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Statitiska (mathematic)






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    Statitiska (mathematic) Statitiska (mathematic) Presentation Transcript

    • Definition Of Statistics• Statistics is the science that studies how to plan, collect, analyze, interpret, and present data. In short, statistics is a science with respect to data. • Statistika adalah ilmu yang mempelajari bagaimana merencanakan, mengumpulkan, menganalisis, menginterpretasi, dan mempresentasikan data. Singkatnya, statistika adalah ilmu yang
    • • Data = information obtained from the result of observation or research• Data collection can be performed through interviews / quetionnaries followed by counting, measuring or by recording the data using the tallies• The measures of central tendency consist of mean, mode and median
    • Mean, Mode and Median.......• Mean : the average value of a group• Mode : the value which appears most eften or the value of hingest frequency• Median : the middle value after the data are ordered
    • data can be presented in twoforms, namely a table/list and a graph/diagram
    • Table/List Frequency
    • Graph/Diagram6 65 54 43 32 Series 1 Series 1 21 Series 2 1 Series 20 Series 3 0 Series 3 Sales 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
    • • A line diagram is used to show the development of a continous condition• In a pie diagram, the size of the central angle of each sector is proportional to the size of tyhe data each category
    • MANFAAT STATISTIKA• Manfaat statistika dalam kehidupan sehari-hari sangat beragam sebagai contoh sederhana:• • Bagi ibu-ibu rumah tangga mungkin tanpa disadari mereka telah menerapkan statiska. Dalam membelanjakan uang untuk kebutuhan keluarganya sering melakukan perhitungan untung rugi, berapa jumlah uang yang harus dikeluarkan setiap bulannya untuk uang belanja, listrik, dll.• • Sebagai mahasiswa, selain statistika dipelajari secara formal sebenarnya kita sudah menggunakannya dalam perhitungan Indeks prestasi.• • Dalam dunia bisnis, para pemain saham atau pengusaha sering menerapkan statistika untuk memperoleh keuntungan. Seperti peluang untuk menanamkan saham.• • Sedangkan dalam bidang industri, statistika sering digunakan untuk menentukan keputusan. Contohnya berapa jumlah produk yang harus diproduksi dalam sehari berdasarkan data historis perusahaan, apakah perlu melakukan pengembangan produk atau menambah varian produk, perlu tidaknya memperluas cabang produksi, dll.Jadi, statistika sebenarnya sangat penting bagi kita, dapat berguna dalam menentukan keputusan meskipun kadangkala penggunaannya tidak kita sadari.
    • Result of our Survey • After we survey to 7A class, we ask them with some question and after that, we collecting the data. and this is the result
    • Lets us discuss the topic• From 29 (absen 3) student in the 7A class, we find the answer and we make a frequency table like this : Vehicles Frequency Mobil Jemputan 5 Motor Pribadi 6 Motor (Diantar 10 Orangtua) Mobil (Diantar 2 Orangtua) Becak 3 Sepeda 0 Kendaraan Umum 0 Jalan Kaki 0
    • vehicles used to go to school (use piediagram) Mobil jemputan Motor pribadi Motor (Diantar orangtua) Mobil (Diantar Orantua) Becak Sepeda kendaraan Umum
    • to find mean, mode and median. Weneed some formula :• Mean = sum of all values : number of the data• Modus : by looking the frequency• Median : by looking the middle of the data after we ordered
    • Lets find the answer !• Mean = 26 : 8 = 3,25 = 3• The Modus is = Motor (Diantar Orangtua) about 10 students• The Median is = (13 & 14) Mobil Pribadi (Diantar Orangtua)
    • not only asking about vehiclesused to go to school, but we askother question too
    • extracurricular activities they are interested okay, this is the table frequency about their interested on extracurricularType of badminton I Football Basket English Scout Lainnyaextracurricular C TFrequency 8 3 4 4 2 3 2
    • Chart Title9 And this is the diagram Series18 Series27 Series365 Series44 Series532 Series61 Series70 1 Series8
    • So the mode, mean and medianis.......• Mean = 26 : 7 = 3,7 = 4• Mode = badminton (about 8 student interesting with it )• Median = (13 & 14) Football / Basket
    • Theirelementaryschool Elementary School From Frequency SDN Margadadi III 5 Margadadi VII 2 Margadadi I 2 Karanganyar I (Kelas jauh) 5 Lainnya 12
    • Mean, Mode and Median.....• Mean = 26 : 5 = 5,2• Mode = Lainnya (about 13 students)• Median = (13 & 14) Karanganyar I (Kelas jauh) / SDN Margadadi III
    • And the last, about their interestedlesson Lesson’s Name Frequency Mathematic 7 History 2 English Language 8 Japanese Language 6 Lainnya 3
    • Mean, Mode and Median• Mean = 26 : 5 = 5,2• Mode = English Language (about 8 students )• Median = (13 & 14) mathematic
    • • from the observation that the results are different from each other and not much the same. but even so we should stick to the establishment of Indonesian nation that says "Different but one also“ yang artinya “berbeda- beda tapi satu jua”• Terimakasih dan wassalam!!!! 
    • Thanks For Your Attention, we hope you will agree with our presentation, the last we say Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb