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  • 1. A 1.2.4 Choose Copy Locate the from the menu text box filled in step1.1.6 Select Insert to 1.2 open the dropdown menu 1.2.3 Right click the 1.3.1 Change text selected text type 1.1.5 Locate the Publisher menu 1.2.2 Triple left 1.3 Edit text click the text to select 1.1.4 Open the it all Publisher file 1.2.1 Locate the text 1.2.9 Save your box containing document 1.1.3 Open the the word Hi! Voice file 1.2 Paste text into 1.2.8 Select Paste text box 1.1.2 Copy Voice file from CD to desktop 1.1.9 Save your 1.2.7 Right click document inside the box to 1.1 Insert text box open the menu 1.1.8 Place the 1.2.6 Left click in- cursor over the page side the empty text 1.0 Edit text and left click box to select it 1.1.7 Select Text 1.2.5 Locate the Box empty text box cre- ated in step 1.1 START
  • 2. Locate the Btext box changed in step 1.3.1 Locate the text box used in step1.3.2 Edit text color 1.3.2 1.3.3 Edit text size Save your document Save your document Click the page outside of the text box Select the black button on the Select the top line Calisto MT font Select the dropdown menu for Open the text color dropdown menu Locate the dropdown menu for Locate the text color dropdown menu saying Times Triple left click the text to select Triple left it allclick the text to select it all A
  • 3. 2.1.6 Right click the 2.2.1 Locate pagefirst page of the tem- four of the template plate D 2.1.5 Select Copy 2.2 Equidistant spac- ing of elements 2.2.6 Mouse over the edge for the four- headed cursor2.1.4 Right click to 2.1.12 Repeat steps open the menu 2.1.1-2.1.10 for pages 2, 3, and 4 2.2.5 Click the cursor on the grey part of the screen 2.1.3 Left click to 2.1.11 Click the icons select the group to switch pages 2.2.4 Click the Group/Ungroup icon to ungroupMouseover the edge 2.1.10 Align thefor the four-headed edges of the group cursor with the blue lines 2.2.3 Locate the Group/Ungroup icon below the image 2.1.1 Locate the 2.1.9 Drag the newelements for page 1 group onto the first page of the template 2.2.2 Click the grouped elements to select them 2.1 Elements are 2.1.8 Mouseover within boundary the new group margins 2.0 Element align- 2.1.7 Choose Paste ment C
  • 4. F 3.1.6 Choose Clip Art to open the ClipArt window 3.2.3 Left double click to open the Format Picture window 3.1.5 Choose Pic- ture to open the fly out menu 3.2.2 Mouse over a cor- ner of the image for the four-headed cursor3.1.4 Select Insert to open the dropdown menu 3.2.1 Select image from step 3.1.7 3.1.3 Locate the menu at the top ofthe Publisher screen 3.2 Adjust size of image 3.1.2 Left click in- side any cell in the table to select it 3.1.9 Save your document 3.1.1 Locate the table on the thirdpage of the template 3.1.8 Close the Clip Art window 3.1 Insert image 3.1.7 Double click any image in the top row 3.0 Edit graphics E
  • 5. 4.7 Select More Colors 4.6 Open the dropdown menu for Color 4.5 Locate the drop- H down menu for Color 4.10 Left click the OK button in the 4.4 Double click to Color Window open the Format Object window 4.9 Enter the RGB for one of the CMC4.3. Mouse over the edge of colors the selected square for the four-headed cursor 4.8 Left click the Custom tab in the 4.2 Left click the Colors window first square from the left to select it 4.1 Locate the im- age at the bottom of page one4.0 Colors used are chosen from the CMC web site’s palette G
  • 6. J 5.6 Select the appropriate choice 5.5 Examine theavailable correction choices5.4 Choose Spelling to open the check Spelling window5.3 Choose Spelling to open the fly out menu5.2 Select Tools toopen the dropdown menu 5.1 Locate the menu at the top ofthe Publisher screen 5.0 Spell Check I
  • 7. Goal: Statement: after successful completion of the lesson, Associated Students of Copper Mountain College members will be able to use Microsoft Office 2003s Publisher to produce a four-page template of The Voice with 100% accuracy in 59 minutes or less.1.0 Edit text 2.0 Edit 3.0 Element 4.0 CMC 5.0 Spell graphics alignment palette Check tool C E G I Save your 2.2.9 Save your 3.2.7 Save your 4.14 Save your 5.9 Save your document document document document document1.3.3.4 Open it and 2.2.8 Continue dragging the 4.13 Repeat steps 4.1 5.8 Left click the image to the bottom 3.2.6 Click the OK select 11 button through 4.12 for the Close button of the page until the distance between the image and the table is equal to the distance between the image and the bottom blue line1.3.3.3 Locate the 3.2.5 Change height 4.12 Double click the 5.7 Repeat steps 5.5dropdown menu for to 50% in the Scale third square from the left and 5.6 until all red- 2.2.7 Click and drag the image so that the Triple left vertical edges 4.11 Left click the OK 5.6 Select the 3.2.4 Select theclick the text to select are aligned over the blue button in the Format appropriate choice lines Size tab B D F H J