The third party payment based management(1)


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The third party payment based management(1)

  1. 1. The third-party payment based managementThe so-called third-party payment, some products where the country and abroad, major bankssigned a contract and have a certain strength and reputation to protect third-party independentbody to provide transaction support platform. Transaction through a third party paymentplatform, the buyer to buy goods, use the account of third-party platform to provide for paymentis to notify the seller by a third party payment to reach, carry out delivery; notification of thebuyers inspection items, you can to the seller, third party and then transfer the funds to thesellers account.The third-party payment is a payment method of settlement. Payment procedures forclassification, the method of payment can be divided into a step of payment and a step-by-steppayment, the former including a money settlement, the settlement of bills (such as checks,promissory notes, bank drafts, acceptances), the Department transferred the balance sheet (suchas wire transfers, online payments ), the latter including a letter of credit, guarantees settlement,third-party payment and settlement.In the social and economic activities, settlement attributable to the trade areas. The core of thetrade exchange Exchange is the delivery of the unity of the subject and the currency of paymentof the two opposing processes. Between freedom and equality of the normal subjects, theexchange follows the principle of equivalence and synchronization. Synchronous exchange, is thereciprocal conditions, delivery and payment is equivalent to the exchange guarantee.In practice, spot the subject of face-to-face transactions, the simultaneous exchange of easy toimplement; need to process due to the circulation and acceptance of the subject of thetransaction (such as commodity flow of goods, services, labor, conversion), the flow of goods andcapital flows in many cases, asynchronous and The contradictions of separation is inevitable, thesimultaneous exchange of often difficult to achieve. Asynchronous exchange, before acceptingthe price easy contrary to the ethics and protocol, undermine the principle of exchange of equalvalue, it is to pay the price tends to be controlled by others, self-trapping passive, vulnerableposition, to take risks. Asynchronous exchange must be additional credit protection or legalsupport can be successfully accomplished.Synchronous exchange can avoid the risk of unequal exchange, so as to ensure that the exchangeof equal value to follow the principle of simultaneous exchange. This requires the payment anddelivery fit person to spot trading, the adaptation the immediacy step payment; separated fromthe surface or futures trading, the adaptation process of the sub-step payment. Step-by-stepprocess of payment should be combined subject of the transaction flow of the acceptanceprocess characteristics, and amounts paid from the start to the transfer of ownership to eachother than step, but increased in the middle of the intermediary hosting links from the directpayment of transfer improvements to the indirect exchange turn, the business done by the stepinto a step-by-step operation, thus forming a prison controlled the process, step-by-stepconditional payment. So you can take the goods road goods shall take the paragraph Road, twoechoes, synchronized ups and downs, so that the flow of funds adapter goods flow process to
  2. 2. synchronize the corresponding effect to make the payment and settlement more scientificrationalization of the market demand should be combined.Third party funds to pay for the middle platform of buyers and sellers in the case of the absenceof credit protection or legal support, the buyer the purchase price paid to a third party outside ofthe buyers and sellers, third party to provide security trading services, the essence of itsoperation in the collection and payment The section between the establishment of intermediateaccounts, exchange transfer payments to achieve a controllable pause, only the views of the twosides reach a consensus before deciding where the money goes. Third parties play anintermediary custody and supervision functions, does not bear any risk, so exact, this is a paidhosting behavior, payment guarantee paid hosting.