Insights Lab 11


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Insights Lab 11

  1. 1. THE MARCUS GRAHAM PROJECT insights lab 

  2. 2. MGP INSIGHTS LAB >> The Tastemaker’s Suite The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) Insights Lab will be a resource co-op & concept development boutique for the marketing, advertising, and media industry. The purpose of the lab is to effectively train youth & young adults in the areas of media consciousness, trend spotting, digital media convergence, and concept development. The lab will be equipped with books/articles, camera equipment, laptops, media research software, industry publication subscriptions, sample products in relevant categories, as well as the greatest resource: YOUTH IMAGINATION. These young creative minds will brainstorm the creation of digital content (tv, audio, film), synthesize consumer research data & trend analysis, as well as conduct primary ethnographic research within a quarterly experiential event series called: The Taste Maker’s Suite Operated as a think tank & media program in fiscal partnership with the Texas Non Profit, Designing Dreams (a 501 (c) 3 organization), the lab will be run completely by students between the ages of 16-24. The inaugural lab will be located at the South Side in Lamar Building in Dallas, TX (1409 S. Lamar Street, Loft 111). The activities of the lab will include the following: ‐ The Trend Report // GO ‐ a video blog dedicated to uncovering the media trends & habits of youth culture ‐ The blog will be made viewable to agencies, marketers and other supporters of The Marcus Graham Project Program ‐ The Drum ‐ An Online Radio Program on trends in marketing & branding specific to fashion, arts & entertainment, gaming and digital technology ‐ The radio program will be written and produced by the team ‐ Write The Vision ‐ A brainstorming session event where the future leaders will develop strategic white paper concepts that may be pitched to relevant and potential clients ‐ GO/SEE ‐ Quarterly field study in various national and international markets exposing students to various cultures and noting their differences and similarities 
 The lab will be managed in partnership with the following companies/organizations: The LocoMotive Group, Neo Soul Café, CultureLab, Digital Youth Network, The Design Factory and TocRock Productions, as well as a variety of professionals from local & national corporations.
  3. 3. About Us Created in July 2007, The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is a virtual network with the intent strategically focused on building the next generation of diverse leadership in the advertising, media, marketing and entertainment industry through mentorship, training and career development. MGP is supported by a collective of agencies, media companies and non-profit initiatives as fiscal partners & supporters of the program. Core Values ‐ Integrity ‐ Forward Thinking ‐ Leadership ‐ Responsibility ‐ Professionalism ‐ Selflessness Founder Lincoln C. Stephens Founding Advisory Committee • Malcolm Gillian, VP Music & Entertainment at Momentum World Wide • Dr. Jason Chambers, Author of Madison Ave and The Color Line; Advertising Professor at The University of Illinois • Courtney Hill, President/CEO of Market M • Jeremy Hodges, President of Entity Global (An Omnicom/GMR Marketing Agency) • Aubrey Walker, Freelance Associate Creative Director • Jamil Buie, Freelance Marketing Professional • Rudy Duthill, Director of Zoom Forward • LH Whelchel, Chief Talent Officer, Y&R • John Casmon, Advertising Manager at General Motors (Pontiac) • Richard Harvey, Associate Media Director at Carol H Williams Advertising • Kenji Summers, Millennial Evangelist & Jr. Media Planner at Media Edge • Brandon Byrd, InterACT Associate • Jon Goff, JustGenus Productions
  4. 4. Sponsorship / Partnership Opportunities We are currently seeking in kind donations and fiscal sponsorship for the lab in the following areas: ‐ Computer Equipment (Laptops, Printer/Fax, Software) ‐ A/V Equipment (Camera, Sound, Lighting) ‐ Website ‐ Cable/Internet/Phone ‐ Office Supplies ‐ Staff Support ‐ Professional Organization Memberships ‐ Media Research Tools & Industry Publication Subscription ‐ Food/Beverage ‐ Travel * Budget Available upon request. Please contact Lincoln Stephens at or via phone at 972-897-9985