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Microsft excel 2007 ( ict )
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Microsft excel 2007 ( ict )


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Starting Excel :1.Go to the Start Button on the Desktop and press it.Click on Allprograms.2.Then click on Microsoft Office ,then Microsoft Office Excel 2007.3.This opens the Excel 2007 program.
  • 2. Tool barOffice Button Menu bar Excel sheetMenu bar:1.Menu bar contains all the operators which the user wishesto perform on their Data.2.By clicking on each tab user and view the operator.Example:By clicking on Home tab user can see operatorswhich allow changing the Font type,Size and color.
  • 3. Toolbars:1.A wide variety of toolbars displaying buttons whichmake editing quicker and easier are available.2.Usually Toolbars have only three options:Save,Undoand Redo.Users have an option of adding any tool theywish to have in Toolbar by simply Customizing theToolbar.
  • 4. Customizing Toolbars:1.By clicking on the small down arrow present besideToolbar users can Customizing Toolbar.2.From the available options,user can select any optionby clicking on them.
  • 5. Creating a New sheet:In order to create a New sheet on the menu bar youmay either:a)Click on the New button after clicking officebutton.
  • 6. Open an existing saved sheet :In order to open an existing saved file,you may either:a)Click on the Open file button after clicking office button.
  • 7. Save a sheet:In order to save a document,you may eithera)Click the save button after clicking office button.
  • 8. In either case you will get a save As dialog box.Navigate to whereyou want to save the Document where it says Save in by clickingon the arrow and then give the desired file name where it says Filename.Then click on Save.
  • 9. Renaming Excel Sheets:In order to rename a saved sheeta)Select Open from the tool bar find the file that you want torename.b)Right click on the document name with the mouse and selectRename from the shortcut menu that appears.
  • 10. Press shift + F11 ( press the Ctrl key while pressing “F11” )on the keyboard
  • 11. ENTER,EDIT,ANALYZE,ANF REPORT THE DATA :1.The Excel sheets are divided into grids called “cells”.where you can click enter the data.
  • 12. Microsoft Access 2003•Tables:used to enter,store,organize,and view data.For example,one table could store a list ofstudents and their IDs,while another table could store the equipment that the students checkedout.
  • 13. Microsoft Access 2003•Queries :used to extract data from a database.Queries ask a question of data stored in atable.For example,a query could display only student who checked out still cameras.
  • 14. Microsoft Access 2003•Form :used to enter,edit,or view data stored in a table or a query.
  • 15. Microsoft Access 2003•Reports :used to display and print selected information from a table in a visually appealing customized way.
  • 16. 1.Go to start > Programs >Microsoft Access 2003.2.Click File > New > New file.3.Click New file pane > Select Blank Database option > open file new database dialog box.4.In the File new database dialog box,type in a name for your database,navigate to the folder where you wish to save youfile,and click Create.
  • 17. Microsft Acces 2003•Create table in Design view,Create table by using wizard,and Create table by entering data.
  • 18. Table wizard1. Select Tables from the objects.2. Double-click the create table by using wizard option.3. In the Table Wizard dialog box,select your table category,Business or personal ,by clicking oneof the radio buttons.4. Choose the purpose of you database unfer sample tables,by clicking on one of the items in thelist.5. Choose content fields for your database from the list under sample fields .To do this,double-clickthe desired field.
  • 19. Table wizard6.Once you have selected all the fields for you table,click Next.7.The name step will ask you to name you table and set a Primary Key.Type in the name for yourtable.Then,choose No,I’II set the primary key.Click Next.
  • 20. Table Wizard8.In the next dialog box,choose Numbers I enter when I add new records.Click Next.9.In the next dialog box,select Enter data directly into the table.Click Finish.
  • 21. Setting Primary Key1.Select the field you want to be the Priamry key for your table.This is usually a number,forexample a student ID,a product serial number,etc.2.Click the Primary key button in the toolbar.This is now the unique identifier of the record.
  • 22. Inserting Columns1.Click the Design View button.2.Type in a title in a blank field.3.Click on the Data sheet View button.4.Scroll all the way to the right to see the new column in your table.
  • 23. FORMATTING DATA TYPE1.Click in the cell next to the field you wish to format the data type for in Data Type column.2.Choose the desired type from the dropdown menu.3.Click on the Data Sheet view button.4.Type in the data in the field.
  • 24. Setting Relationship1.In the Database window,click Tables from Objects bar.2.Click Relationships button in the toolbar.3.Click the show Table button in the toolbar to view the other table.3.Click the Show Table button in the toolbar to view the other table.4.Select the second table from the list and click Add.5.Close the dialog box.6.Go to Relationships in the main menu.Select Edit Relationships.7.In Edit Relationships dialog box click Create New.8.Select Left Table Name from the dropdown menu.9.Select Right Table Name from the dropdown menu.10.Select Left Column Name from the dropdown menu.11.Select Right Column name from the dropdown menu.
  • 25. 1.In the Database window select Queries from the Objects bar.2.Double-click Create query by using wizard.3.In the Simple Query Wizard dialog box.4.Double-click or use single arrow you can choose fields for the query.5.Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add fields from other tables.6.Once you can have all the necessary fields,So click Next.7.In the next dialog box you can choose Detail ,So you push Click Next.8.Select open the query to view information,and you can click Finish.
  • 26. 1.Click the Forms Icon in the bar.2.Double-click Craete form by using wizard.3.In the Form Wizard Dialog box,Select your table from Table/Queries.4.Double-click or use single arrows and to choose fileds from Available Fields.5.Once you have all the necessary fields,click Next.6.Choose a design for your Form by clicking the buttons.The most populardesigns are Columnar,Tabular,and Justified.7.So click Next.8.Choose a style for your form .9.Type in a name for your form in the dialog box and your clikc Finish.
  • 27. 1.Your click Report s icon in the Objects bar.2.Double-click Create report by using wizard.3.In the Report Wizard dialog box,and then select your table from the table/Queries.4.Double –click or use single arrows fields from the Available Fields .5.Once you have all the necessery fields,Abd then click Next.6.Once you are finished with the grouping,And then click Next.
  • 28. 7.You can choose a sorting order for your data in the report.8.Then you Click Next.9.You Choose a layout and orientation for your report.10.You choose a style for your report by clicking on a title form thelist.11.Type in a name for your report in the dialog box,and thenYou click Finish.