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Food matters Food matters Presentation Transcript

  • Transitions Lifestyle Systems
  • U.S. HEALTH STATISTICS  Life expectancy has increased, however  Quality of life has decreased  We’re eating 25% more, but poor quality food  Obesity is at an all-time high  We are using more prescription drugs than ever  Record deaths from heart disease and cancer  Sources: American DiabetesAssociation; CDC
  • CONTRIBUTING FACTORS  MORE  TV/Computer time  Work  Stress  Processed Food  Environmental Contaminants  Oxidative Stress  Prescription Drugs  LESS  Sleep  Exercise  Quality Food  Family time
  • WHAT IS WRONGWITHTHE STANDARD AMERICAN DIET?  Wrong Foods - excessive fats, sugars, processed; • NOT enough: fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, berries, nuts, plant proteins  Wrong Amounts - portions are often 3-4 times the normal size  WrongTime - eating large meals at dinner, just before sleep, skipping breakfasts, rushing lunch, etc.
  • WHY “DIETS” DON’T WORK Characteristics of “Diets”: • Target weight loss only • Attempt to be a quick fix – not long term • Restrictive • Remove essential nutrients • Complicated • Do not promote balance and disease prevention or overall optimal health
  • WHAT DOES WORK? A program that is designed to support a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!  Journaling for awareness, accountability & better results  Promotes Balance: Low Glycemic Index core eating plan combined with lean protein and healthy fat sources  Appropriate exercise that works for your lifestyle  Education to make the RIGHT choices, Behavior Modification and Accountability from a Personal Coach
  • WHAT ISTHETRANSITIONS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM?  A way of life! ... NOT a Diet  Allows you to eat a wide variety of “real” food  Preserves normal, healthy metabolism  Focuses onTOTAL BODY composition  Provides a total-system approach – science, education, behavior modification, support & accountability from CertifiedTLS Coach  Promotes balance – nutrition, exercise, stress management, tools for busy lives  Healthy way to manage your weight  Long lasting results!!!
  • KEY ELEMENTS OFTLS  Low-glycemic-impact eating  Stress reduction  Lifestyle and behavior modification  Exercise to address body composition  Mindfulness and journaling  Customized supplementation to address your specific needs  On-line tools  Accountability and Support  TLS FINDYOUR FIT OVERVIEW AND DIETER PROFILE : 
  • WHATWILLYOU LEARN? • Learn the difference between what you “think “ is healthy and what really is healthy and find out exactly what you need to do to be healthy and lose body fat without having to “diet”! • Learn to choose balanced, low-glycemic meals for weight management and disease prevention • Learn tons of new recipes and how to put together healthy meals that are easy to prepare, delicious, nutritious and do not require a lot of time or ingredients
  • WHATWILLYOU LEARN? • Learn how to REALLY read labels – exactly what to look for to get past all the misleading marketing “hype” • Learn what to look for and purchase when grocery shopping & how to navigate your favorite grocery store • Learn exactly what types of foods to eat and when
  • WHATWILLYOU LEARN? • Learn the science behind the nutrients (fats, carbs, sugars, etc.) • Learn how to manage and eliminate cravings • Learn how to gain more energy all day long • Learn how stress really affects your weight & how to manage stress instead of letting it take over your life • Learn about the right types of exercise you need to do to change your body composition and have access to plans that work best for you
  • WHATWILLYOU LEARN? •Learn how to break out of a plateau • Learn how to detox and cleanse safely • Learn how to preserve and increase your metabolism! • Learn how to change your body composition through diet – lose fat and gain muscle! • Learn about proper supplementation to reach and maintain overall optimal health • Learn how to modify your behaviors to break old habits and create positive new habits • Learn the secrets to individual goal setting to ensure long lasting results!
  • WHAT RESULTS CANYOU EXPECT?  You will be able to eat MORE food and a wider variety of QUALITY “real” foods than ever before!  Increased Metabolism  Improved Body Composition – loss of body fat & preservation of muscle  Reduced Stress  Decreased Cravings  Boost in Energy  Increased Self-Esteem  Power & Knowledge you Need to take Control of your Health!
  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH Detox Kit Healing your gut
  • WHERE CANYOU START??? GO HERE: Or CALL: 845-712-5389 (ask for Linda at AHU)