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Like pr presentation_eng

  1. 1. Presentation of the Agencyпонедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  2. 2. Who we are LikePR is a young PR agency established by successful experts with 10 years of industry experience. We are a classic full-cycle agency — we both develop and implement PR strategies using the full arsenal/the full palette of communication tools. We serve larger corporations and address big communication tasks by combining our expertise and connections you may find at a major international agency with the custom, boutique approach you would expect from a small creative studio. We love the PR business and the opportunities it offers. We know its governing principles, we have mapped out its currents and shoals. We offer the dream of any large corporation: the combination of boutique approach and global expertise. 2понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  3. 3. What we can do Everything a good PR agency can do. On top of that, we have four additional competencies enabling us to implement very complex modern projects to most exacting standards of quality: We can work with We can work We can work We can work in the the media in locally in Russia’s with opinion leaderscyberspace modern, effective far-flung regions ways Social releases, To know the local To engage just To run blogs and chat room situation, to stay the right experts pages on social comments, in touch with local to support a project, networks, create Skype sessions experts, journalists including public figuresposts generating Blog tours, and elites in more and top hundreds of discussions in than 40 of Russia’s government officials, thousands of hits, social networks — ... regions — ... pop stars defuse or bloggers — ... online crises — ... ...all of these are not just “new technology” to us, it’s something we know very well and do on a daily basis. We are a modern agency and we move 3 with the times.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  4. 4. What we are particularly good at Developing communication solutions (PR strategy and tactics) and provide a full range of PR support. Promoting our clients through the media and organizing media events that tend to blow everybody’s socks off. We support our clients’ projects online, including in social networks. We organize high-profile events involving leading industry experts, including conferences, meetings, round tables. We design and implement out-of-the-box projects. We provide straightforward and effective media training sessions for our clients‘ employees, ncluding senior management. We provide quality research and professional media and audience monitoring service. 4 More details in the following slides »понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  5. 5. PR strategy development and implementation. Comprehensive support The essence of our approach: creating the message that strikes the right cords, picking the right target groups, and precise targeting of message delivery. This is what you are going to see in the PR strategy we are going to propose. Then we go on to implement the proposed and approved strategy on a subscription or project basis. Team experience: comprehensive PR support for Ochakovo Brewery and Soft Drinks, Ingosstrakh insurer, Societe Generale Vostok Bank, Ledovo Trading House and many more. 5 A couple of examples in the following slides »понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  6. 6. Reputation for innovation with opinion leaders We designed a communication strategy for Ochakovo Brewery and Soft Drinks Bottler targeting opinion leaders in a weak market and in the context of waning media interest in the brewery. Implementation of all the interlinked aspects of the strategy enabled the company to retain its position on the market, launch new premium beverages, and prompt the publication of approximately 3,000 coverage Ochakovo CEO Alexei Kochetov signing the Kaltenberg license deal. stories in respected, quality media, raising the brewery’s profile in the business community. Ochakovo is now Number 2 by frequency of media 6 mentions after Baltika Breweries.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  7. 7. Handing the media and media events Approach Experience We are experts in organizing media The Agency has more than 500 events, analyst events, as well as media events on the resume events for bloggers and other (press conferences, media opinion leaders. Our experience, briefings, media brunches, press knowledge and the fact that we are tours, presentation, on good, friendly terms with infotainment sessions and other opinion leaders – all of this helps to events for Moscow, nationwide make our events exciting and and regional media outlets). Our effective. media database includes more We are really good at bringing than 3,000 contacts across together all the right people in the Russia, and we’re adding to it same room and ensuring a great and updating it all the time. coverage outcome. We also have a range of contacts in top-tier international media. Do you want coverage by the New York Times? You’ve come to the right place. 8 We’ll come up with something!понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  8. 8. Journalists help launch a new brand Product presentation of the new premium branded kvass Veranda for the media at the Ritz-Carlton: the combination of luxury and innovation emphasizes the essence of the new brand. And although the media are often reluctant to report on new products without getting compensation normally associated with advertising, Veranda was presented as a true technological bombshell, Ochakovo CEO presenting Veranda via a webcast 9 ensuring news coverage in all major media.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  9. 9. No news event too small! Do you want to get top-tier nationwide media interested in a new wine festival in Anapa? Consider it done! Our media tour for the young Southern Wine Company not only ensured coverage in local and Moscow- based print media, but also business TV coverage, as well as positive reports on blogs with thousands of followers. 10понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  10. 10. Reaching 16 regions in a single day Modern technology makes it possible to put together quickly large media conferences spanning many regions simultaneously. For example, Skype conference by Ochakovo CEO Alexei Kochetov called to cover the company’s exit from the Russian Brewers’ Association, was organized in one day and brought more than 50 journalists from 16 Russian regions. 11понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  11. 11. Promotion in social networks Approach Experience Our PR support program always involves More than 30 social media working with the new media. projects implemented for clients Digital media have long since become in business and politics. part of the mainstream, so we see the distinction between conventional and digital PR as unnecessary. We establish a presence for a project, a company, a brand in a social network, we help you find your target audience, we communicate with social network users in their language, we create and promote viral videos. We specialize in most popular bloggers, opinion leaders we know personally and work with directly. We also know how to measure a social network campaign’s efficiency and effectiveness. 12понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  12. 12. Senior executive’s blog goes live – an industry first We launched Ocakovo Brewery VP Inna Kochetova’s blog in June 2010. It was probably the first-ever online diary of a senior executive about “the human aspects” of work. Between June and November 2010, we have been able to turn Irina A. Kochetova’s blog into a source of information and comments for the media and industry resources. 13понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  13. 13. “Blog Spokesman” has a fashionable ring to it Back in 2010, when we were designing a social media communications strategy for the Sverdlovsk Regional Governor, we came up with a new position – that of a blog spokesperson. The position is almost like a media spokesperson, only this communication specialist would focus on online opinion leaders. The blog spokesperson position became official in the payroll of Sverdlovsk Regional Administration – a first in Russia. Everything has been just fine in Governor Alexander Misharin’s communications with bloggers ever since! 14понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  14. 14. Tolerance is born in social networks Discussion board for the Russia For Everyone art project 15 with a Facebook storefront and support in the Live Journal community.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  15. 15. And opinion leaders will be writing about you... Popular bloggers became the latter-day independent media quite some time ago. We frequently organize blog tours and inspire blog coverage reports to be written. More specifically, to address reputational needs of Ochakovo Brewery, we arranged for and inspired 20 site reports from the brewery by popular bloggers with thousands of regular followers, which generated 200,000 hits. 16понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  16. 16. High-level events and actions Our approach Our experience There are two dimensions to The Agency’s team has been holding an event at a national partially responsible for holding government or inter-government/ two major conventions and international level, as well as for single-handedly organized various high-profile industry and approximately 35 different expert events. On the one hand, it conferences, expert panels, live is essential to follow the protocol discussion boards, inter- impeccably, on the other it is regional conference calls and a important to make the event countless number of round- exciting to write about for the table discussions. media, bloggers and experts. 18понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  17. 17. Sometimes government policy can be changed in a laid-back, informal setting This is not an office party, it’s a round-table discussion on a bill to equate beer with wine for regulation purposes. Yes, you can discuss very serious matters in a laid-back setting: thirty leading experts representing both sides of the controversy got together in the comfortable setting of the Ochakovo Company Museumand were joined there by journalists writing for top-tier nationwide media. The ruond-table discussion ended in a minor sensation, when a speaker for the Russian Alcoholic Beverage Regulator said the government should 20 support breweries and relax the terms of the new bill.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  18. 18. Out-of-the-box projects Our approach Our experience The message and the target group are We have implemented over all-important. Delivery methods will 10 social projects for be designed and fine-tuned precisely businesses, for the needs of every project. We Public campaigns for preventing have used a tremendous variety of different types of addiction, HIV methods to deliver the required and other conditions. message to thee target audience! Some of them included thought- inspiring media pieces, topical discussions at live conferences, heated discussions on blogs, and even installation of custom-made tree- stump benches in city parks. We also have a wealth of expertise in everything to do with social projects and smart charity work. We love designing solutions that help both businesses and society win. 21понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  19. 19. Ambient Media in Moscow city parks Acting on behalf of our client Ochakovo Brewery and Soft Drinks Bottler we implemented a social project that involved installing environmentally friendly branded “park and forest furniture” sets in city parks and recreation areas around Moscow (shown in the photo). We timed the action to coincide with Moscow Day, but we had to work hard all summer to make it happen: not only did we have to make sure the tree stump benches would be made to specs and on time, but also we had to negotiate with all the key people in charge of city parks. We implemented the whole project as a turnkey basis. 22понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  20. 20. Event Marketing Sberbank of Russia’s Srednerussky Bank Division Srednerussky Bank (“The Bank of Middle Russia”) is the savings institution to which Sberbank, Russia’s largest savings and credit institution, traces its origins. The Bank turned 170, celebrating the event with a History of Russian coins and Discovered Treasure Hoards and an event for nationwide and regional media. 18понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  21. 21. Life Placement: Short on words, long on real actions Ice dancer and singer Anna Semenovich enjoying a tall glass of Ochakovo kvass, Angelina Jolie looking at a Veranda ad, and guests at an International Political Forum that featured the Russian President and members of domestic and international political elites are pleasantly surprised by the great-tasting Ochakovo beverages, which is uncommon for events of this caliber. You can explain the benefits of a beverage a thousand times, but letting people taste it even once is much better. Letting opinion leaders taste it and share their impressions and photographs is 23 even better.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  22. 22. Media training and coaching We offer our clients regular media training sessions, always using specific examples of real materials and actions. We offer these learning opportunities as well as crash coaching sessions for speakers immediately preceding press conferences or public presentations, and also training programs for media spokespeople, marketing and sales employees, as well as regular coaching for CEOs in effective interaction with the media. 24понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  23. 23. Research and monitoring We can find very precise, effective and efficient solutions for communication challenges owing, among other things, to an extensive research and monitoring base. Before designing a solution, we interview industry experts and opinion leaders, and then initiate comprehensive media monitoring. Using just one media monitoring service cannot provide a complete picture. This is why we use many of the most respected services, and also monitor blogs and social networks on our own. We make the results of our research, as well as 25 additional information on relevant subjects and issues constantly available to our clients.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  24. 24. Our team LikePR is very much a modern agency. We do not have office desk jockeys working nine to six. Over 50 our “troopers” are working in the field, which means they can be anywhere in Moscow, Russia, or the world at any given time. They are seasoned project managers, creators, multimedia artists, journalists and copywriters, industry experts and social media gurus, and even one popular author of fiction. You can sometimes find the core of our highly mobile team at our friendly center of operations at the FLACON Design Factory. Anna Natalia Anastasia Dmitry Puzyrenko Friedman Kokonina Nazarov Founder and leader of Organizer of client is in charge of our media The man at the helm of our LikePR. She was in charge activities. relations and media social network promotion of Promotion for Her out-of-the-box events. She knows very lab. He started out at Ingosstrakh Insurer, BSGV, vision and strong well what journalists look Lentа.Ru under Anton Ochakovo Brewery, EFES, professional acumen for, and handles them in Nosik, spending the next Borzhomi mineral water and enable her to such a professional three years at LiveJournal, other heavyweights of their understand what the manner that nobody can and is now the editor, markets. Anna knows client needs sooner say no to her. creative author and everything there is to know than many others. manager of all our online 26 about PR, she has projects and in charge of a tremendous experience, and our creative team of social quickly finds an excellent media addicts. solution to any challenge.понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  25. 25. How we work We bring structure to the chaos of communication, augmenting standard PR actions by common sense and strong relevance. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of routine day-to-day PR work, when inspired by a bold, original overall idea, and leading to a specific outcome agreed with the client in advance. We are happy to share our knowledge, our ideas and solutions, and our tools with our clients, and we are very careful about meeting the requirements and following the procedures of the client company, providing all reports and documentation in a format acceptable for the client. We love the essence and the core meaning of things, and we do not like “diluting” the essence with dispensable add-ons, so our solutions are written without unnecessary verbiage, and our implementations are free from unneeded actions. We’re seasoned professionals, but we’re also empathetic and fun to work with. 27понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  26. 26. How to hire us for your project You can always invite us to submit a bid. However, a better way is to try us out and see us in action, for example, on a smaller project. The results will speak for themselves, and you will most probably want to continue working with us. Call Or stop by at our office at Anna Puzyrenko FLACON Design Factory +7 903 789 54 51 Second Floor, Building 1, 36 Novodmitrovskaya Street, Moscow. 28понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.
  27. 27. It’s better with us Anna Puzyrenko’s Consulting Group, 2011понедельник, 5 марта 12 г.