Initial thoughts for film magazine


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Initial thoughts for film magazine

  1. 1. By Lily Taitia
  2. 2. For A2 Media Studies I am trying to decide which is the best name for my film magazine, out of these colour/highlight the one that you like the most: Dominant Cinema Cinema Palace Supremacy World of MovieThese are the choices that I gave to people who in particular are in my target audience, they then decided the name they would like a film magazine to have. These name seem more appropriate for the film magazine genre they are in in this case since the genre is thriller/suspense, adventure and drama.
  3. 3. Film Magazine Dominant Cinema Ultra Cinema Cinema Palace World of Movie 25% 30% 25% 20%Out of 20 people I questioned to see which name they would like for a film magazine name the name ‘DominantCinema’ won by one against ‘World of Movie’ and ‘Cinema Palace’. I will then name my film magazine this as itseems that it will attract more audiences of the same, I will also follow the codes and conventions to ensure thatthe magazine looks professional.
  4. 4. TEXT 1 TEXT 2 To give the font of the header in the film title I went through a number of steps to make font more appealing to the reader of the magazine. I also added some shadow effects to bring the realistic of the magazine. This is the name that has been decided upon by the audience that I queried as slide 3 shows. The colour is also bright implying that there is light even in dark places and the shadow shows that as there is light the darkness must exist too, this follows the genre of film trailer we are creating the magazine cover for which is adventure, drama and thriller/suspense. The way that the black shadow lurks on the orange gleam of orange contrasts the plot of the film trailer which is the children being the gleam of hope and the black being the power authoritive figure the master mind Mr Prentiss.
  5. 5. To create the effect of TEXT 2, by following these settings I have given the text effect of my film magazine.
  6. 6. The colours that would suit the genre of the film magazine would correspond with the film trailer which is drama, adventure and thriller/suspense, the colour that suits these type of genre better and in more detail is red, yellow, orange, black, and white as they are the colours that are always associate with adventure, thriller/suspense and drama.That is because red is danger, action, risk and courage which is shown by the characters which is what adventure is always associated with, yellow is a warm feeling which brings upon hope and reassurance, orange which is a mixture of both the warm feeling and the red dangerous atmosphere combining it to make the perfect colour for adventure as it will always have its red dangers but the yellow warmth of reassurance that all is well. The black is what always brings with a bright colour which is white, they will always be the best colours to contrast each other as the thriller/suspense and the drama will always be contrasting each other with the intense atmosphere and having the audience wait to see what will happen.These colours are best to describe and are present the genres of the film trailer.
  7. 7. This is the final basic layout of the film front cover, after I have finished taking the images I will then replace the one of the main image of the front cover with my own original image. I will try to ensure that it will have the same effect as this image has on the magazine. It is the right type of atmosphere for both the film trailer and fits perfectly to the plot of the film trailer, which is about a circus which has a ring leader that takes children on his own accord. The deserted circus in the middle of nowhere makes you This image has an eerie feel that there is nowhere to go atmosphere bringing forth the even if you where to escape feeling of despair and loss. from the grasp of the ring Which are the atmosphere the leader, this forcing the person circus will have. to feel that the only salvation they have is the circus. The light over casting theThe clouds that are looming in circus gives the impressionon the circus do not seem to that there is hope at the circusquite reach it, the clouds make where as it being surroundedthe circus seem as though there by nothing and a darkness seen but not veryclearly as it is always shifting. The path leading to the circus shows that there is no other way to go than going toward the circus, this makingThe colours of the image it seem that it is the only way outare black, grey and sky and in.white these colour Giving the impression that whoevercorrespond to the way the goes there has no salvation of othercircus is set up. life interaction other than the circus.
  8. 8. The organisation that will be helping promote and sponsor our film magazine will be Lionsgate this organisation is best suited for the type of genre that our film trailer follows so there is a high chance that there will be a lot of audiences that will be attracted to the film as it also follows the codes and conventions of the reputation of Lionsgate.
  9. 9. These facts are what make Lionsgate more suited to be the best distributor for our film. They deal in the felid that is appropriate, it has a very stable environment to work in for film.
  10. 10. The style of the film magazine follows the codes and conventions of other film magazines which possess the same genre. It corresponds with the expectations that the audiences have for other magazine covers in the same film genre. The codes and conventions are followed strictly to ensure that there is no doubt that the film magazine is representing that type of genre, for example with the layout, colour, text and images that are used to make it more professional and on a high standard, the style is up to date.