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[Mfjs2240] lilly kautz slideshow #1

  1. 1. $2,000 for Special Olympics CO Students toss water balloons in hopes of winning points for their teams at Observatory Park, Picture by Anousha Jaseb
  2. 2. The 2,000 dollars raised throughout Greek Week will go to Special Olympics Colorado. Funds came from participation in events as well as Penny Wars, a fundraising competition between teams to fight for the spare change of strangers. Picture from Special Olympics
  3. 3. Blue Team: Delta Gamma, Beta Theta Pi, and Kappa Sigma Black Team: Delta Zeta, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Red Team: Gamma Phi Beta, Theta Chi, and Chi Omega Yellow Team: Alpha Phi, Sigma Chi, Sigma Lambda Beta, and Kappa Phi Lambda Green Team: Tri Delta, Zeta Beta Tau, Sigma Lambda Gamma, and Pi Lambda Chi The Teams
  4. 4. Everyday events are put on by the appointed Greek Week Council, made up of Greek affiliated students from all chapters. Penny Wars is a challenge that took place everyday throughout the week outside The Sturm Building on campus. All five teams have a bucket on a table decorated with their Greek letters and as people pass by teams ask for spare change from. Dollar bills put in the buckets take points away from the teams. Many individuals put dollar bills in the buckets of the opposing teams. All events are self-explanatory in their title, except for the Bromance and “Bowmance” Challenge. In this event, two best friends from each chapter are paired together in a guessing game as judges ask
  5. 5. The budget of 1,500 dollars for the week gave free fun to students with Barbeque, games , and pies in the face. Sophomore Thomas Michael walks away from getting pied in the face Photo by Anousha Jaseb A few students play a classic game of Twister. Photo by Anousha Jaseb
  6. 6. Some Kappa Sigma fraternity members take a break from the games at Photo by Anousha Jaseb
  7. 7. Junior Charlie Carlisle laughs as a water balloon pops on his shirt. Games like water balloon throwing, twister and cornhole are set up so the winners are awarded points for their teams.
  8. 8. Events like Kickball, Basketball dunk contests, and an array of field games took place throughout the week. Photo by Anousha Jaseb Kickball Tournament
  9. 9. At the Talent Show, each team must have at least one performance to get points. The Blue Team showed their musical side at the Talent Show by performing Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg. Talent Show
  10. 10. The Winners The Green Team went home with First place outranking all the singers and dancers with a dog obstacle course as well as syncronized backround dancers.
  11. 11. Unfortunately Thursday’s Casual Sports event on Driscoll Green was canceled due to inclement weather. The yellow team made it through the week with the most points and left the Greek Awards as the winners of 2014 Greek Week and a force to be remembered for 2015. Funds raised throughout the week from Penny Wars and participation charges for events came out to be 2,000 dollars. Every year the money raised during Greek