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Globe bill help the electricity providers to seize the russian beauty industry
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Globe bill help the electricity providers to seize the russian beauty industry

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  • 1. GlobeBill Help the Electricity Providers to Seize the Russian Beauty Industry The AliExpress 2012 beauty industry buyers’ distribution data show that Russia became the largest country after the United States in the beauty industry. Russian beauty industry market is growing rapidly, its target consumers is showing a trend of growing attention of its market performance. From the data, the U.S. cannot shake the status as a traditional e-commerce powerhouse, accounting for 36% of market share. Russia occupied the second place with its 15% share and Brazil followed, accounting for 13%. Experts predict that these threecountries will be the leader of beauty industry in the next three years.The consumption of beauty industry needs of the consumers have enough disposable income.Russia, as countries with the highest per capita income in the five BRIC countries, according tothe latest data has exceeded $ 13,200, with enough disposable income to make purchases. Mr.Lau from GlobeBill(www.globebill.com)said " Russia, the online shopping market has showedsigns of explosive growth in 2012 and it also has a large number of Internet users access to theInternet and the sociologist authorized online shopping online shopping. "In late 2011, Russias accession to the WTO, the Russian government will continue to the nexttime inside the optimization of the domestic market environment, policy environment. Closelyrelated to the e-commerce logistics and customs, tariffs and other aspects of Chinas foreigntrade power they feel more satisfied, and the geographic advantage by China and Russia andChina as Russias largest trading partner of the ride, foreign trade power are appreciable gains inRussia. Of course, the significance of Russias accession to the WTO is far from the case, Chinasforeign trade electricity supplier who will be able to take this opportunity to enter a wider market.Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus customs union policy so that the three become a huge market fora uniform tariff of a unified market, foreign trade electricity supplier will be able to enjoy thetremendous profits.Russia became the fastest growing e-commerce development in the G20 countries. Popularity ofits own network compared to developed countries, there is a certain gap; steady economicdevelopment, is expected to reach 4% in 2012, which shows the enormous potential of its owne-commerce development, data also shows beauty industry has taken this opportunity to furtherexpansion. Russian International Cosmetics and Beauty Expo will be held in Moscow in lateOctober 2012, foreign trade power should take this opportunity to properly advertise them, andGlobeBill is ready to prepare the merchants to enter into the prosperous Russian market.