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ARTIST Creates Their Own Label

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  • Who we are – Conquer is a turnkey solution meaning we have the system already set up, all you have to do is plug in! We strive to help an artist successfully operate their own independent label for the purpose of creating their product and brand and generating income. What we do – we provide an alternative label solution by giving you a complete system – a custom all-in-one site, training and tools on your UnLabel, and a person to work with (known as a Certified Artist Developer) to help you reach your career goals.
  • Conquer is not a major or independent label; we are an entertainment company. We are also not an advance meaning we do not give loans (advances) out to artists (or anyone for that matter). Lastly, we are not a management company. Yes, we help you by giving you the tools, training, and industry services (such as mixing/mastering, recording, video production and more), however we do not manage you – we do not take a percentage of your income or do any of the typical managerial duties.
  • The concept of Conquer Entertainment has been around since 2006; before Myspace, Reverbnation, and even iTunes. We began as a service provider for the independent artist, selling various artist-centric packages to help them build their brand – press kit, graphic design, and website design bundles, to name a few. After seeing the power of Market America’s UnFranchise business system, the distributor’s ability to sell products to the end consumer, and and how it integrated perfectly into an artist’s career at the time, we began working on a partnership with Market America. We completed that partnership in 2009, and in 2010, Market America partnered with to add to their already diverse product selections – also a huge benefit for an artist who chooses to endorse products through their brand. 2010 also marked the first beta site of Conquer Ent since the 2009 partnership. In 2011, Conquer launched the beta site on a new domain – (replacing MaMyworld), and since the launch we have had hundreds of artists join. The first quarter of 2013, Conquer will – this time it will be official
  • So how does Conquer benefit you as an artist? By using our tools and CADs, you can get the most out of your artist brand and build an independent career. By tapping into the existing pool of products (and promote as you would an endorsement), you can grow your brand and fanbase, and use the digital trend to market your custom site and UnLabel business.
  • Conquer can help you develop and diversify your brand to the fullest with the help of a certified music mentor known as a Certified Artist Developer.
  • WithConquer’s partnership with, artists have the ability to expand their brand simply from buying from themselves. has thousands of diverse products and well known partner products that people use on a daily basis – i.e. Walmart, BestBuy, Kohls, Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, and more! This all can grow an artist’s music career by helping to diversify their overall “brand image”.
  • Conquer provides UnLabel owners a special manual to instruct them on how to exactly build your music career with Conquer, how to capitalize on the digital market, and how to gain the most out of a small fan base through one to one marketing and social networking.
  • Here is a hypothetical snapshot of the average artist’s “brain path” of their own music career. This is simply an EXAMPLE. The average musician spends 50% of their time creating and promoting their recent music/songs/downloads, 20% of their time on marketing merchandise (such as t-shirts, stickers, demos), 20% of their time performing at local events, dive bars, etc., 5% of their time updating only ONE or TWO social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), and 5% of their time on building a solid fanbase. This way of doing things as a musician will not accomplish the musician’s overall goal – to become a success, you must interact with your fans at least 30% of the time, through social media at least 20% of the time, promote your latest music to that solid fanbase 30 % of the time, perform once you have a demand in a market with fans 10% of the time, and market merchandise online and at your shows 10%. Having an UnLabel will help an artist gain control of their own music career – instead of just operating “blind”.
  • Here is a hypothetical snapshot of the SUCCESSFUL artist’s “brain path” of their own music career. This is simply an EXAMPLE. The successful musician spends 50% of their time interacting and investing in their fanbase, 20% of their time on making music (and collaborations if applicable), 20% of their time on social media (continuing fan interaction), 5% of their time performing live shows, and 5% on designing/selling merchandise they know there’s a demand for (because they have a connection with their fans).
  • If an artist is looking to become a success by “getting signed”, the “Label way” is one of the most complicated ways to do so. You must practically be a success already – have a huge online following, video views in the hundreds of thousands, constantly sell out every show you perform, and have an established “brand image”. Labels are no longer “developing” artists, therefore you must already be “developed” in order to even be considered.
  • If an artist is looking to “go independent” and do it on their own, it is possible, but takes a lot of connections, experience, and knowhow to get started and maintain that success. Also, essentially you are “signed to yourself” – which means the artist wears all the hats; the manager, producer, booking agent, press, etc. It takes a lot of patience (and money) to make a music career a success.
  • The average income of an musician is $34,455 annually. To establish a career independently takes at least $50,000 (and that’s just at the “local” level), for album expenses, show expenses, merchandising expenses, and any other services the artist may need to grow.
  • Now after reviewing the information above, ask yourself where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Do you see yourself as a worldwide success? A local success? Or still stuck in the same place? Now ask yourself, how to I achieve success without a label (indie or major), and what am I doing right now to achieve my goals? IS IT WORKING?
  • The UnLabel System provides an artist TWO ways to earn an income – through whole sale profit (sales of your own music and merchandise online to your fanbase), and commissions (by endorsing products you like and sharing it with your fanbase).
  • The UnLabel is designed “with the artist in mind” – what does that mean? When you participate in the UnLabel program, you receive a step-by-step manual and guide to learn how to grow your career through the use of Conquer and your CAD, an UnLabel Admin to manage and customize your site, and ability to choose from industry-standard and label-quality services such as recording, mixing & mastering, video production and more!
  • The UnLabel provides an artist with a “turn key method” – meaning all the artist has to do is “plug them selves in” to the system already in place and start learning how to build their brand effectively online – through branding, lifestyle merchandising, networking, and one-to-one fan marketing.
  • Conquer features a diverse mix of artists, genres, and artist brands that are the next mainstream success stories. Why not you!?
  • The custom getConquer music site enables an UnLabel owner to feature their latest music, photos, Youtube videos, social sites, and products all in one place with their own custom domain name. Additionally, an UnLabel owner can manage everything easily through the Artist Admin tool.
  • An UnLabel owner can also use’s national press for their own credibility.
  • As an UnLabel owner, you have the potential to earn income in multiple ways – through personal sales of your music (direct wholesale profit), CAD sales of your music and merchandise (wholesale profit & points which will be discussed later), and fans sharing/referring your music to others (direct wholesale profits and points).
  • As a musician, you have what’s called “collective buying power” – meaning you can capitalize on your fanbase by sharing what you wear, where you shop, what you use, through social media. You can turn your “average fans” into “die-hard fans” by sharing and directing them where to get your “favorites”– on your custom getConquer site!
  • You can expand your brand easily by simply sharing with your fanbase what you use and where you shop and have them buy from you! There’s four simple steps to do this.
  • Conquer Entertainment

    1. 1. UnLabel Presentation A Complete Overview Linda Lotito-Lehrbach Certified Artist Developer 800-884-5138
    2. 2. Conquer Entertainment® is a turnkey solution for an artist or their team to open, own, and successfully operate an independent label for the purpose of creating music, branding artists, building a music career, and generating income. Who We Are: What We Do: Alternative label solution Provide training & services to help sustain music careers Assist musicians in achieving their dreams ------------------------------------------------------------------------------> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
    3. 3. What We’re Not: A Label An Advance Management ------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
    4. 4. 2006 2009-2010 2011-2012 2013 -Launched Conquer Entertainment -CEO/Founder Amanda Ridinger -Partnered with -Bringing “People Power” to the “power of Music” -Launched First Beta Site of Conquer (MaMyWorld) -Launched Second Beta Site of Conquer (getConquer) -Hundreds of artists joined released Conquer Timeline:
    5. 5. How Artists Benefit: Get the most out of your artist brand Learn how to build your career independently Utilize existing products and exclusive brands Have a personal mentor to help you through each step Understand the digital music market and how to use it with an UnLabel ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    6. 6. What We Help You Do:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Brand and Build Your Career Work with an actual person (Certified Artist Developer) to help build your music career step-by-step to a success! Learn how to use your brand to get the most out of your career and goals.
    7. 7. What We Help You Do:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Utilize existing products and exclusive brands Choose from thousands of well-known partner store brands (such as WalMart, Target, Best Buy, and more), as well as exclusive SHOP.COM brands! Earn profits as you grow your music career by branding through sharing your favorite brands with fans
    8. 8. What We Help You Do:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Understand the digital music market and how to use it with an UnLabel Be a part of the digital trend – have your music brand all in one place with your site! Grow your fan base through one to one marketing online
    9. 9. Average Musician Logic:ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MERCHANDISING PERFORMING 20% 20%
    10. 10. Successful Musician Logic:ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUSIC SOCIAL MEDIA 20% 20%
    11. 11. The “Label” Way:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Brand must be established before even getting considered Uploaded videos above 500,000 views Have consistent sold-out shows Practically be a success already
    12. 12. The “D.I.Y.” Way:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Fan base must be established Signed to yourself Takes a lot of connections, experience, and know-how Takes an excess amount of money to make it work
    13. 13. Annual Income Of A Musician: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    14. 14. Ask Yourself….-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Where do I want to be in 5 years? Where do I want to be in 10 years? How do I achieve success without a label? What am I doing right now to achieve my goals? Is what I’m doing working?
    15. 15. The “UnLabel” WAY:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Two ways to earn with Conquer Entertainment Earn Wholesale Profit - sales of your own music and merchandise Earn Commissions - endorsement of exclusive SHOP.COM products through lifestyle merchandising
    16. 16. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> What is it? Designed with the artist-in-mind •UnLabel Manual (for step-by-step guidance) •UnLabel Admin (for custom site management) •Custom getConquer site ( •Quality Music Services •Recording •Mixing/Mastering •Video Production & more! The UnLabel System:
    17. 17. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> What is it? Designed with the artist-in-mind Turn-key Method to enable an artist to build a solid career through branding, lifestyle merchandising, and networking. The UnLabel System:
    18. 18. Variety of Artists: R&B POP/ ROCK DANCE COUNTRY HIP HOP
    19. 19. Sign Up Qualifications: UnLabel Owners are selected exclusively by Certified Artist Developers (C.A.D.’s) One professionally-recorded original song or 4 demo songs Performed at a live music venue Fan count of 500 or more on one social network (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) OR an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    20. 20. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> What’s Included? All-Inclusive getConquer Page •Post latest music •Upload pictures and videos •Recommend favorite SHOP.COM products •Manage through Artist Admin The UnLabel System:
    21. 21. getConquer Page:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    22. 22. getConquer Page:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> } } } } } } } Recommend your favorite products Upload latest songs & albums Embed latest videos from YouTube Display your brand in the photo album Current genre & Artist contact info Biography excerpt Social site quick links
    23. 23. SHOP.COM & The Media:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Access to national credibility
    24. 24. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Earn income in multiple ways Personal sales of music, merchandise & SHOP.COM products CAD sales of music & merchandise Fan referrals of music, merchandise & SHOP.COM products The UnLabel System:
    25. 25. Monetize Your Social Network: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Use your collective buying power! Share what you use & wear through social media Turn your regular fans into die-hard fans Drive traffic to your all-in-one getConquer site
    26. 26. Monetize Your Social Network: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> YOU FANS getConquer = MORE MONEY & MORE FANS!
    27. 27. Fans follow you Fans shop through your profile Fans get paid 1 2 3 You get paid4 Four Steps To Expand Your Brand: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    28. 28. Fans follow you: They love and admire you... …and they love to know the products you like and use. 1
    29. 29. Fans Shop: You share one HOT featured brand with your fans every week. You select the products based upon your lifestyle, your fan demographics, or whatever you would like to share. 2
    30. 30. 3 Fans Benefit:3 • Your fans can earn up to 50% on eligible purchases by shopping through your unique getConquer URL. • They can also earn an additional ½% on the eligible purchases from customers they refer.
    31. 31. You Benefit:4 Earn in many ways… Every time YOU sell your music & merchandise Every time your CAD sells your music & merchandise Every time your fan sells your music, merchandise & endorsed products
    32. 32. Topic of Interest Market America Product Guitarists/Drummers Glucosatrin®, Calcium Anger Management/Stress Bliss®, L-Tryptophan Late Night Recovery B-12, Acai Energy/Stamina Intense FX™, Awake® Beauty/Skin Care Motives®, Fixx™, Cellular Labs Music-Related Market America Products: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    33. 33.  Musician’s Friend  Guitar Center   Music123  zZounds  Sam Ash Quikship Corp.   Sony  Best Buy *Based upon qualified Cashback purchases. All above partner stores currently offer 2-4% cashback Music-Related Partner Stores: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> *
    34. 34. “Show Me the Money” **Includes personal and referred customer. ƚ Based upon additional commission payable as a result of the previously assumed sales created; Based upon clearing a weekly pay cycle of $3,000. For additional information, please ask to see the Market America Compensation Plan. Four Ways to Get Paid (Annually) 10% of 500 Fans* 50% of 500 Fans* 100% of 500 Fans* Featured Products** $4,200.00 $21,000.00 $42,000.00 Music Sales $87.00 $435.00 $870.00 Merchandise Sales $275.00 $1,375.00 $2,750.00 Additional Bonus Income from Market America Commission Plan ƚ $144,000.00 $144,000.00 $144,000.00 GRAND TOTAL $148,562.00 $166,810.00 $189,620.00
    35. 35. Establish a getConquer account Develop goals & a plan Sell music, merchandise, & earn income 1 2 3 Turn your fans into customers4 Four Steps To Building An UnLabel: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    36. 36. Contact the Certified Artist Developer, Linda Lotito-Lehrbach at 800-884-5138 & then:  Purchase UnLabel package for $15/month  (first three months up front)  Complete UnLabel account set up Establish A Conquer UnLabel: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 1
    37. 37. UnLabel Presentation A Complete Overview Linda Lotito-Lehrbach Certified Artist Developer 800-884-5138