Marketing artfully q rart and not so pretty implementations of qr codes



Marketing artfully q rart and not so pretty implementations of qr codes

Marketing artfully q rart and not so pretty implementations of qr codes



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    Marketing artfully q rart and not so pretty implementations of qr codes Marketing artfully q rart and not so pretty implementations of qr codes Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing Artfully:QRart and Not So Pretty Implementations of QR Codes Lina Arseneault 7/9/2012
    • Interactive FunO To fully benefit from the “pretty” aspects of the material in this presentation: O Get your smartphone O Install free i-nigma QR code reader app O Get ready to scan! 7/9/2012 2
    • i-nigma Key Benefit 7/9/2012 3
    • 7/9/2012 4
    • 7/9/2012 5
    • 7/9/2012 6
    • i-nigma Reach: Japanese QR code DoCoMo Commercial 7/9/2012 7
    • Remember to Scanthroughout the presentation 7/9/2012 8
    • What is QRart?O Artful, colored and creative quick response (QR) code designs 7/9/2012 9
    • QRart GratitudeO Following the publication of 2 cafélina blog posts O QR Codes: Quiet Revolution or Quite Redundant?, and O Encore! QR Codes: Here to Stay or Fade Away?”O I received an unexpected surprise O IneoScan gifted me a “made in Paris” artful version of a QR code that drives to my cafélina blog 7/9/2012 10
    • @LinaArseneault CaféLina Blog www.café 11
    • Marketing ArtfullyO IneoScan is an innovative Paris startup that is taking QR codes to a whole new O Following are a level by few designs fromO Blending QR code its QRxpo gallery and design to allow for the artful activation of print 7/9/2012 12
    • O Turn your seasonal wishes and business invitations into theater-worthy animated video productionsO Using your i-nigma app, scan this QRart code 7/9/2012 13
    • This QR code can dance 7/9/2012 14
    • QR DribbleO Whatever your sport, hobby, cause, business – there’s a way to contextualize a QR code that drives to a “call-to-action” 7/9/2012 15
    • Be the customer 7/9/2012 16
    • O Clear call to action 7/9/2012 17
    • View Before You Buy 7/9/2012 18
    • QRxpo: View Samples from IneoScan’s GalleryO Visit the galleryO Follow on Twitter @ineoscanO Creative designs by Jean-Michel Roblin 7/9/2012 19
    • More Designer QR References by Kalvin KleenO kkmobilemarketingO Visit the galleryO Follow on Twitter @KalvinKleenO CONTACT@KALVINKLEEN.COM 7/9/2012 20
    • Designer QR Code Art GalleryO QRazystuff.comO Visit the galleryO Follow on Twitter O er_embedded&v=JCYVCfjra3o 7/9/2012 21
    • Not So Pretty O Ignoring the customer experience = Not so pretty implementations of QR codes 7/9/2012 22
    • Examples from the Print Edition of the Wall Street Journal 7/9/2012 23
    • O Tuesday, January 10, 2012 – Technology (page B5)O The right Call to action? O “Get an exclusive report at or scan QR code below.”O Same objective?O Same outcome?O Shared customer journey? 7/9/2012 24
    • 1 Web Journey 7/9/2012 25
    • 2 7/9/2012 26
    • 3 4 report 7/9/2012 27
    • 1 QR Code Journey2 3 7/9/2012 28
    • O CONGRATULATIONS! You get to read the report on a mobile device …O Registration results in a call-back and email follow-up 7/9/2012 29
    • @LinaArseneault CaféLina Blog www.café 30
    • 7/9/2012 31
    • Why didn’t you tell me thatin the original email or better yeton the QR mobile screen? 7/9/2012 32
    • 7/9/2012 33
    • Recommendations O Simplified customer journey O Fewer steps O Brevity is clarity O Don’t make me work too hard O Make it worth the effort O Web journey is not the same as a mobile journey O Be clear about your “call-to-action” O Get the report O Register for a demo 7/9/2012 34
    • Actionable MarketingO Mobile marketing is more actionable than other forms of web marketingO QR codes are linked to mobileO Design your QR customer journey with mobile in mind 7/9/2012 35
    • Book Ads from the Print Edition of the Wall Street Journal 7/9/2012 36
    • 7/9/2012 37Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday January 7-8 2012, page C3
    • 7/9/2012 38Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday January 7-8 2012, page C3
    • 7/9/2012 39
    • Clear call to action?Wall Street Journal, January 9 2012 7/9/2012 40
    • Starbucks Mobile AppO Digital coffee cardO and so much more, including O Built in QR code reader 7/9/2012 41
    • O In-store coupon January 13 2011O QRart design reinforces brandO Scan this code to vote for your favorite brand 7/9/2012 42
    • Vote for your favorite roastQRart design Screen 1 7/9/2012 43
    • Multi-Screen?Screen 1 Screen 2 7/9/2012 44
    • Multi-screen = Drop Off Rate? 7/9/2012 45 Screen 3 Screen 4
    • Starbucks’ Artful MarketingO QR Reader bundled in mobile appO New Starbucks promotions with QRartO Tracking and metricsO Customer engagement and feedbackO Steaming hot potential … 7/9/2012 46
    • Marketing Artfully with QR CodesO Mobile marketing is more actionableO Design the customer QR journey with mobile in mindO Clear call to actionO Brevity is clarity 7/9/2012 47
    • Actionable Marketing QR code life (mobile) Web mobile actionable life moment person 7/9/2012 48
    • Google Maps and QR codes 7/9/2012 49
    • 7/9/2012 50
    • O About CaféLina and Lina: O O CaféLina Blog: O Twitter: @LinaArseneault O Email: O LinkedIn: O Slideshare: O High-Resolution Pictures on FlickrScan to find thispresentation online 7/9/2012
    • Lina’s Social ReachO When you create content or engage, you impact others. Klout measures influence online. View my Klout style and score at Your overall PeerIndex score is a relative measure of your online authority. This score reflects the impact of your online activities, and the extent to which you have built up social and reputational capital on the web. PeerIndex recently won the Grand Prix at the Europas which are the annual European Tech Startup Awards. O View Lina’s overall Peerindex score.O Peerindex Listings O Author, consultant and coach, Raymond Morin curates a number of lists on Peerindex. You can find Lina on: O WEB Influencers WORLD O Over 1800 WEB professionals listed and ranked by social network influence (French/English) O Professionnels WEB (Francophonie) O + de 550 professionnels du WEB (francophonie) – Québec, Canada, France. Belgique, Suisse, Europe 7/9/2012 52
    • @LinaArseneault CaféLina Blog www.café 53
    • 1 2 3 Royalty Free Images 7/9/2012 54