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Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
Mgp Bootcamp2
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Mgp Bootcamp2


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • WOW – Your client has a helluva lot of demands. Think about Time. Scope. Resources. You need to put together a well engineered plan to solve their marketing challenge.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses are internal while the opportunities and threats are external.
  • Our people perish for a lack of knowledge.
  • This schedule will get blown out into an extremely regimented plan that will lead to the success of your project.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Marcus Graham Project
      MGP Brand bootcamp2009
    • 2. What is The Marcus Graham Project?
      The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a leadership
      network with the intent strategically focused on
      building the next generation of ethnically diverse
      leadership in the media, advertising, entertainment
      and marketing industry. This is accomplished thru
      mentorship, training & development.
    • 3. Who is Marcus Graham?
      Marcus Graham is a fictitious
      character in the movie
      He is likely the first mass-media
      image broadcast to the urban
      audience showing the possibilities
      In the Media, Marketing, &
      Advertising industry.
    • 4. Areas of Focus
      Career Development
      Resume & Portfolio Development *
      Master Class
      Brand Bootcamp*
      Mentorship *
      Job Placement & Search Assistance *
      Industry/Consumer Research
      White Paper Development
      Sounding Board - Campaign Feedback
      Campaign Development
      Partnership with corporations & social change initiatives
      * Current activity
    • 5. Overview of The Bootcamp
      The brand bootcamp’s primary purpose is to
      provide diverse aspirants in the field of
      advertising & marketing with the exposure
      and experience necessary to solidify careers
      within the industry. The camp takes a look at
      a current social issue and creates a
      grassroots media campaign around the topic.
    • 6. 2008 Project
      Client: Rock The Vote
      Market: Chicago
      Program Elements:
      Viral Videos
      Radio Program
      Community Service
    • 7.
    • 8. The 2009 Brand
      Your client, Broccoli City, an organic lifestyle brand is interested in
      expanding to new markets, starting with Dallas, TX. The client would like for you
      to develop a concept for an campaign introducing their brand into the market.
      The client is interested in developing a brand campaign inclusive of
      the following:
      pop up retail promotion
      mini-magazine prototype
      “green living” viral video campaign
      pilot for a radio show
      :30 PSA for the movement including production of original music and “celebrity appearances.”
      Mobile Application
      Web Campaign for Global Community Service Travel Partnership (Globe Aware)
      The mission of BROCCOLI CITY is to promote
      good positive thinking and living.
      There is a critical lack of education in
      the urban and Hip-Hop community about
      the Green Movement. BROCCOLI CITY
      breaks all barriers and is the educating
      factor. We educate through blogging
      and hosting “green events” to generations
      that are eager to learn new trends,
      new things to help the environment and
      staying above that curve.
      Broccoli City is not just another company,
      “gone green”. We are trendsetters
      that help the earth, on action, one
      t-shirt at a time. We are by no means
      ‘tree huggers’ or radically preaching
      about the environment but we are leading
      by example. BBROCCOLI CITY is a
      way of life…emphasizing staying fly everyday
      but also being conscientious of
      our earth.
    • 10. BROCCOLI CITY represents a diverse
      group of young urbanites who are practitioners of innovative sustainable development.
      BROCCOLI CITY celebrates
      the lifestyle of creative and stylish urban
      consumers across the world through initiatives in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York and the World Wide Web. Our online & video content, organic street wear, and events promote a fresh perspective on the Green Movement.
      BROCCOLI CITY is not a fashion statement;
      it is a way of life.
    • 11. First Assignment
      Individual: Define Yourself (choose one image and three words)
      Additionally conduct a SWOT analysis for yourself
      Strength, Opportunity, Weakness, Threat
      Team: Form your agency team
      Brand Identity
      Additionally conduct a SWOT analysis for the team
      Strength, Opportunity, Weakness, Threat
      Due Date (1st Round 6/15 & Final Presentation 6/23)
      Presentation Format: Power Point
      Materials to review:
      How To Be Black And Get A Job in The Advertising Business Anyway),
      Why I Started A Small Ad Agency Article (
      Must seek prior approval to submit presentation in alternate format, request must be delivered in writing
    • 12.
    • 13.
    • 14. Next Assignment
      Research Project >> Empower Yourself
      What color is green anyhow?
      Team: Immersion Sessions with client, Green Dallas & EPA
      Consumer: Study into the knowledge on what “going green” means to the target audience
      Conducted via Twitter, Man-on-the-street videos & Focus Group(s)
      • Key Mentor(s): Culture Lab
      • 15. Research Report Due: 6/29
      • 16. Presentation Format: Power Point
      Must seek prior approval to submit presentation in alternate format, request must be delivered in writing
    • 17. Schedule
      * Dates subject to change
      June 15 (week of) – Client Download on Assignment
      June 18 – Green Immersion Session (Green Dallas & Environmental Protection Agency Spokesperson)
      June 22nd - August 1st – Campaign Development
      June 22nd – WFAA Visit (Production & Media Sales)
      June 23 – Imaginuity Visit (Digital Ad Agency & Social Media Landscape)
      June 25 – 27 – Vision & Dreams Conference (Potter’s House)
      June 30th - First Round of Concepts due (White Paper)
      July 10th – Putney Swope Dinner & A Movie Night (New Flower Project/Love Fit Food)
      July 11th – Save Hip Save The World
      July 14th - Second Round of Concepts due (Revised with Pencils/Visuals)
      July 21 – Final Round of Concepts due & approved (Layouts & Story Boards)
      July 22 - Concept Development
      August 3rd (week of) – Concept Presentation Development
      August 11th - Final Presentation of concepts to client group
      August 15th – Kick Off Party
      Dates To Be Confirmed: