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Pacific Business News Oct. 2011
Business Leadership Hawaii awards special section

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Business Profile Stories

  1. 1. B12 PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS | BUSINESS LEADERSHIP HAWAII 2011 OCTOBER 7, 2011 Finalists – Best in Business (More than 41 full-time employees) Watts expands globally, using federal contracts as its base BY LYNN NAKAGAWA PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS Watts Constructors LLCI n 2005, Denny Watts of Watts Construc- tors set the goal of becoming the bestfederal contractor in the Pacific Rim. Hawaii-based global contracting company President: Denny Watts Address: 737 Bishop St., Suite 2900,Two years later, Watts, president of the Honolulu, HI 96813company bearing his name, moved his Phone: (808) 543-5201corporate office from California to Ha- Website: www.wattsconstructors.comwaii in an effort to take advantage of thework related to the transfer of thousandsof U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam. company keeps growth profiles for the The company is now global, with of- employees to encourage them to betterfices in Singapore as well as Colorado, themselves and their careers.California, and Washington state. Watts Because of this, many of the employ-said the next step is expanding to Eastern ees under 50 have more certificationsEurope to solidify the company’s position. than those who have been in business Last year the company generated more for 30 years, Watts said.than $300 million in revenue, up from Watts also understands younger em-$15 million in 2005. To accomplish this TINA YUEN PBN ployees may have different needs.tremendous growth, several years ago Watts Constructors executives, from left, Roger Lee, project manager; Kelvin “When I was starting out it was normalWatts Constructors made a strategic de- Osborne, senior vice president; Denny Watts, president; and Fred Thornhill, se- to stay with one company for a lifetime,cision to pursue federal work instead of nior vice president, check out the job site at Honolulu’s Pier 29, where the com- but now there is no expectation for thecommercial contracts, with an emphasis pany is putting in a container yard, a $30 million state/federal project. younger generation to work at anythingon the multibillion-dollar market for U.S. less than half a dozen companies in theirmilitary work in Guam. people,” Watts said. “And we did it as selves and our stockholders,” Watts said. careers,” he said. As the former president of Fletcher early as we possibly could.” Watts said the houses for the $80 mil- To retain younger talent, the companyPacific Construction Co., Watts lived in In 2005 and 2006, Watts sent a small lion project are a template for larger also offers subsidies and flexible sched-Guam from 1989 to 1995 so he knew the team to Guam to establish an office and federal projects in the area, and he hopes ules for employees pursuing their MBA.territory The company built hotels and . warehouse, among other facilities, to this will ensure a continued revenue Watts started in the construction busi-condominiums, and Watts understood prepare for the military buildup. The stream from similar projects. The com- ness in 1969, after serving in the Vietnamhow important that market was going investment paid off, as Watts Construc- pany now has $300 million worth of War. He was waiting to become a highwayto be as the Japan and U.S. governments tors snagged key contracts, including contracts on Guam and is working on patrolman in Oregon when a constructionagreed to move thousands of Marines and an $80 million project awarded by the the Naval hospital there. job came along. “I took it and never lookedtheir dependents from Okinawa to Guam. Navy to replace 204 homes damaged by In 2005, Watts Constructors employed back,” he said. He then became a jour- “[Going to Guam] was all strategic. a typhoon in North Tipalao. only 16 people, and has since grown to neyman and opened his own business,We planned on being there, getting our “We’ve invested in it, we’ve bet on it and employ 400. Watts believes in retaining working his way up the ladder from there.feet wet, growing our company and we’ve put infrastructure in place to lever- the right people and allowing employeesestablishing a background with our age it in a way to bring good returns to our- to grow in their roles at the company The . | 955-8046 Prudential Locations gives its agents the tools to succeed BY LINDA DELA CRUZ PBN CONTRIBUTOR Prudential LocationsP rudential Locations empowers both its staff and its customers with a dos-sier of all the necessary details in real Real estate services CEO: William Chee Address: 614 Kapahulu Ave., Suite 300,estate so the best decisions can be made. Honolulu HI 96815 The focus on technology has helped Phone: (808) 735-4200make Hawaii’s second-largest residen- Website: www.prudentiallocations.comtial real estate firm stand out. “We put a lot of energy into the collect-ing, tracking and analyzing of data, and She gave complete information thatthen turning that data into a meaningful was right on the money so that I couldstory that we can learn from and share decide what was best.”with our clients,” said William Chee, Bolte also says she enjoyed the profes-the real estate company’s founder and sionalism and efficiency of the transac-chief executive officer. tion manager who kept her up to speed Corinda Wong, a Realtor with Pru- on every step of the process.dential Locations since 1989, said the PHOTO COURTESY: PRUDENTIAL LOCATIONS Under the company’s unique structure,company continually finds ways to pro- The Prudential Locations team includes, from left: Brenda Ching, Dan Tabori, several dozen employees and retirees arevide services for the staff and the clients Tracy Behler, CEO William Chee, Mikio Sato and Scott Higashi. the owners of the company They are .using cutting-edge technology . empowered with a mentorship program “We have a mobile app and customers tools and services in the places where foreclosures, new construction and even and professional training that is avail-love that they can look at homes that buyers are most likely to be,” Chee notes. for-sale-by-owner” properties,” Chee said. able in person or via video conference.way she said. ,” “This also gives our seller clients a dis- “So someone looking will have access to The company’s 275 employees were The company which covers Oahu and , tinct advantage because we know where all properties for sale, all in one place.” able to generate more than $1 billion inMaui and has the master franchise for the to market their property for maximum Joan Bolte sold a residential invest- sales as an average of 7.7 homes werestate, also releases a study every two years exposure to potential buyers.” ment property in August with Prudential. sold per agent compared to 4.6 industryto help customers understand trends and The company’s website, Prudential- “I’d never met Corinda but I’d been average.what it means for them. The research in-, was redesigned in March on her mailing list for 10 years and she When agents aren’t busy helping theircludes the process that buyers go through to be the hub of all things real estate. kept me informed with market study clients or learning more, they give backand sources they use to find their home. “We went way beyond including just analysis that was concise and detailed,” to the community with service projects “It provides us with extremely valu- those properties listed in the [Honolulu Bolte said. “When it was time for me to from their Locations Foundation. Lastable insight on buyer behavior that al- Board of Realtors’ Multiple Listing sell, that information led me to contact year they donated $100,000 and nearlylows us to best position our agents, our Service] by adding external data, like Corinda. She is the epitome of class. 1,000 volunteer hours to 20 organizations.
  2. 2. B16 PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS | BUSINESS LEADERSHIP HAWAII 2011 OCTOBER 7, 2011 Finalist – Best in Small Business (Up to 40 full-time employees) Maui-based tech company pursues frontiers in space BY LINDA DELA CRUZ PBN CONTRIBUTOR Pacific Defense SolutionsP acific Defense Solutions provides technology and software to processphotographs in space, and its work also Tech company with an emphasis on mili- tary projects President: Wes Freiwaldapplies to other industries in projects Address: 1300 N. Holopono St., Suitedone on the Mainland as well as Hawaii. 116, Kihei, HI 96753 President Wes Freiwald Phone: (808) 879-7110 gives the following ex- Website: ample of something his company launched last fall as one of the many family, friends, clients and his 33 employ- things it does. ees with the ability to create technologies “Under subcontract to to use in the aerospace arena. Boeing, we developed the Being a part of both global and lo-Freiwald on-board algorithms and cal communities is one of the keys to software for a very com- PHOTO COURTESY: PACIFIC DEFENSE SOLUTIONS success for any business, and that isplex satellite called space-based space Three summer interns update the Pacific Defense Solutions management team something Pacific Defense Solutionssurveillance systems,” said Freiwald, on the projects they worked on and what they learned. does well, according to Maui Economican electrical engineer by training. Development Board President and CEO This satellite takes pictures and cata- into a computer-animated design tool some very good people. When you put Jeanne Unemori Skog.logues anything — including junk and and spun around. The company also those three things together it has worked “They are active as coaches, teaching atwrenches — that is out in space so that designed a camera that can produce 3-D out very well for us.” the schools and mentoring students,” Skogthe U.S. Department of Defense knows pictures in darkness. The company started in 2006 with just said. “Wes serves on our board of directors.”what is out there as well as its location. While the company’s focus has been three people at a time when Freiwald Freiwald admits that one of the chal-The company continues to support the on the U.S. Department of Defense, it was battling cancer. lenges of running the business has beenproject with updates. also has worked on Haleakala at the “I had confidence in the individuals to compete price-wise with Mainland Another of the projects the Maui- Maui Space Surveillance Site, the Maui I worked with,” he recalled. “When we companies that may be paying only abased tech firm worked on is called High Performance Computer Center, started growing the company to make tenth as much for office space.“time-resolved photon counting.” Pacific the W Keck Observatory and the Air .M. payroll, I took a second mortgage on our “We have to be very creative to keepDefense Solutions created the process Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland condominium. I had no life insurance at costs down to determine a best value,”that allows each piece of light to be time Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M. the time. I bet my entire life on the fact he said. “At the same time, we give ourtagged to a high resolution so it captures “We have been lucky Freiwald said. ,” that it would work.” people the best tools and pay them well3-D photos. These photos can be placed “We’ve been prepared, and we do have He credits the encouragement of his so they can afford to live in Hawaii.” Congratulations GREENPATH TECHNOLOGIES Celebrate Hawaii’s on being an Innovative Company Finalist for INNOVATIVE COMPANIES the Business Leadership Hawaii 2011 awards. We support your vision and contributions in innovative turnkey solar power solutions, integrating renewable energy into our construction industry for a more sustainable future 808.748.8418 for our islands, the Pacific Rim & beyond. We are proud to partner We are humbled and honored to be recognized alongside alongside you. some of our State’s most progressive companies. We thank those who have put their trust in us, and together we will continue on a greenpath towards cleaner energy! 808.748.8431 Congratulations to the nominees of the Business Leadership Hawai’i 2011 Awards.
  3. 3. OCTOBER 7, 2011 BUSINESS LEADERSHIP HAWAII 2011 | PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS B17 Finalist – Best in Small Business (Up to 40 full-time employees) Only 11 % of our clients think we are that’s Good, because 87% TINA YUEN PBNNashimoto and Associates President Masako Nashimoto-Luttrell and AnthonyGambino look over plans and the itinerary for a trip to Japan. Boutique agency masters the art of capturing Asian market think we are BY LINDA DELA CRUZ PBN CONTRIBUTOR Nashimoto and AssociatesN ashimoto and Associates has long been one of the premiere publicrelations and advertising agencies inHawaii when it comes to building rela-tionships with the Island’s all-important Public relations and advertising firm President: Masako Nashimoto-Luttrell Address: 1833 Kalakaua Ave., Suite 201, Honolulu, HI 96815 Phone: (808) 955-9361 EXCELLENTties to Japan, Korea and China. Website: An example of the relationshipstrengthening that Nashimoto and As-sociates is known for will be seen in son for Ford Motors, Henry Ford Jr. and We know this becausethe annual “Hawaii’s Modern Masters”fine arts exhibit Nov. 3 on what kama- Lee Iacocca to sell their cars in Japan when she headed up the Japan branch of we ask them.aina know as “Luxury Row” at 2100 the New York-based J. Walter ThompsonKalakaua Ave. advertising agency Her experiences . “We are bringing award-winning lo- bringing companies such as Kraft, Kel-cal artists from across the state to dis- logg’s, Lego, Fisher-Price and Rolex to We survey each client after everyplay their artwork in each store,” said Japan for the first time were the basesMasako Nashimoto-Luttrell, president for Nashimoto and Associates. transaction to ensure that we areof Nashimoto and Associates who is She acknowledges family friends, ,affectionately called Nashi by friends. clients and staff as she continues to providing them with the best“Our event has connected high fashion keep Nashimoto and Associates a smalland fine art.” boutique agency . service possible. Their success Since its inception six years ago, more “I can keep it on a personal hands-onthan 70 local artists have shown their basis,” the watercolor artist says. “I determines our own. Let us showwork at high-end retailers such as Tif- sign off on everything and find ways tofany & Co., Coach, Yves Saint Laurent, improve it. With a bigger company, there you what we can do for you!Chanel, Gucci, Tod’s, Bottega Veneta are so many captains, the boat will sink.”and Hugo Boss. She empowers her staff of five, and Nashimoto and Associates coordi- they get performance incentives, bo-nates and markets every aspect of the nuses and raises each year.event, and last year more than 3,000 “We treat the client as the king,” shepeople attended. In 2010, the owners of said. “I believe integrity is the best whenthe Luxury Row property donated $5,000 dealing with the client and the family support the Honolulu Academy of is more than honesty It is moral.” .Arts at-risk youth art program Art To Go. Barbara Gray, vice president of Oils of Nashimoto-Luttrell started her Aloha, one of the firm’s newest clients,company in Hawaii in 1982, when her started using Nashimoto and Associateschildren were still very young. But her at the start of this year. Gray says sheentrepreneurial DNA manifested itself already sees an increase in business.much earlier when she was growing upin Tokyo. The youngest of six children, “We are redesigning our public rela- tions efforts and doing special packag- www.PrudentialLocations.comshe promoted and taught art classes ing of things that the Japanese wouldto younger kids when she was still inmiddle school so she could buy the art like,” she said. “What impresses me about Nashi is her ability to relate to (808) 735-4200supplies she needed. Her determination our industry and relate to us. I really ap-to win as a sprinter in the athletic arena preciate her expertise in design and thefostered her pioneering business spirit, suggestions she makes that help make itand she served as the official spokesper- more appealing to the Japanese market.”
  4. 4. B20 PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS | BUSINESS LEADERSHIP HAWAII 2011 OCTOBER 7, 2011 Finalists – Cades Schutte - The Cades Foundation Nonprofit Leadership Kupu trains next generation of environmental stewards BY TREENA SHAPIRO PBN CONTRIBUTOR KupuK upu’s dedication to conservation and renewable energy has led thenonprofit to focus its attention on young Nonprofit with an emphasis on environmental stewardship Executive Director: John Leongadults who will be the next generation Address: 4211 Waialae Ave., Suite 1020,of environmental stewards. Honolulu, HI 96816 The organization runs Phone: (808) 735-1221 seven programs for par- Website: ticipants from age 16 to 24, engaging them in ser- vice in the green sector service activity Committed funding, . through hands-on involve- partnerships and smart fiscal manage- ment in trail and forest ment allowed Kupu to expand despite restoration and endan- the recent recession. In 2010, its revenue gered species protection, was $2.4 million, with 4 percent used toLeong loi and fishpond cultiva- support a staff of 20, and 74 percent of tion, as well as training the funding dedicated to provide educational outreach that In addition to Kupu’s own programs,promotes sustainable practices. the organization helps facilitates intern- “We need local young adults to be TINA YUEN PBN ship opportunities that provide sup-sustainable and competent in global job Reviewing a Kupu program are, from left, Matthew Bauer, director of operations; port to conservation-oriented agencies,careers,” said Kupu Executive Director Katrina Thompson, deputy director of operations; and Hilary Arakaki, coordina- which in several instances have led toJohn Leong. “We really hope we can tor of the Youth Energy Assessment Hawaii program. permanent jobs for the interns. Kupudevelop leaders in these industries.” also provides $500,000 in educational In 2010, Kupu’s 400 volunteers put of their community They need to do it.” . educational specialist for Kame- funding through its substantial $1.2in thousands of hours of service and Kupu’s summer program has com- hameha Schools, mentioned some of million AmeriCorps grant.assisted 80 organizations. While the petitive enrollment – more than 700 those unique learning environments, Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz praised Kupu’sorganization’s main office is in Kahala, applicants vied for 150 slots during including nature reserves, native forests, community impact, particularly in cre-volunteers perform work throughout the last session. Anyone can apply, but prehistoric trails and agricultural field ating job opportunities and providingthe state, often on their own islands. selection is based on interest in the systems. paid internships for organizations thatAs participants gain skills that might program and topic area, how applicants “Kupu’s work reaches across most of need the assistance and keeping youngopen pathways to educational and ca- planned to use the experience, as well the islands in the archipelago — from adults engaged in productive work atreer opportunities in the green sector, as individual character and maturity, Kauai to Hawaii island, including Ka- the same time.they’re also learning the value of civic Leong said. Participants receive a $1,000 hoolawe and Lanai, and helps to preserve “Although young adults tradition-engagement and service. stipend, travel, training and access to what is uniquely Hawaiian about our ally have the highest unemployment “They learn to give back to their com- places they might not otherwise be island home,” she said. rate, Kupu is working to reverse that bymunities,” Leong explained. “It’s not exposed to. Kupu’s revenue comes primarily from providing life-impacting experiences tosomeone else who’s going to take care Mahealani Matsuzaki, land legacy grants, private donations and fee-for- help shape the next generation,” he said. MADD gears up to fight drunk driving, underage drinking BY LINDA DELA CRUZ PBN CONTRIBUTOR MADD HawaiiW ith a new year ahead, MADD Ha- waii has a lot on its agenda tostrengthen the work it has already done Nonprofit focused on eliminating drunken driving Executive Director: Jennifer Dotsonin its fight against underage drinking, Address: 745 Fort St., Suite 303,advocating for whatever it takes to save Honolulu, HI 96813a life, and helping victims. Phone: (808) 532-6232 “We have not lost the heart of what we Website:, what we care about,” said JenniferDotson, executive director of MADD One of MADD Hawaii’s most impor-Hawaii, Mothers Against Drunk Driv- tant functions is to offer free victiming’s Hawaii chapter. “Someone has been services to people who have been affectedaffected by drunk driving.” by drunk driving. While January 2011 marked a mile- MADD Hawaii victim services chair-stone for MADD Hawaii’s three-year- woman Theresa Paulette said the non-long efforts to get the ignition inter- profit has trained victim advocates wholock law passed, the nonprofit plans can help victims, family and come back stronger to tighten up PHOTO COURTESY: MADD HAWAII Victim services is something Pauletteany loopholes that might exist. The The signs tell the story of MADD Hawaii’s mission — to keep drunk drivers off the knows about firsthand — her 15-year-oldignition interlock requires those who roads and to help the victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers. son Brian was killed in an accident inhave been arrested for driving under the Kaneohe involving a man who had sixinfluence to have a device installed in last weekend offered attendees dinner, said. “We are not against drinking. We are drunk driving arrests.their car that requires a Breathalyzer entertainment, a silent auction, no-host against the combination of drinking and “Most people just need to talk,” Pau-test in order for the car to start. There bar and a cab ride to and from this year’s driving. We are the only one in the entire lette said. “They are in shock and disbe-are about 800 devices installed in cars roaring 1920’s theme. The venue itself nation to run this pilot program.” lief. After it happens, your mind racesin Hawaii now. was a secret. Cabs picked up the guests, The inaugural 2010 event raised with all kinds of thoughts, and you think “We will reach 1,000 by the end of the brought them to the secret venue, and $127,000, which helped MADD Hawaii fill you are going crazy Once you talk with .year,” Dotson said. gave them a ride home. an unexpected eight-month funding gap. others, you realize that you are not the With a staff of three people, including “This is a chance to raise funds and Dotson said the organization receives no only one who is feeling this way It can .Dotson, MADD Hawaii has come up with drive home — pun intended — the point proceeds from the no-host bar and her be overwhelming.”an innovative fun way to raise funds. that this is an organization that educates research revealed that attendees each MADD Hawaii recently trained 18 The second annual MADD Cab Affair people on drinking and driving,” Dotson consumed 1.1 glasses of alcohol. victim advocates across the state.
  5. 5. B26 PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS | BUSINESS LEADERSHIP HAWAII 2011 OCTOBER 7, 2011 Finalists – Community Spirit Finance Factors finds creative ways to feed the hungry BY LYNN NAKAGAWA Finance Factors PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS Finance Factors employee ShirleyT o beat Hawaii’s biggest banks in donating the most food and moneyto the Hawaii Foodbank, Finance Fac- Jackson was a Spin-to-Win weekly prize winner in the Financial institution CEO: Russell Lau Address: 1164 Bishop St., Suite 300,tors launched a creative and cohesive company’s Team Honolulu, HI 96813fundraising campaign. Management vs. Phone: (808) 548-4940 The company compiled a Finance Team Employee Website: www.financefactors.comFactors cookbook, organized a bake Food Drive in and developed fundraisers such as prizes for the tournament.“appreciation grams,” notes of thanks PHOTO COURTESY: FINANCE FACTORS “I’m actively involved with the tour-attached to candy to send to co-workers. nament because I want to make sure its “One of the founding values of the standards are maintained,” said Teruya,company is supporting the communities an avid golfer.we serve,” said Russell Lau, vice chair- Finance Factors is also known for itsman and CEO of Finance Factors and Bank and other participants in the Ha- the Hawaii Bankers Association food signature event, a charity breakfast ofson of co-founder Daniel Lau. waii Bankers Association food drive. drive,” she said. Portuguese sausage, scrambled eggs and Finance Factors joined the Hawaii Another key Hawaii Foodbank fund- Teruya and Lau are also involved rice, held every year since 1996.Bankers Association food drive in 2009 raiser this year was an in-house auction, with various boards. For Lau, it’s the The company sold 1,200 $5 breakfastbut has been donating to the organiza- in which many of the goods and services St. Andrew’s Priory board, and for Ter- plates and 24 VIP section tickets for itstion since 2000. After the first bankers were provided by management. For the uya his leadership is devoted to Junior breakfast held in July with personalfood drive in 2009, Finance Factors’ man- auction, President and Chief Operating Achievement of Hawaii. chefs from Pacific Beach Hotel. Theagement realized the company could Officer Steve Teruya auctioned off a Teruya has been involved with the event raised $7,801 for Hawaii Helpingexceed the contributions of other banks sushi and sake gala affair with a hired Junior Achievement of Hawaii program, the Hungry Have Hope, a local nonprofitwith a little more effort and creativity. chef at his home in Kalihi Valley Teruya, . designed to help K-12 students achieve that helps feed and house the hungry To generate a friendly competition who has a full sushi bar in his home, said financial literacy and pursue higher and homeless. Finance Factors selectsbetween management and staff, the com- two seats sold for $400. education, for the past 12 years. a different nonprofit to be the recipi-pany constructed a scale with wicker “The need continues to go up for both When he first served on the Junior ent of its charity breakfast each year.baskets and displayed it in the lobby of the amount of people that need and how Achievement board, he knew something It has previously donated to Makingthe Finance Factors Center on Bishop much they need,” said Polly Kauahi, had to be done about the $100,000 debt Ends Meet, Kau Kau Wagon, River ofStreet to show which group was ahead director of development at the Hawaii the program faced. Life Mission, Good Bears of the World,in food collections. The company also Foodbank. “Finance Factors wants [its] “I set up accounts and did a cash-flow Aloha Den, KEY Project and the Sexencouraged everyone to buy food dona- employees to come up with creative analysis and got fundraisers going,” Abuse Treatment Center.tions in bulk from wholesale retailers. ways, and because they’re having a fun Teruya said. “Our goal is to donate to nonprofits This year, the company donated $11,606 time they are raising a lot of money They . He effectively aided the organization that would receive a significant amountand 6,251 pounds of food to the organiza- have definitely got that team spirit.” in rebuilding its finances. of their donations from such a gift,”tion, exceeding the donations of Ameri- “What’s important here is that it’s Finance Factors is also the title spon- Lau said.can Savings Bank, Bank of Hawaii, not only about a competition, because sor of the Junior Achievement of HawaiiCentral Pacific Bank, First Hawaiian they have been doing this well before Golf Classic, and provides staff and | 955-8046 Hagadone employees step up when community issues arise BY LINDA DELA CRUZ Hagadone Printing Hagadone Printing Co. PBN CONTRIBUTOR Co. President ClintL Schroeder, center, Commercial and publication printing ittle did Hagadone Printing Co. em- ployees who volunteered to read twice joins fellow em- President: Clint Schroeder ployees to rally in Address: 274 Puuhale Road,a week to Puuhale Elementary School stu- support of keeping Honolulu, HI 96819dents for one of their community service Puuhale Elemen- Phone: (808) 847-5310projects know they would soon be rallying tary School open.the community to keep the school open. Website: Kalihi and Puuhale Elementary schools PHOTO COURTESY:were on the state Department of Educa- HAGADONE PRINTING CO. and money .”tion’s list in 2010 of schools it was consid- Other projects they helped with includ-ering closing and consolidating to nearby ed donating posters, programs, socialschools in order to save the state $1.5 million. media, and public relations expertise for After some research, Hagadone Presi- a fundraiser which resulted in a $10,000dent Clint Schroeder said they found check presentation to Hale Kipa from theout that Puuhale Elementary had good hour and during the Great Aloha Run. done’s efforts contributed to the Depart- Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu.scores in math and reading. “They really took the lead,” Kara- ment of Education’s decision in February Between the department heads and the “We also found out that Kalihi Kai, saki said. “They were the voice of the to keep Puuhale Elementary open. sales force, the company is representedwhere they would be going, would be school. They have so much experience That was just one of the company’s in 45 organizations, Schroeder of the largest schools after consoli- and expertise.” community service efforts. One of the resources that the companydation,” he said. Schroeder noted that all 150 employees “What we do is we sit down and we has been able to use in its community Hagadone participated in a letter- were involved and other businesses also have a strategic planning meeting,” service efforts is its H1 Marketing Divi-writing campaign, then the company offered to help out. said Jonelle Rezantes, vice president sion, which offers services that can helpstarted to help the school think of pro- “It was so gratifying to me to see ev- of sales. “This past year we chose three its 3,000 clients with website design,posals to generate revenue and reduce eryone jump on the bandwagon,” he pillars of excellence — children’s arts, content design, graphic arts, and socialcosts such as utilizing solar electric. said. “People do care, and businesses do education and literacy .” media so that they can have a consistent “We wanted to present alternatives have influence. We provided the battle When the company chooses to help online image with their print be a model instead of a problem,” cry We asked the question, if we close . out, the project must fit one of those The community partnerships Haga-Schroeder said. important schools, how do we expect to three areas, she said. done employees form benefit the com- Lorelei Karasaki, Puuhale Elementary become a good state?” “When it comes to the service projects, pany Schroeder said. . ,School’s principal at the time, appreciated Rolling up their sleeves with parents, we wanted something where we could “I look at those people that do the mostHagadone’s efforts, which included a Face- teachers, students, other businesses, get involved,” she said. ”We allowed our in the community he said. “I always ,”book page as well as sign waving at rush politicians and community leaders, Haga- employees to help out on company time think of those people first.”
  6. 6. B30 PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS | BUSINESS LEADERSHIP HAWAII 2011 OCTOBER 7, 2011 Finalists – Innovative Company of the Year Presentation company delivers messages in unique ways BY TREENA SHAPIRO Empowered Presentations! PBN CONTRIBUTORE mpowered Presentations! has estab- Business presentation service lished itself as a leader in its class CEO: Cory Jimbecause no other business in Hawaii Address: 2885 S. King St., Suite 102,offers the same specialized slideshow Honolulu, HI 96826design service. Phone: (808) 225-2959 The company — run by newlyweds Website: empoweredpresentations.comYancey Unequivocally president, and ,Cory Jim, CEO — creates PowerPoint tablished herself as a successful entre-and Keynote presentations that are si- preneur. Empowered Presentations!multaneously sophisticated and simple. combines her business savvy with otherText is used sparingly to create crisp, passions.concise messages that can be driven “I love to be on stage,” she said.home with powerful imagery . She knows from experience that a “It’s so different from traditional good presentation can build a speaker’smarketing,” Unequivocally said. “It’s confidence and energize an audience.presentation design that no one really “It makes a big difference when you’regets yet.” communicating a message you want The partners used images of skunks them to grasp,” she a sample presentation to convey their Unequivocally works closely with cli-opinion of typical presentations that use ents to give them that same presentationexcessive bullet points, crazy animations experience, using written Post-it notesand boring templates. TINA YUEN PBN to organize a storyboard tailored to “Instead of one slide with 10 bullet Newlyweds Cory Jim and Yancey Unequivocally throw conventional wisdom the speaker’s purpose, audience, targetpoints, why not have 10 slides with one aside, using powerful imagery when they design presentations for businesses. market and call-to-action.bullet point? Slides are free. We charge “Then Cory does his magic,” she the project,” Unequivocally said. create a presentation on smoking that One slide simply says “or ...” Jim said he taught himself PowerPoint While more slides might force the showcased their design philosophy Unequivocally compares their pre- while serving in the Marines, just so hepresenter to click more often, the time and innovative storytelling method, sentations to Superbowl commercials. could send his son educational slide-to deliver the message remains the same, which delivers relevant statistics with- “They’re engaging. They’re trans- shows while on a tour of duty in Iraq.she added. out cramming slides with bullet points formational,” she said. “We create that Now the self-taught designer spends Unequivocally and Jim had been and charts. experience through slide decks.” anywhere from 15 minutes to three hoursbusiness partners for years, but it took Half of one slide is dominated by an Through the Slideshare contest and per slide, matching appropriate imageswinning the World’s Best Presentation ashen globe, while just a quarter is used word-of-mouth, Empowered Presenta- and fonts to create dynamic messages aAward on to convince to state “there are 1.1 billion smokers in tions! has attracted clients from around 10-year-old can grasp immediately .them to launch their own company last the world today Cigarettes arranged to .” the world, including the Harvard Graduate What Empowered Presentations! cre-December. represent a bar graph illustrate “that School of Education, Academy 21, the Uni- ates is closer to videography than tradi- Unequivocally’s father had died of number is expected to increase by 1.6 versity of Phoenix, IdeaSeed and TEDx. tional slideshows, Jim said. “We’re thelung cancer, inspiring the couple to billion by the year 2025.” At 29, Unequivocally has already es- front runners in this.”GreenPath Technologies takes solar power to the battlefield BY LINDA DELA CRUZ GreenPath Technologies PBN CONTRIBUTORH awaii-based GreenPath Technolo- Solar power contractor gies is a solar power contractor that President: Briand Achongdoesn’t just install photovoltaic panels Address: 754 Ilaniwai St., Honolulu, HIon rooftops. 96813 The company has also invented por- Phone: (808) 748-8418table solar panels that fit in a backpack. Website: The Honolulu-based firm’s LITE-PMsystem was tested by the military at the “Because we are a nonprofit, we can-Balikatan Field exercises in the Philip- not claim the tax incentives or energypines in April this year. It creates power credit,” Gaxiola said. “They negotiatedfor computers at command stations, and a lower rate and we don’t need to hire ait can save time and money for supplies maintenance person. It’s a good deal.”to be delivered when renewable energy Gaxiola also liked that GreenPathis used to recharge batteries in the field. Technologies replaced the old roofing At nearly six pounds, the portable with hydro coating, a white material thatpanels fold up to 17 inches wide and 11.5 PHOTO COURTESY: ROBERT DUREN takes less energy to cool down the offices.inches long and can fit in a backpack. The GreenPath Technologies team includes, clockwise from left, Briand Achong, GreenPath Technologies, which start-Unfolded, it is six feet long. Jodi Webb, Jim Chaney, Charles Chacko, Robert Martin and Wayne Asam. ed in 2007, has installed solar panels at “Patrols can be longer if you don’t need a variety of places, such as the Waialaeto run generators and if you do not need hiking and recharging batteries for nonprofit organizations. The purchase Country Club, Japanese Cultural Center,to run as much fuel,” said GreenPath computers,” Achong said. “The price power agreement is when one organiza- Building Industry Association of Ha-Technologies President Briand Achong. point is not quite there yet.” tion owns the power and sells it to the waii, Construction Training Center of“For the military it has a non-glare finish In addition to making the portable other organization. the Pacific, Hawaii USA Federal Creditso there is no reflection.” solar panels, GreenPath Technologies The J. Walter Cameron Center on Union, and the Waimea fire station and The LITE-PM was also used in Thai- also installs photovoltaic solar panels Maui secured a purchase power agree- police station on the Big at the Crimson Viper Field Exer- for residential and commercial clients ment with GreenPath Technologies in The firm’s upcoming projects includecises in June this year. and nonprofit organizations. December 2009, and now has 66 panels on installing solar panels at the Maui De- “Someday in the future the consumer The firm offers a purchase power one building, and 480 panels on another, partment of Transportation’s base yardcan use this technology in camping, agreement that often works well for said Executive Director Cesar Gaxiola. and a cold storage facility in Honolulu.