7 June FRSA Flash


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7 June FRSA Flash

  1. 1. Task Force Knighthawk FRSA Flash www.facebook.com/TF Knighthawk Government OrganizationThursday, June 07, 2012 Tickets for Riverfest are now on sale at the MWR window on the second floor of Clark Hall. 27 June Knighthawk Air Assault practice 28 June Knighthawk Air Assault Demo, 1800 **Contact your FRG Leader for more information!!**
  2. 2. P a g e 2 T a s k F o r c e K n i g ht h a w k NOTES OF INTEREST The Fort Drum Law Enforcement Team has put out the f information this page and the next three. Please read them for your safety and awareness!
  3. 3. NOTES OF INTEREST P a g e 3
  4. 4. P a g e 4 T a s k F o r c e K n i g ht h a w k NOTES OF INTEREST
  5. 5. P a g e 5NOTES OF INTEREST
  6. 6. Did you know…. Education Center ClosureArmy Education Center will close Friday, the 22 of June for annual cleaning and preparation fortransferring equipment and staff to our Annex. Scheduled Training and classes will not be impacted.The SUNY North Country Consortium, Jefferson Community, Empire State, and Columbia Collegeoffices will be open. The McEwen Library will be open for computer support. Housing SurveyIn trying to assist our families with their housing needs, we need your help!! Please take a few mo-ment to fill our this survey on what you like about housing, what they would like to see in the fu-ture. This includes single and married Soldiers. Clark Hall ParkingRepairs to Clark Hall P10720 parking lot will begin on 6 June 2012 The work will include a sealcoatand restriping of the parking lot to include larger parking stalls. Work will start on the north sideparking lot of Clark Hall, this parking lot will be blocked off the evening of 5 June 2012. Please insureall vehicles are removed from the area prior to the evening of 5 June 2012. This work will takeapprox 6-8 days dependant on the weather. Once the North side is complete it will be opened upand the South side parking lot will be closed. It may be necessary to use the PX and Commissaryparking lot during this time. Volunteer OpportunitiesMcEwen Library is looking for volunteers to assist in day to day duties around the library. Responsi-bilities include: shelving books, process new materials, maintain the routine upkeep of the librarysuch as dusting shelves, cleaning screens and keyboards, sending out overdue notices. Hours areextremely flexible...anytime the library is open! If you are interested, please contact Wendy Newellat 772-6605 or wendy.newell@us.army.mil
  7. 7. Off the Beaten Path Gift Shop located in the Heritage Center next to the USO is in need of one volun-teer to help out on Tuesdays beginning in June, anytime between 10 - 2 would be the shift. This is agreat opportunity to gain retail experience!!! If you are interested, please email Chris at otbpgift-shop@gmail.com.2012 Fort Drum Housing Survey:https://www.drumsurvey.org/se.ashx?s=360365077E1F04ADFort Drum Financial Readiness, ACSIf youre not giving 10% of your income to yourself (in the form of an emergency fund or invest-ments), our question is, "Why Not?" Starting now is better than not starting at all. Youre going toNEED that money somedayFort Drum FMWRA Lifeguard Certification Class is being offered at Monti Pool June 25 - 28. Call 772-4807 to regis-ter or for more information.
  8. 8. Fort Drum Directorate of Emergency Services Bicycle PatrolWritten by First Lieutenant Rebecca K. Hsia, 91st Military Police BattalionTwenty Soldiers from the 91st Military Police Battalion recently completed training for this season’sDirectorate of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Division, Bicycle Patrol and Community Po-licing mission. This mission not only reduces crime and increases public safety, it also has a furtherundertaking of promoting positive ties between the Fort Drum community and it’s Law Enforcement.Sergeant Christopher Stockton and Sergeant Brandon Hawkins, both assigned to the 511th MilitaryPolice Company will lead their Soldiers in patrol activities within the Fort Drum residential areas.Through events such as Bike Rodeo, and other community policing activities, they will inform thepublic on safety, enforce Fort Drum traffic regulations in housing areas, and provide an active policepresence and point of contact for our community.Soldiers from the 23rd Military Police Company and the 511th Military Police Company underwent astrenuous two week training program. The first week focused on strength and conditioning, culminat-ing with a rigorous 20 mile bike ride. The second week focused on learning how to maneuver, careand maintain the bicycle as well as incorporated live fire weapons qualification with the bicycle. TheSoldiers also conducted Radar training which they will use to enforce traffic laws.The live fire weapons qualification incorporated elements from their bike patrol training as well astheir law enforcement skills. The exercise involved a scenario in which Soldiers first operated in twoman teams, rode a difficult half mile course, dragged a 180 pound dummy through a course, and thenutilized there assigned weapons to engage targets on a range. The Soldiers then rode another quartermile course culminating in another weapons engagement.The training was led by a guest instructor from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) on loan tothe Directorate of Emergency Services and the 91st Military Police Battalion. CPB Agent MikeOConnor is a bike patrol trainer for U.S. Border Patrol and travelled to Fort Drum to conduct thetraining at the request of Lieutenant Dave Shannon, the Law Enforcement Divisions Training officer.Mr. OConnor has spent seven years patrolling the southern U.S. border and is currently on his eighthyear patrolling the northern U.S. border.Military Police Soldiers assigned to 91st Military Police Battalion and Department of Army CivilianPolice Officers assigned to the Directorate of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Division arethe primary source of manpower utilized to conduct Law Enforcement on Fort Drum.
  9. 9. Summer Camps ListingBeaver Camp - Lowville, NY - http://beavercamp.org/New York Summer Camps - http://www.summeroncampus.com/ Things to see and doClayton, 1000 Islands-SeawayDescription:Fishing the St. Lawrence River in NY and Ontario. Guided drift fishing trips from $35. Nine complete packagetrips, including fishing, accommodations and meals. The most experienced and innovative charter service inthe 1000 Islands. North American Fishing Club approved. Call toll free for our FREE Fishing Trip PlanningPacket.Phone: 315-686-2381Email: tifc@westelcom.comWebsite: www.1000-islands.com/fishing/Alexandria Bay, 1000 Islands-SeawayDescription:The 78 mile long trail meanders throughout Jefferson County and makes a terrific day trip from any of theareas hotels. The trail is marked by green grape cluster signs. The trail uses NY Routes 3, 180, 12, 26, 11, and342. The Thousand Islands - Seaway Wine Trail is host to many events throughout the year.Phone: 315-489-1518Email: ybfarm@juno.comWebsite: thousandislandsseawaywinetrail.comSalmon River FallsDescription:110-ft scenic waterfall.Falls RdOrwell, 1000 Islands-Seaway, NY, 13426Blue Star Museumshttp://www.bluestarfam.org/Programs/Blue_Star_MuseumsBlue Star Museums is off and running! Military families now have access to 1,600 art exhibits, science centers,and amazing museums all over the nation for FREE.
  10. 10. Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multi-ple Military Family news sources. Material presenteddoes not represent the views or endorsement of TFKnighthawk or the United States Army. This material isfor personal use of the readers. All readers are encour-aged to do further research for all applicable restric-tions and guidelines.