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  •'s1951: Founded by Rose and Jim Totino1975: Sold to Pillsbury Company 1986: Pizza rolls as a separate endeavor by JenoPaulucci1993: Rebranded from Jeno’s Pizza Rolls to Totino’sToday:Acquired by General MillsBrands produce 1.4 million pizzas dailySell approximately 240 million pizzas annually
  •’s offers 3 different product lines. Party Pizza is a personal, thin-crust pizza. Pizza rolls are bite sized pizza snacks, which are similar to mini calzones. Jeno’s Crisp and Tasty is the higher-end pizza offering. Totino’s are all easy to make in either the microwave or the oven.
  • In 1968 JenoPaulucci, the creator of the Chun King line of pre-packaged Chinese food, took an egg roll wrapper and stuffed it with pizza toppings.
  • Bagel Bites = 2.25 servingsPizza Rolls = 2.5 servings (per box)Consumer Reports. Jan2002, Vol. 67 Issue 1, p39. 4p. 2 Color Photographs, 1 Chart.Smaller serving than pizza:Cheese pizzas average about 340 calories and 14 grams of fat per servingHealth benefits:Tomato sauce provides vitamins A and C, and cheese is high in calciumBetter alternative to other fast foods:Burgers with fries, chicken nuggets, etc.Convenient:Quick and easy allowing kids to prepare for themselves in 60 secondsFun:Bite-sized and come in a variety of flavors
  • Mintel projects the segment will grow another 10% through 2017Totino’s Pizza Rolls grew market share .2 percent in 2012, to 26.7%. . Private label posted the strongest store brand growth across any frozen snack (outside appetizers/rolls segment). Wide diversity and offerings provide little brand loyalty. “65% of frozen snack consumers say that finding a familiar brand is important in their purchase experience”
  • Source: Mintel Global Market NavigatorReady Meals (inc pizza) – USMarket SegmentationsThough still a huge category, frozen pizza is showing some softening. Consumers moved to frozen pizza due to economic concerns post-recession. As the economy is now improving, some are returning to higher priced restaurants. ‘The Frozen Pizza Production industry experienced solid revenue growth during the recession, but struggled against new obstacles in 2011 and 2012. When consumers had less disposable income during the recession, they tightened food budgets and bought frozen pizza as a cheap and convenient meal to eat at home, boosting demand. However, as the economy recovered, consumers returned to eating at expensive restaurants instead of buying frozen foods. Additionally, health-conscious Americans perceived fresh food as nutritionally superior to frozen, hampering demand for industry products.’IBIS World Frozen Pizza Report
  • Source: Based on Information Resources Inc. InfoScan® Reviews; U.S. Census Bureau, Economic Census; Progressive Grocer, Consumer Expenditures Study/MintelTotino’s straddles the line between pizza and frozen snacks. This is a great position for the brand to be in to take advantage of the growth in the frozen snacks segment. Frozen appetizers/snack rolls sales in 2012 reached $1.9 billion, or 42 percent of frozen snack sales. This category grew 23% from 2007-2012. Category grew 2.1 percent from 2011-2012, Totino’s grew 1.6%.Mintel projects the segment will grow another 10% through 2017Target = Market Share
  • *Actual store prices, not suggested retail price. Prices may vary by region. Sizes come in 15, 40, 90 and 140.Flavors include: Cheese, cheesy taco, combination, pepperoni, triple pepperoni, sausage, supreme, triple cheese, triple meat, meatball marinara, cheese garlic, and chicken parmesan. Totino’s Pizza rolls are microwaveable and cook in as little as 60 seconds. 59% of consumers surveyed by Mintel in February 2013 indicated that frozen snacks were an affordable snack option.
  • Strengths: Convenient, recognizable brand, affordable, expansive flavor selection and a unique productWeaknesses: Minimal nutritional value, niche appeal, bad reputationOpportunities: Growing segment, re-sealable packaging, on the go snacking, brand to restaurants  37% value products they’ve tried at a restaurant.”Threats: Economic recovery, growing health awareness, Bagel Bites aims for strong health perception “wholesome” nature of products, private label brands.
  • Source: Nielsen Spectra
  • Source: Nielsen SpectraThe highest areas of concentration for Totino’s consumers are in the southeast and Texas.
  • Mom ad:’s needs to talk to 2 different groups, parents and kids. However both groups are fans of the brand for essentially the same reasons- they are easy to make and keep kids happy.
  • We will be focusing our media efforts on 2 key times of the year: 1. Back to School 2. March and April
  • Source: Nielsen Spectra
  • WE have chosen TV networks that will give us a strong combination of reach and frequency to ensure that our target sees our ads. We will focus on the broader networks, which reach a larger audience, but also supplement our media buy with smaller, niche networks that our target really over-indexes in viewing
  • Our magazine selection focuses on family-friendly publications that our target is reading. For the monthly books, we will buy 4 ads per year. The weekly publications we will purchase ads each week during our target 4 month advertising blitz.
  • Online, we will focus on social networks, where our target is busy sharing family photos and interacting with friends.
  • Totino’s has the opportunity to sponsor a National food organization such as Feeding America. This would be a great fit with the brand, and make customers feel like they are contributing to a good cause when purchasing Totino’s
  • Promote the sponsorship through Press releases, new articles, and potentially TV appearances on things like the Today Show.
  • http://theblondecancook.com
  • Louisiana,Missisipi,Eating trends  20% of meals eaten in a carMost want meals to be quick, convenient, and cheap3 square meals with snacking in between Organic Packaged Food US, Euromonitor, June 2011Baton Rouge Metro Area – Traffic heavy, good visibility. We want 100 gross rating points – message appears on as many panels needed to provide a daily exposure equal to the markets total population. (88 percent of adults over 30 day period)Adult population 400,000 . 100 daily GRPs = 40 billboards, $23,100//month or average cost for 100 daily GRPs = $578.
  • We like the orange background, feels happy and appetizing, reminds us of wonderful pizza!Ready in Super SpeedSupermom to the RescueWhen you need a Super momentTotino’s: Ready in 60 Seconds, What’s your Super Power?Super Snacks for a Super FamilyPizza in the Palm of Your Hand
  • We like the orange background, feels happy and appetizing, reminds us of wonderful pizza!Ready in Super SpeedSupermom to the RescueWhen you need a Super momentTotino’s: Ready in 60 Seconds, What’s your Super Power?Super Snacks for a Super FamilyPizza in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Louisiana, Mississippi,Eating trends  20% of meals eaten in a carMost want meals to be quick, convenient, and cheap3 square meals with snacking in between Organic Packaged Food US, Euromonitor, June 2011Baton Rouge Metro Area – Traffic heavy, good visibility. We want 100 gross rating points – message appears on as many panels needed to provide a daily exposure equal to the markets total population. (88 percent of adults over 30 day period)Adult population 400,000 . 100 daily GRPs = 40 billboards, $23,100//month or average cost for 100 daily GRPs = $578.
  • Coupons are the #1 most influential form of marketing to consumers for grocery purchase decisions.Approx 74% of consumers use coupons to plan their grocery list
  • Use information to assess future promotional campaigns
  • activity to social media and stay involved with consumers For exceptional submissions, provide a totino’s t-shirt and coupon for free box – cost is insignificant
  • 100 stores, $1,500/store per 4 week period. 8 week run time (August – September) = $300,000.00  efforts to boost sales, growing category, brand not growing as fast as category. Target in the South. (Decals on doors and on top)100 stores, $2,000/store per 4 week period. 8 week run time = $400,000.00Totino’s Pizza Rolls are sold in multiple outlets, including grocery, drug, conveinece, dollar and club stores.Supermarkets represent nearly half of all frozen snack sales, and grew by 2% from 2010-2012. Supercenters, warehouse clubs, convenience and dollar stores frozen sales represents nearly 48% of frozen food sales and grew by 8.7% over the same period. Drug store sales rested at 2% but grew the most at 27% from 2010-2012.
  • Plan Now to Attend FMI2014 - the food retail industry's most-attended conference and exposition in North America. FMI2014 brings together over 12,000 industry-shaping professionals from 90 countries for four days of thought-provoking education, a dynamic show floor with 1,200+ exhibitors and countless opportunities to learn more about your customers.- See more at: new flavorsEvery year, over the course of four days, more than 1,800 suppliers and tens of thousands of buyers come together to make lasting connections that drive business profitability and shape the future of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry.Connect with 1,800+ exhibitors across 900+ product categoriesAttend more than 70 free education sessions on hyper-relevant topicsNetwork with industry leaders from 100 countries and across the U.S.Get jazzed by top chefs in the World Culinary ShowcaseFind niche solutions in focused Specialty PavilionsLive it up at official Show after-parties that celebrate our industryShowcase to restaurants, perhaps get product on some menu’s.Applebees--- customer = target market.
  • Totino’s can sponsor a limited-edition pizza roll appetizer at a national chain such as Chili’s or Applebees. This would be used to promote brand trial
  • Totino's Pizza Rolls - Campaign

    1. 1. July 2, 2013
    2. 2. Agenda  Agency Details  Situation Assessment  Target Market  Creative Brief  Media Planning  TV, Print, and Online Advertising  Public Relations and Sponsorship  Out of Home  Trade Shows
    3. 3. Agency Details
    4. 4. McEvoy and Associates  Full service integrated advertising and digital agency  High profile CPG clients with a variety of needs  Mindset that embraces emerging media  History of success despite unprecedented recessionary headwinds
    5. 5. Mission Statement The mission of McEvoy and Associates is to provide results-oriented advertising, public relations, and marketing designed to meet our client's objectives by providing strong marketing concepts and excelling at customer service. We seek to become a marketing partner with our clients. We desire to measure success for our clients through awareness, increased sales, or other criteria mutually agreed upon between the agency and the clients. We are committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission
    6. 6. Portfolio Snapshot
    7. 7. Compensation  Fee-based for first year  Incentive based system starting the second year  Year 1: Totino‟s will be billed for compensation based on the precise number of employee hours worked on their behalf  In line with competition  Over 68% of agencies use fee system  Year 2+: Fee plus incentive bonus contingent on:  Market share  Brand-recall metrics  Agency-performance evaluation
    8. 8. Situation Assessment- Totino‟s
    9. 9. History of Totino‟s Founded by Rose and Jim Totino Sold to Pillsbury Company Acquired Jeno‟s Pizza Rolls brand Rebranded from Jeno‟s to Totino‟s Owned by General Mills- Sell 240 million pizzas annually 1951 1975 1986 1993 Today
    10. 10. Product Line Party Pizza Pizza Rolls Jeno’s Pizza Personal Pizza Bite-sized Pizza Snacks Premium Personal Pizza 12 varieties 12 varieties 4 varieties
    11. 11. Differentiation Cost Controllable Portion Sizes Unique Product and flavors Ultra - convenient
    12. 12. Competitor Differentiation Cost - $2.39 for 9 count, $1.06 per serving Cook time – 2- 3 minutes (microwave) Cost - $2.29 for 15 count, $.92 per serving Cook time – 60 seconds (microwave) Totino‟s Pizza Rolls are cheaper, and more convenient.
    13. 13. Market Snapshot 27% 21% 44% 8% Brand Share as of Feb. 14 2013 General Mills (Totino's) Heinz (TGIF, Bagel Bites) Mixed Brands
    14. 14. After strong growth post-recession, the frozen pizza category has recently been struggling $3,861 $4,242 $4,399 $4,706 $4,662 $4,582 $0 $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 $3,500 $4,000 $4,500 $5,000 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 $Sales(million) Frozen Pizza Sales Category is projected to decline by -0.6% a year from 2012-2016 Growth during recession
    15. 15. Frozen snacks, though a much smaller segment than pizza, has been growing, as consumers look for convenience offerings $1,540 $1,744 $1,861 $1,959 $2,023 $2,094 $0 $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 (fore) 2014 (fore) 2015 (fore) 2016 (fore) 2017 (fore) $Sales(million) Frozen Appetizers/Snack Rolls Sales
    16. 16. Pizza Rolls are in a Mature Stage of the Product lifecycle – Growth is 1.6% and there is increasing market competition
    17. 17. Product and Pricing $2.29 $9.19 $13.79$4.79  Flavor and size variety  Convenient and easy to prepare  Affordable, competitive pricing  Unique product and taste
    18. 18. SWOT Strengths • Convenient • Recognizable brand • Affordable • Expansive flavor selection Weaknesses • Minimal nutritional value • Niche appeal • Bad reputation Opportunities • Growing segment • Re-sealable • On the go snacking • Restaurants Threats • Economic recovery • Health awareness • Private label brands
    19. 19. Target Market
    20. 20. Totino‟s target market is large, busy families Families with Children 4-5 Members of Household Parents aged 25-44 Average Income and Education Employed Full Time Skew towards Hispanic Families
    21. 21. Totino‟s consumers are more likely to live in rural areas of the Southeast and Texas
    22. 22. Market Segmentation  Totino‟s currently appeals to 2 distinct consumer segments with different needs: kids and moms “I want something that keeps my kids happy, and fits into our busy day.” “Totino‟s tastes great, and I love that I can make them myself.”
    23. 23. The Totino‟s Consumer is busy, and is looking for products that help her manage her day
    24. 24. Creative Brief
    25. 25. Objective Target  Re-energize the Totino‟s brand among moms  Increase market share among frozen snack sales  Make mom‟s lives easier  Moms  With families (2-3 kids)  Ages 25-44  Working full time  On-the-go  Looking for convenience and solutions to a busy life Creative Brief: Moms
    26. 26. Tone Creative Strategy  Fun  Upbeat  Colorful  In line with Totino‟s brand  Relatable  Portray Totino‟s as a time-saving „hero‟ for busy Moms  Target is already aware of the brand  Ad should serve a reminder to them of the good things about Totino‟s  Creatives should include:  Mom  Kids  Packaging  Product  Catchy tagline Creative Brief: Moms
    27. 27. Key Messages Media  Easy to make  Only 60 seconds  Kids can heat them up by themselves  Loved by moms and kids  Always have a box on hand  Last minute snack ideas  Feed a hungry crowd of kids  Be the “hero” by giving kids what they want and keeping them happy and satiated  Magazines  Targeted towards families and parents  TV  Programs that families would watch together  Digital/Social  Promotions  Coupons  Contests  Engagement  Do not focus on Radio or Newspaper Creative Brief: Moms
    28. 28. Timing Weaknesses to Avoid  Since we have a limited budget, we need to focus most advertising on select times of year:  March/April Period to capture school vacation time  August/September during back to school shopping season  Digital should be spread out over the entire year, with heavy up periods in March/April and August/September  Avoid mentions of:  Calories/Nutrition Information  Direct comparisons to competitors Creative Brief: Moms
    29. 29. We developed multiple ad concepts to target Mom‟s based on the Creative Brief Show happy, quiet kids, eating Totino‟s VO: „Luckily I keep Totino‟s Pizza rolls on hand. With 12 varieties, everyone has a favorite.‟ Open on scenes of kids whining and refusing to eat their dinner VO: „We‟ve all been there, those nights when your kids decide they don‟t like anything you‟ve made‟ „Picky Eaters Love Totino‟s‟ Show frazzled mom VO: „Sometimes getting them to eat is a battle.‟
    30. 30. Who is Tina Totino? Totino‟s Pizza Rolls mascot Will be using in conjunction with the Totino‟s brand Looks like an average mom – but in superhero form Representative of Totino‟s saving the day and making kids happy Cartoon image of an adult to appeal to both moms and kids
    31. 31. Media Planning and Advertising
    32. 32. Media Budget  We recommend a 2014 Media Budget of $28.5 Million, which will allow us to achieve our goal of re-vitalizing the Totino‟s brand TV Print Digital Sponsorship /Events Out of Home $15 MM $7.5 MM $5 MM $744,000 $208,000
    33. 33. 2014 Media Plan Flighting Schedule Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec TV Print Digital/Social Blogger Event Coupons Out Of Home (Billboards) Feeding America Promotion Trade Shows NRA FMI
    34. 34. 1 Open on a living room scene of a Mother and 4 children, (the Mom‟s 2 kids plus 2 friends from school) the children are running around and playing loudly, blowing off steam. 2 The kids take a break from playing and realize that they are hungry, they‟re ready for their after-school snack. VO kid: „Mom, we‟re hungry!‟ 3 Cut to a shot of Mom, she stressed as she realizes that she doesn‟t have any food in the house VO Mom: „I didn‟t have time to go to the grocery store after work.‟ 4 In swoops Tina Totino! She opens the freezer and reminds Mom of the Pizza Rolls that she keeps on hand. VO Tina: „Don‟t worry mom, Totino‟s to the rescue!‟ 5 We see the kids sitting quietly, happily enjoying their pizza rolls with big smiles on their faces VO announcer: „Totino‟s saves the day again‟ 6 Show shot of Mom smiling happily, giving Tina a high five VO announcer: „Be sure to always keep pizza rolls on hand, for when you need a Supermom moment‟
    35. 35. TV Advertising – Network Selection % of Target Watching Index of Target Budget Reach Networks Nickelodeon 21.83% 160 $2.5 Million The Disney Channel 28.07% 153 $2.5 Million Cartoon Network 19.48% 150 $2 Million MTV (Music Television) 21.43% 125 $1.5 Million ABC Family 29.05% 123 $1.5 Million Frequency Networks TeenNick 3.70% 185 $1.25 Million Disney XD 9.15% 176 $1 Million Galavision 5.76% 165 $1 Million PBS KIDS Sprout 4.52% 151 $750k Nick at Nite 11.12% 151 $1 Million $15 Million
    36. 36. Final Ad
    37. 37. Print Advertising – Magazine Selection % of Target Reading Index of Target Page Rate (4-Color) #of Pages Total Budget National Geographic Kids 4.99% 192 $103,340 4 $413,360 FamilyFun 4.50% 181 $197,740 4 $790,960 American Baby 5.15% 180 $209,930 4 $839,720 Parents 11.80% 176 $188,740 4 $754,960 People en Espanol 4.70% 160 $79,100 4 $316,400 OK! 4.18% 137 $66,830 12 $801,960 In Touch Weekly 4.59% 131 $76,480 12 $917,760 Soap Opera Digest 2.28% 121 $9,700 12 $116,400 Every Day with Rachael Ray 3.76% 124 $155,000 4 $620,000 People 21.60% 109 $324,400 6 $1,946,400 $7.5 Million
    38. 38. Online Advertising – Website Selection % of Target Visiting Index of Target Total Budget Spanish Language: 2.40% 170 $150,000 Entertainment: 4.48% 170 $200,000 Spanish Language: Yahoo! en Español 1.10% 157 $100,000 Socialize/Network/Photos/Vids: Photobucket 3.31% 126 $100,000 Socialize/Network/Photos/Vids: Facebook 42.06% 116 $1 Million Email: Yahoo! Mail 34.29% 115 $750,000 Shopping: 19.28% 114 $500,000 Information/Reference: 12.67% 114 $400,000 Socialize/Network/Photos/Vids: YouTube 35.21% 113 $850,000 Email: Windows Live Hotmail 12.80% 111 $200,000 Entertainment: 13.54% 109 $200,000 Weather: 25.56% 105 $300,000 Travel/Maps: 21.42% 105 $250,000 $5 Million
    39. 39. Public Relations and Sponsorship
    40. 40. 2014 Sponsorship of Feeding America
    41. 41. For every purchase of Totino‟s Pizza Rolls, we will donate 1 meal to Feeding America By sponsoring Feeding America, Totino‟s can help give back to the community in a relevant, thoughtful way. Budget: $1 provides 8 meals Recommend a $500,000 budget which will provide 4 million meals
    42. 42. Promote Feeding America Partnership to the Media to generate positive publicity Example Press Release: “Totino‟s is proud to announce a new sponsorship with Feeding America. Totino‟s will donate 1 meal for each box of Pizza Rolls purchased, providing 8 million meals to needy families. „This is an incredible opportunity to give back and support our local community‟ says Brand Manager Dan Johnson. Totino‟s Pizza Rolls come in 12 flavors, and can be found in your grocer‟s freezer section.”
    43. 43. Target Top „Mom Bloggers‟ who may be willing to write about Totino‟s Host an event in Dallas, TX for 100 „Mom bloggers‟ to generate positive PR and blog posts about Totino‟s Send bloggers product samples and educate them on how Totino‟s can help save them time
    44. 44. „Mom Blogger‟ Event in Dallas, TX Totino’s Blogger Event – Sample Itinerary Day 1 5pm – 7pm Guests Arrive, check into hotel 8pm – 11pm Meet and Greet Day 2 9am Breakfast 10am-12pm Panel Discussion about kids and Nutrition 12pm-2pm Cooking Demonstration and Lunch 2pm-3pm Break 3pm-5pm Keynote Speaker 6pm-9pm Dinner Costs to Host Event (based on 100 guests) Transportation ($300 per person) $30,000 Hotel ($250 per room) $25,000 Speaker Fees $45,000 Giveaways and Prizes $15,000 Agency Fee $35,000 Venue Rental $50,000 Total $200,000
    45. 45. Out of Home Advertising
    46. 46. Billboards Totino’s Pizza Rolls: Ready in 60 Seconds. What’s Your Superpower?
    47. 47. Billboards Super Only Takes a Minute
    48. 48. Billboards Budget 40 billboards in Baton Rouge Metro Area Population: 400,000 100 daily GRPs: 40 billboards Average cost for 100 daily GRPs: $578 Monthly cost: $23,100 4-month cost: $92,400 50 billboards in Houston,TX commuted highways Population: 1,000,000 100 daily GRPs: 50 billboards Average cost for 100 daily GRPs: $578 Monthly cost: $28,900 4-month cost: $115,600
    49. 49. Promotional Activity
    50. 50. Promotion Recommendation  Continue with aggressive promotional spend  Budget: $20 MM  $7 MM  Smart source coupon insert (vary size depending on budget and timing)  National distribution every 8 weeks (6x/year)  February, April, June, August, September, November  $10 MM  Retail value  Free boxes  Discounts on multiples  In-store discounts  $3 MM  In-store display promotions  Select cities in South with highest concentration of customers
    51. 51. Facebook Postcard Promotion  “Get a coupon for a free box of Totino‟s Pizza Rolls”  Steps to obtain coupon:  “Like” Facebook page  Provide mailing address and general information:  How often do you buy Totino‟s  Favorite flavor  Number of kids under 18 in the household  Customer will receive coupon 6-8 weeks later  Limited qty available: 25K  Specs:  3.5 x 3.5  100# Gloss Color  4/4 with bleed Printing: $1,500 Postage: $6,500 Retail Value: $74,750 $82,750
    52. 52. Front Back Facebook Postcard Promotion Void if altered, copied, sold, purchased, transferred, exchanged or where prohibited or restricted by law. One coupon per purchase of specified product(s). Good only in USA, APOs & FPOs CONSUMER. No other coupon may be used with this coupon. Consumer pays any sales tax. RETAILER: General Mills reimburses you the face value of this coupon plus .03 if submitted in compliance with our redemption policy. Copy available upon request. Cash value 1/100 cent. Send to GENERAL MILLS, PO BOX 880688, EL PASO TX 88038 or an authorized clearing house. MANUFACTURER’S COUPON | EXPIRES 4/15/2013 Get one FREE box of Totino’s Pizza Rolls Up to $2.99 Need a Tina Moment? <<Mr. Sample A. Sample>> <<Address Line 1>> <<Address Line 2>> <<City, State, Zip>>
    53. 53. Show Us Your Rolls Contest  Come up with the newest variety of Totino‟s Pizza Rolls  Submit entries through Facebook  If you “Share” your submission, you‟ll automatically receive $1 off  #ShowUsYourRolls  3 Flavors will be selected and tested for 1 month  Consumers to cast vote on Facebook  Flavor with the most votes will win  Prize:  $5,000 & one-year supply of Totino‟s  40 ct. box every week
    54. 54. Additional Promotions via Social Media Encourage moms to post pictures of their Tina Totino‟s moments #IAmTinaTotinos Encourage kids to post pictures of themselves playing with their pizza rolls #HowDoYouTotino
    55. 55. In Store Superm m to the rescue! Super only takes a minute!
    56. 56. Trade Shows The Food Retail Showcase June 10 - 13, 2014 Chicago, Illinois NRA Show 3014 May 17 - 20, 2014 Chicago, Illinois
    57. 57. Trade Show Budget Food Marking Institutte – Food Retail Showcase June 10-12 Transportation $2,000 Exhibit space –Lvl 1, $27.00/sq. ft for 150 sq. ft $12,150 Additional costs $5,000 Total $19,150 National Restaurant Association – NRA Show Transportation $2,000 Exhibit space –Lvl 1, $30.50.00/sq. ft for 150 sq. ft + $300.00 per corner $17,325 Additional costs $5,000 Total $24,325 Total: $43,475
    58. 58. New Flavors • Totino‟s came out with 3 new flavors in 2013 •Meatball Marinara •Cheesy Garlic •Chicken Parmesan • Looking for more out of the box flavors that will appeal to kids • Stick with the fun aspect of Totino‟s
    59. 59. Totino’s Pizza Rolls A delightfully cheesy pizza-pocket that the whole family will love Flavors: Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage Sponsored Menu Item at a National Chain Restaurant
    60. 60. Total 2014 Budget – Totino‟s Pizza Rolls Paid Media Promotion TV $15 Million Coupons $7 Million Print $7.5 Million Price Promotions $10 Million Digital $5 Million In-Store Display $3 Million Feeding America Sponsorship $500,000 $20 Million Trade Shows $43,475 Blogger Event $200,000 Billboards $208,000 $28.5 Million
    61. 61. Thank You!
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