Facts - Video Game Testing (1)


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Facts - Video Game Testing (1)

  1. 1. Facts - Video Game TestingIntroduction:Game Testing is a part of video games development. A game software when created may have a fewdefects which are to be detected and corrected before the game is launched for the customers. Agame tester works on checking the errors and reports to the development for the corrections.At once, it seems interesting to know that a testers job is fun as he spends all the time playingvarious new video games. But, it is not that easy. A testers job is as hectic and stressful as other jobsin the corporate world.Game testing is the process of software testing used for quality control check of the video games.The tester discovers the defects in a game and creates a document for corrections. Work of a gametester begins only after 85% of a project is completed.Can anyone be a game tester?Game testing is a high technical field requiring:-Computing Skills-Analytic competence-Critical Evaluation skills-Endurance etc...But that certainly does not mean that it is difficult for you to be a game tester. Though game testingincludes playing games and mostly at your comfort, but instead of combining the hobby with testing,try implementing your gaming skills in your career.It might not be easy to start a job as a game tester and can take months to find your first job.Companies will not search for you, but you will have to approach various companies for a start.Internet helps you in approaching various companies. Determination leads to a successful career.Best Suggested process for a successful career in video games testing is to start a part time job andgain some experience. The salaries are high for a tester, but only for the one with good skills andexperience.What are the requirements to apply for this job?To become a game tester, you do not need to have a good degree or high qualification. You canapply for this job even at the age of sixteen. All you need to have is a perfect concentration to catchthe details, you should be good at playing video games and most importantly high patience.There is nothing that can help you to be an expert, except your hard work and experience. During thestart you can be offered $7 for an hour and with the experience and skills the price can go up to $80an hour.The gaming industry is growing at a high rate and so is the demand for video game testers. There is ahigh scope of better jobs and salaries in this field. Most of the people are not aware about gametesting field so there is a golden chance for you to gain experience while having a low competitionaround you.
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