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  • 1. Client My Client is Nicki Minaj. I will beproducing a Digipak for her album, aflyer advertising her tour and album and a programme for her tour.
  • 2. Plan of time• Flyer: I will allow 5 days to design the final flyer and sent it to the printer to print the final product, after research I found it would take 2 days to produce the flyers and have them sent off. So it total I will allow an 8 day period for producing the flyers. The extra day accounts for any problems with postage or any problems with the flyer being printed.• Programme: To print the programme it will take a little longer than the flyer as there are more pages, more pictures and more work that has to go in to the making of it. After looking at printing companies I will allow 2 weeks in total for the final products to be complete. 5 days will be allowed for the designing of the programme, leaving 9 days to have the final programme printed and sent back, again leaving some time for any problems that may occur.• Digipak: After doing some research I found that it takes 12 working days to produce my digipaks. I would then have to allow for designing time, 5 days, shipping time, sending it to them and them sending me the product, 7 days, and 3 days to allow for any problems that may occur. So in total it would take 27 days to have my digipaks complete.
  • 3. Plan of Budget• Flyer:40,000 flyers cost £435 to print. They are available in the following paper types: I would use a silk finish (extra thick) for my flyers costing £435 for 40,000.
  • 4. Plan of Budget• Programme: For the programme I would use the same silk finish used on the flyer to keep the look consistent. This would cost £3090 for a four page book.
  • 5. Plan of Budget• Digipak: For 40,000 digipaks to be printed and sent it would cost £16,200 as 2000 copies cost £810, I multiplied this by 20 to get my figure of £16,200.
  • 6. Final Budget• My over all budget for the production of my programme, digipak and flyer is £19,725. I will bring this budget up to £20,000 to make room for any added fees that may occur.
  • 7. Front of Digipak plan
  • 8. Back of Digipak plan
  • 9. Programme planPage 1: Page 4:
  • 10. Programme planPage 2:
  • 11. Programme plan Page 2:
  • 12. Flyer plan