Analysis of plot in "Merchant of Venice"


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Merchant of Venice plot analysis..

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Analysis of plot in "Merchant of Venice"

  1. 1. ANALYSIS OF PLOT‘MERCHANT OF VENICE’ 3rd group members: 1. Citra Wulan A. [08431002] 2. Riati [08431018] 3. Lutfiyah [08431028] 4. Lili Andriyani [08431065] 5. Fatikhatul Khusnia [08431072] 6. Eka Septika [08431074] 7. Inti Nazilatus S.[08431092]
  2. 2. PLOTThe literacy element that describes the structure of a story. It shows arrangements of events and actions within a story. The plot is chronological order because it tells the audience what happened first, second, and next.
  3. 3. climaxExposition Resolution
  4. 4. Exposition The start of the story, the place and situation before the action starts.Place and situation:‚Venice, 1596 intolerance of the Jews was a factof 16th century life even in Venice, the mostpowerful and liberal city state in Europe. Bylaw the Jew were forced to live in the oldwalled foundry or ‘Ghetto’ area of the city.After sundown the gate was locked and guardedby Christians. In the day time, anyone leaving theghetto had to wear a red hat to mark him as aJew.The Jews were forbidden to own property. Sothey practice usury, the lending of money atinterest. This was against Christian law.‛
  5. 5. Rising actionthe series of conflicts and crisis in thestory that lead to the climax.Bassanio did not have much money topropose Portia and he told Antonio abouthis feeling. Antonio hoped that Bassaniowill marriage with Portia and he wouldhelp him to get the money for it. Antoniohad a willing to help his close friend byloaning to Shylock.
  6. 6. climaxthe turning point, the most intense moment, eithermentally or in action. Shylock brought the case with Antonio to the jurisdiction because Antonio could not pay the debt also the fine, and for the previous scene that made Shylock getting angry When Jessicalost and Shylock blamed Antonio because Tubalinfluenced him also Antonio’s behave to spit his face so it made his anger totally appear.
  7. 7. Falling actionall of the action which follows the climax. Portia and nerissa helped to solve the problem of Antonio with the law. They was disguised as Dr. Lawand Clerk as Antonio’s young law to prevent criminal procedure happened for Antonio that is paying the debt with his 1 pound meat.
  8. 8. Resolutionthe conclusion, the tying together of all of the threads. Portia and Nerissa twisted the fact to save Antonio after knowing the loan agreement which made Shylock realized and abandoned his willing to take Antonio’s meat for 1 pound since there must be no blood left as if in their loan agreement. He blamed as a criminal so that the judge ended the case with 2 points: 1. shylock must give 50% of his wealth to Antonio, and another 50% for the country. 2. The judge gave the decision for Antonio whether or not Shylock get the punishment. Antonio forgave and suggested him to be Christian, then shylock followed his suggestion.
  9. 9. ‚thanks for your attention‛ 3rd group