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Who & what we are, rev ads network
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Who & what we are, rev ads network


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Rev Ads Network. $2.50 pack returns $3.75 = 150% ROI.90% Revenue Share with Active Members. Up to 12% Referral Comms, Level 1 =8% Level 2 = 4% …

Rev Ads Network. $2.50 pack returns $3.75 = 150% ROI.90% Revenue Share with Active Members. Up to 12% Referral Comms, Level 1 =8% Level 2 = 4%

Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Shawn Brewer....Creator & Founder of Rev AdsNetwork. Lives in W Australia, amazing businessman.In charge of Company finances & overall health of theCompany.Gail Astley-Walsh....Founder of Rev Ads Network. Livesin Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. In charge ofpromoting in money forums etc.Spokesperson/Cheerleader.Michael Betz....Founder of Rev Ads Network. Lives inNew Hampshire, USA., fantastic marketer & blogger.In charge of Company promoting & Company Rotator.
  • 2. We set up Rev Ads Networkas a Company because wewere TIRED of introducingour online friends to biz opsthat promised the earth &DIDN’T deliver.
  • 3. Rev Ads Network is known as an AdsRevenue Sharing Company. We areapproved by our payment processors as aCompany.
  • 4. We are NOT a HYIP (High YieldInvestment Programme) otherwiseknown as High Risk. Please, therefore, inyour promoting, never use the wordsshares or investment.
  • 5. When you joined to theRev Ads Network via alink you followed & filledin all the required infoyou AUTOMATICALLYbecame a member.
  • 6. It is essential once you signup to Fund Account witha Minimum of $5 althoughwe do recommend that ifyou can afford more, thenFund with more, yourmoney is perfectly safewith us.
  • 7. Please remember to add 1% processor feeto your initial purchase, we are chargedby the payment processors this fee.
  • 8. 90% of all Revenue earned is shared backwith Active/Pro Members, the remaining10% is held back to give longevity &sustainability to the Company. This iswhy 25% of your repurchase goes toensure members income growth.
  • 9. We are EgoPay, Solid Trust Pay & Payzaverified, which means that we arerecognized as a business with thesepayment processors.
  • 10. Once your payment hitsthe Back Office it will beverified & you are now aPro Member & then youstart to earn money on adaily basis.
  • 11. Every day you should see your UnpaidBalance go HIGHER particularly if youare promoting & you have someone newjoin your downline
  • 12. You EARN 8% from personal sign-ups& an additional 4% on anyone that yourpersonals bring in.