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Marketing matters chartergroup part two June 2011
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Marketing matters chartergroup part two June 2011



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Marketing MattersPart TwoPresentation for Chartergroup- 15 June 2011
    Claire Griffiths
    Lighthouse Marketing Ltd
  • 2. Presented by
    Claire Griffiths
    Lighthouse Marketing Ltd
    Over 15 years B2B marketing experience
    Professional services/finance sector expertise
    Offer strategy, planning, implementation
    Communications, PR, events
    Traditional and digital/social media marketing
  • 3. Marketingmatters
    Four part series.
    Builds to offer practical advice to develop your marketing programmes.
    Interactive sessions.
    Homework required.
  • 4. Recap from 1st session
  • 5. Homework undertaken
    Understand your competitors
    Clear idea of customers and segments
    Have defined your services per segment
    Built your SWOT analysis
    Started to collate key messages for each customer segment
    Shared this information with your team (lined the bucket)
    Now ready to start planning this
  • 6. Marketing/Sales Process
  • 7. Key messages and marketing tools
    Know your target audience
    Identify their problems
    Your solution and benefits
    Identify the tools to take them through the sales funnel
    Call to actions
    Ways to be proven/show credibility
  • 8. Basic marketing tools
    Databases – PMS & CRM
    Email facility
    Social Media accounts
    Marketing literature
    Source codes capture
  • 9. Marketing tools
    Different tools for each stage of the sales cycle
  • 10. Awareness Stage
    Objective: to be there and as quickly as possible
    In-person networking
    Online networking
    Press releases
    SEO/Link building
    Article marketing
  • 11. In-person networking
    Build relationships
    Increase connections/referral networks
    Long term technique
  • 12. In-person networking checklist
    Research appropriate networking groups
    Advance attendee list & research attendees
    Prepare call to action
    Take business cards
    Listen more then talk
    Add to database
    Follow up – coffee, linkedin invite to join mailing list etc
  • 13. Online networking
    Build relationships and raise awareness
    Increase connections/referral networks
    Develop positive word of mouth and referrals
    Extend your digital footprint
    Often about influencers not buyers
    Long term technique
  • 14. Online networking checklist
    Key business platforms – Linkedin, Twitter etc
    Research where audience lives online
    Create interesting content
    Maintain frequency
    Balanced comments, helpful vssalesy
    Long term approach
  • 15. Issuing Press Releases
    Gain PR coverage vertical and horizontal press
    Demonstrate expert knowledge/promote service
    Gain in bound links from online coverage
    Increase digital footprint
  • 16. Press Releases - checklist
    Find & follow journalists on twitter
    Draw up press/media list
    Review website, forward features etc
    Review news areas of business clubs etc
    Find free submission sites
    Issue news item at least quarterly
  • 17. Search Engine Optimisation
    Know your key search terms
    Be found using those key search
    Increase web traffic through natural search
    Encourage links from complementary sites
  • 18. SEO - checklist
    Google Analytics enabled
    Website content control - meta data, page titles, keywords, alt tags, link descriptions.
    Inbound links
    Review competitor sites – alexa.com, google keywords
    Regular fresh content
    Blog/Social media accounts linking to website
    Consider paid search advertising
  • 19. Article Marketing
    To make your articles available to others
    Generate inbound links to your website
    Choose popular article (400 – 500 Words
    Ensure keyword rich
    Add in short profile and byline
    Submit to article sites
  • 20. Interest stage
    Objective: to be relevant, right message at the right time
    Referral schemes
    Email newsletters
    Speaking opportunities
    Affinity offers
  • 21. Referral schemes
    Encourage and reward people for leads/referrals
    Generate referred leads
    Referral policy
    Incentive scheme staff
    Publish policy – website/social media
    Constant review of referral activity
  • 22. Email
    Data capture device on website email sign up
    Build target database
    Sales promotion opportunity within email newsletter
  • 23. Email - checklist
    Sign post clearly on website
    Minimum data capture
    Permission based – opt in
    Email content beware spam filters
    Test emails on different systems, mobile.
    Email system with data management
    Consider segmenting different content/sector
    Exclusive email content
  • 24. Speaking opportunities
    Demonstrate credibility
    Provides content for other areas
    Active lead generation
    Prepare speaker outline
    Research guest speaker slots
    Record or video talk add to website
  • 25. Blogging
    Demonstrate credibility
    Provides content for other areas
    Strong keywords for SEO
    Keeps website fresh
    Reuse content
    Decide on core messages
    Weekly articles eg top tips/how to etc
    Guest bloggers
    Footer and cross links
    Promote across website/social media
  • 26. Affinity offers
    Partner with complementary organisations
    Access to another organisations clients
    Research appropriate organisations
    Prepare suitable offer
    Joint promotional activity
    Track conversions
    Consider formal affiliate network
  • 27. Evaluation stage
    Objective: to be proven
    Client case studies
  • 28. Case studies
    Demonstrates credibility
    Third party endorsement
    Show sense of how you work
    Use through sales process
  • 29. Case studies - checklist
    Hero on your site
    Remember key words and messages
    Continually ask for case studies as part of wrap up
    Prepare and use copy in multiple format- Web/SM/Slides/quotes in tenders etc
    Consider video case studies
    Cross link through website to case studies
    Aim quarterly
  • 30. Endorsements
    Demonstrates credibility
    Third party endorsement
    Show sense of how you work
    Use through sales process
    Get Linkedin/Google endorsements
    Ask endorsements through questionnaires etc
    Remember key words and messages
  • 31. Trial stage
    Objective: to be helpful, make it easy
    Free meeting offer
    Hosted events/seminars
    Special rates eg event attendees, business club members etc
    Trials/Product demos
    Video case studies
  • 32. Hosted events
    Various formats – roundtable/seminar
    Consider joint events with referral partners
    Post on free event listing sites
    Check date against industry clashes
    Online booking eg Event registration systems
    Gather feedback and set aside follow up time
    Consider live blogging/tweeting
  • 33. Trials
    Consider on screen demos eg Sage using screen capture software
    How to videos
    Free trial of accounting software?
  • 34. Adoption stage
    Objective: to influence the influencer
    Extended networking – influencing the KDM, research referral networks of your targets
  • 35. Loyalty stage
    Objective: keep the client, turn into advocate
    Welcome packs
    Easy to use services
    Customer satisfaction monitoring
    Link up on social media
    Guest blogger
    Maintain close relationship
  • 36. Marketing planning
  • 37. Marketing Planning
    Consider splitting plan by customer segments
    Set key objectives and measurements
    Define key deadlines/dates eg Budget, tax year-end
    Plot campaigns based on key messages/timelines
    Should have a calendar of actions
  • 38. Budgeting
    Allocating your budget against sales cycle
  • 39. Budget spend per stage
  • 40. Next actions
    Decide on marketing tools and content
    Develop marketing action plan
    Allocate budget
    Get on with it
    Sample plans
  • 41. Any questions?
  • 42. How can I help your firm?
    Contact me on
    07845 185143
    Fixed hourly, daily, project rates so no surprises!