The Power of Multiple Generations


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A short introduction to "Tapping into the Power of Multiple Generations in the workplace."

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The Power of Multiple Generations

  1. 1. The Power of Multiple Generations
  2. 2. about me
  3. 3. Linda DeLuca avatar Me
  4. 4. grew up here…
  5. 5. received my education here, here, and here…
  6. 6. Deb Denis Consulting I collaborate, partner, and work with these organizations…
  7. 7. I engage, participate, and connect here…
  8. 8. I am founder and president here…
  9. 9. awareness awareness
  10. 10. traditionalist boomer ages 64-87 ages 45-63 gen X gen Y ages 29-44 ages 9-28
  11. 11. generational voices traditionalist boomer ages 64-87 ages 45-63 gen X gen Y ages 29-44 ages 9-28
  12. 12. Do unto others keeping their preferences in mind.
  13. 13. gen·er·a·tion [jen-uh-rey-shuh n] –noun 1. a group of individuals born and living at the same time 2. A group of generally contemporaneous individuals regarded as having common cultural or social characteristics and attitudes 3. group of individuals, most of whom are the same approximate age, having similar ideas, problems, attitudes, etc.
  14. 14. Age ≠ Generation
  15. 15. generalization stereotype • Flexible • Rigid • Does not apply to • Applies to everyone in the everyone group • Guideline/way to begin to understand others
  16. 16. Traditionalist Baby Boomer 8% 44% Gen X 34% Gen Y 14%
  17. 17. What Generation Am I?
  18. 18. Generational Profiles demographics influences work preferences strengths
  19. 19. demographics influences Born 1922 – 1945 FDR 75 million John Wayne 8% of workforce Pearl Harbor Midway Post depression traditionalist ages 64-87 World War II In a word work preferences strengths (or few) Leadership: Fair, consistent, Hard working clear, direct, respectful stable Patriotic Hard-working loyal Loyal Outlook: Practical thorough, detail-oriented focused Work ethic: Dedicated emotional maturity
  20. 20. demographics influences Born 1946 – 1964 MLK 80 million Gloria Steinem 44% of workforce Woodstock Watergate Television explosive consumerism boomer Women’s and human rights ages 45-63 work preferences strengths Leadership: treat as equals, Team perspective In a word warm & caring, mission- (or few) Dedicated defined, democratic Experienced approach Idealistic Knowledgeable Competitive Service-oriented Outlook: Optimistic Work ethic: Driven
  21. 21. demographics influences Born 1965 – 1980 Bill Gates 46 million Bill Clinton 34% of workforce World wide web gen X Latchkey kids ages 29-44 AIDs Media Explosion In a word (or few) work preferences strengths Leadership: Direct, Independent Self-reliant Competent, Genuine, Adaptable Independent Informal, Reliable, Results- Creative oriented, Supportive of learning opportunities Techno-literate Willing to challenge status quo Outlook: Skeptical Work ethic: Balanced
  22. 22. demographics influences Born 1981 – 2000 Family / parents 76 million Columbine 14% of workforce (and 9/11 growing) Information: whatever, gen Y wherever, whenever ages 9-28 Born Digital In a word (or few) work preferences strengths Leadership: motivational, Optimistic Realistic collaborative, positive, Able to multitask Smart educational, organized, Tenacious Tech-Savvy achievement-oriented, able to coach Techno-savvy Driven to learn and grow Outlook: Hopeful Team-oriented Socially responsible Work ethic: Determined
  23. 23. Your Generational Profile (select A,B,C, or D on each of the following 10 slides)
  24. 24. 1. Work Ethic A. B. Dedicated Driven C. D. Balanced Determined
  25. 25. 2. View of Work A. B. Hard work is good in Meet or surpass one’s itself own expectations of success C. D. Work considered self- Work synonymous with fulfillment continuous learning and change
  26. 26. 3. Work / Life Balance A. B. Very interested in Is this workaholic lifestyle flexible hours worth it? Are the rewards worth the cost? C. D. Balance is very Choose better lifestyle important. Willing to over promotion sacrifice to it but only occasionally.
  27. 27. 4. View of Authority A. B. Respectful Love / hate C. D. Unimpressed Polite
  28. 28. 5. Leadership by A. B. Hierarchy Consensus C. D. Competence Pulling together
  29. 29. 6. On Teamwork A. Not in it for individual B. Everyone works until recognition. Work is all the work is finished. done in proximity to one Long / hard hours. another. Committed to each other. C. Teams are not D. What will I get out of defined by proximity; this team? each person has a unique role.
  30. 30. 7. View of Change A. B. Get it over with Create it C. D. Make it work for you Inevitable and increasing in pace
  31. 31. 8. Career A. B. Competitive wage Fair wage Stable employment in Stable employment meaningful work Secure retirement Comfortable and “interesting” retirement C. D. Wealth accumulation Wealth opportunities Work-life balance Indulge interests and Early Retirement curiosities Expect to work in retirement
  32. 32. 9. About feedback A. B. No news is good news Feedback once a year with lots of documentation C. D. Lots of positive Instantaneous and feedback, frequently constant feedback
  33. 33. 10. Motivation A. Let me know my B. Promote and support experience is valued lifelong learning, give me and provide stability public recognition and and security where provide visible perks. possible. C. Support me in D. Provide me with staying on the forefront opportunities to of technology, provide contribute, collaborate, continuous training, and engage. Listen to my opportunities to work ideas, coach me. with diverse teams.
  34. 34. Totals A B C D
  35. 35. Learn from one another, not become another
  36. 36. FEEDFORWARD Let go of the past Listen to suggestions without judging
  37. 37. FEEDFORWARD in Action Role 1 Goal: Learn As Much As You Can • Describe the generational situation want to change • Ask for feedforward • Listen, take notes, say “Thank you” Role 2 Goal: Help As Much As You Can • Ask what they would like to change • Provide 2 feedforward suggestions • Say “Your welcome”
  38. 38. Make The Commitment!
  39. 39. Interactive Workshops Available for your team and organization: The Power of Multiple Generations Coaching & Managing Across Multiple Generations Custom Developmental Workshops
  40. 40.