Everything You Need To Know About Paper Part 2 - Limited Papers


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Paper terms can be tricky. Here at Limited Papers -- not only do we want you to have the best deals but we want you to know everything about paper. An educated consumer is the best customer.

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Everything You Need To Know About Paper Part 2 - Limited Papers

  1. 1. Limited Papers Wholesale Paper for your home or business! A Handy Glossary of Paper Terms www.LimitedPapers.com
  2. 2. Handy Glossary Of Paper Terms  Bond: Old term for paper used to print bonds, its qualities are strength, performance and durability. Cut-size and writing papers are often identified with the bond scale; may be cotton, chemical wood pulp, or both.  Cockle Finish: A rough, uneven, hard paper finish. Most frequently manufactured in bond papers.
  3. 3. Handy Glossary Of Paper Terms  Bristols : Heavy-grade papers with better than average quality characteristics. Originally made in Bristol, England.  Caliper: A measure of paper thickness expressed in units of a thousandth (1/1000th) of an inch  Carbonless Paper Carbonless Paper can make a copy of a document without the use of any electronics.
  4. 4. Handy Glossary Of Paper Terms  Felt Finish: Highly tactile and soft textured, felt finish papers are ideal for special techniques such as embossing and foil stamping.  Grain Direction: The direction in which most paper fibers lie; a factor to consider for achieving the best results in printing, folding and converting.
  5. 5. Handy Glossary Of Paper Terms  Laser Paper: Manufactured in cut sizes, it is very smooth and low in moisture to prevent curling from the high heat in laser printers and copiers.  Opacity : A paper's ability to prevent light transmission through it. More opaque papers have less show-through.  Linen Finish: A woven-like textured effect produced by embossing a web of paper with a patterned steel roll.
  6. 6. Handy Glossary Of Paper Terms  Parchment: To simulate the look of ancient parchment, which was made from animal skin, text and cover versions are made with a variegated surface, translucent colors and rigid feel. Parchment is often used for diplomas, certificates and contracts  Postconsumer Recycled Fiver: Fiber recovered for papermaking from postconsumer waste paper
  7. 7. Handy Glossary Of Paper Terms  Recycled Paper: Papers containing postconsumer fiber can currently be called recycled. Federal Executive Order calls for a minimum for 30% postconsumer fiber for uncoated paper and 15% for coated.  Vellum Finish: Natural or machine finish, such as antique or eggshell.  Wove Finish: An uncoated paper with a smooth surface.
  8. 8. Contact Us Today!  No Matter What Your Paper Needs Are – We Have You Covered!