Brazilian foreign trade receivables without being rufused


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Brazilian foreign trade receivables without being rufused

  1. 1. Brazilian foreign trade receivables without being rufusedAs a business is no longer the risk of non-payment of capital flows more smoothly; as consumerscan enjoy excellent shopping online payment experience and get a better foreign trade products,this is the money to bring. " This is the money treasure Marketing Liu competent recently to paymoney to treasure the Brazilian Foreign Trade receivables solutions for the formal launch of theday words. As the first to offer the Brazilian Foreign Trade receivables services company in China,Shenzhen City money Lite-On Technology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as moneyLite-On Technology) concept of competitive differentiation, so that in the field of foreign tradereceivables than the third-party payment industry similar competitors go further deeper.Zhang creek is a person in charge of foreign trade e-commerce company. In the past, thecompany led by the creek to focus on the markets of Europe and the United States and othercountries. Own company in order to get rid of 2011 swept through the world economic crisis,able to draw from the more market growth nutrients, it expands the target above the fivecountries in the BRIC. The first one to enter the market have a huge influence in Latin America isBrazil. Large Brazilian population, rapid economic development, there are two major sportingevent should not be overlooked in the preparation, market potential and, most importantly, Brazilhas a huge influence on Latin American countries, if the company in Brazil, a good firm footing ,but also for the company better access to the entire Latin American market to provide convenient,"Zhang said when answering reporters questions, the stream.The complexity of the Brazilian market, the stream very early from the companys report. In theprocess of entering the market, Zhang creek has a very good grasp of the decision making. Buteven the best decision-making, Zhang creek still encounter a lot of trouble. One of the mostZhang streams and the headache of the shortcomings in the form of payment. Leaving Chang thestream can not be very good sleep, the direct impact of this shortcoming is one of the core ofe-commerce - payment. Zhang creek recalled that: "Brazil have their own online payment systemPayPal previously the site of their own foreign trade and international credit card, both of whichpayment method in Brazil is not popular. This leads to a large number of customers access to oursite after the purchase of the goods, the final payment link to give up and refuse to pay high ratesof all transactions, but also to the credibility of the companys Web site affected.Of course, this situation has now disappeared, Zhang brook the suggestion of its MarketingManager Mu Ling chose money Lite-On Technology, the Brazilian foreign trade receivablesservices. Zhang creek in the staff briefing on the recent joy in their faces, said: "went to thelargest piece of heart disease, eat, sleep."Local characteristics of Brazils online payment services provided by Globebill Technologiesenables consumers in Brazil is very smooth in the process of payment transactions; uniqueChinese money provided by Globebill Technologies, the Brazilian Foreign Trade receivablesservice electricity providers have brought a lot of convenience. The merchant will be refused, istemporarily detained trading margin in these two points in the past. "We pre-trial of the channel,very good feeling. Next reached an agreement now appears that the money treasure of Brazils
  2. 2. foreign trade receivables solution not only to optimize the companys structure, reduce staffing,simplifying the work processes run strategy of the Brazilian Foreign Trade website provides moreadequate data to support e-commerce market in Brazil has become more competitive. "Mu LingSpeaking pleased.