorful raw vegetables,that’s even better. Request winevinegar or rice vinegar rather thanvinaigrettes or creamy dressings.• Order a low-fat meat entrée, suchas chicken, turkey or whitefish–always broiled or baked. Eatonly a standard portion and takethe rest home.• If your meal is served with potatoor rice, skip that starch anddouble the vegetables instead.• Orderfreshfruitsuchasstrawberries,raspberries or kiwi for dessert.Healthy Holidays & Special Occasions• Avoid alcohol and sodas. Ask forspicy tomato juice or water.• Turn down complimentary snackchips and nuts. Bring an HPLC Baror Roasted Soy Nuts to tide youover.• If you eat an airline meal, takehigh-fat items off the plate so thatthey won’t tempt you.• Avoid airport fast-food locations.Find a deli with healthy fare orenjoy a protein snack to take theedge off until you reach yourdestination.Hotel living can challengeyour meal plans, but you can stickwith your ShapeWorks™ programwith good planning.• Bring Formula 1 Nutritional Shakemix and combine with nonfat(skim) milk or plain soy milk forbreakfast.• Have a bowl of fruit and a servingof scrambled egg whites or aportion of lean meat as anotherbreakfast alternative. Stay awayfrom high-fat meats, fried eggs,pancakes or potatoes.• Keep fruits, raw vegetables, HPLCBars or HPLC Roasted Soy Nuts inyour room for snacking.• Stock up on bottled water, so youcan stay away from the soft drinkmachine.Many of us celebrate holidays and occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries with bigmeals and parties. You can still enjoy these events by using some simple strategies.Try these tips for eating while traveling.Dining Out and Traveling• Plan holidays and occasions aroundspecial activities instead of elaboratemeals.• At turkey dinners, choose whitemeat with real cranberry sauceinstead of gravy. Enjoy vegetableand fruit dishes. Keep sweets andstarches to a minimum.• Drink sparkling water with lime or aglass of red wine rather than hardliquor or beer at parties.• Drink a Formula 1 Shake or HPLCDrink before going out. It will fillyou up and make iteasier to resist snacking andovereating.C M Y K
  26. 26. Optimize Your Success26ith three young childrenunder three years old, ElaineNevin needed all the energy shecould muster just to keep up. Butat 221 pounds, Elaine’s energylevel was consistently low, and shewasn’t able to fully enjoy time withher kids. “I needed to dosomething about it.”WithShapeWorks™ products,Elainefound the solution that wouldchange her life–and the lives of theentire Nevin family. After seeingher husband’s impressive results–Tom lost 25 pounds–Elaine gavethe products a try. Her results wereastounding: she dropped 91 pounds,shed 44 inches and went from asize 16 to a size 2! “The proteinhelps keep me feeling satisfied, soI don’t need to snack,” she says.Today, Elaine and Tom are thrilledwith their weight loss. “I’m smallertoday than the day Tom and Imet,” Elaine happily remarks.ShapeWorks™ has also given themthe energy to enjoy their livesmore than they ever have. As forElaine keeping up with herkids–problem solved. “I have somuch energy, my kids ask me toslow down,” she says.**Results not typical.THE NEVINS SAY THEYRE FEELING MORE ENERGETICTHAN EVER AND LOVE THEIR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.ELAINE & TOM NEVIN116 TOTAL POUNDS LOSTELAINEBEFORE: 221 POUNDSAFTER: 130 POUNDSTOMBEFORE: 195 POUNDSAFTER: 170 POUNDS“My husband can’t stop complimentingme on how great I look!”W
  27. 27. Optimize Your Success27“I’m more fit now than whenI first met my husband.”C M Y K
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