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Slides presented to Institute of Financial Planners SW Event - Feb 2011

Slides presented to Institute of Financial Planners SW Event - Feb 2011

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  • SM is rethinking the old marketing channels Inbound is the new termIts about conversations, listening and engagement
  • Social media can influence the Sales/NBD funnel. Taking Kotler’s Rational decision-making model. Lets look at how social media can affect the sales funnel from awareness to loyalty.Awareness stage Firstly you need to understand where your clients hang out online, and be there - join forums, blogs, communities etc. For example use twitter to see whose talking about financial planningLook at competitors, referral networks, local media twitter feeds and follow them. Use advanced twitter search or hashtagsResearch competitors products and services. Sign up to their RSS feedsUse as a broadcast message for your firm/yourself or your services. Make messages interesting, aim to get articles passed on, shared or retweetedInfluence here is highGive your prospective clients something their interested in. Give something away to draw people into your content eg blog, article webcast, etcOnce you have an idea for content, Repurpose it for different channels eg blog article, slides on slideshare, youtube ‘how to’ video etcDemonstrate your expertiseAlso about engaging in conversation, answer questions, join groups ask questionsInfluence here is highWhat can Social Mediado at the evaluation stage when weightingup others against your firmAsk on twitter why your clients use you, retweet then share their comments and use in offline materialsLook at questions being asked and offer answersRun Live Q&A webinar for exampleRefer clientsInfluence at this evaluation stage is medium, Your services need to stand up to scrutiny for potential clients to move down the sales funnelTrial StageAbout quality of service at this stages but SM can help champion good servicePut newbies in touch with existing advocate customersWhen articles downloaded etc contact them for feedback, do they need a case study on how it works, free trial etcInfluence here is relatively lowAdoption StageMainly p2p sellingQuality of sales forceLoyalty StageInfluence here very highCross sell and up sell oppProvide up to date reminders eg key dates, new services, new legislationDevelop 1 2 1 relationships with customers and deepen relationships, improve serviceSupport loyalty by helping customers out tweet links to customers or rewteet content, provide recommendations Deepening relationshipsEncouraging lock-inFantastic opps at loyalty stage for deepening relationship, increasing customer service.
  • Google blog search will help you find good blogs Then subscribe via RSS feed
  • Many are free!!
  • Website tips:Home page so importantDirecting visitors quickly to where they want to goDirect call to actionsEncouraging sign ups to contentSearch facilitySpecific landing pages (with page tags so we can track them are essential)
  • 126 million blogs listed on Blogpost (Jan 2010)Blogs goodWay to establish your firm and people as expertsChance to create your unique content and enhance websiteGreat SEO ranking and therefore awareness toolChance to develop relationship through commentsBlogs badTime intensiveNeed to have regular contentBusy blogospherePersonality and content very important
  • Use Blogs toPromote your blogEmail signatures
  • GoodEasy to useConnect to people through existing connectionsAllows you to integrate twitter, blog and websiteJoin groups to develop connections and share knowledgeQuestion and Answer to demonstrate knowledgePost public eventsBadSmallest of the Big Three social networksLess fun and harder to develop personalityJob seekers are more active on the site than those already employedProfessional site, so marketing messages are not always welcome.
  • Profile pictureGood headlineRegular updates – mine through my twitterfeedPublic ProfilePromote and link to website/blogs/twitter etcTarget 100% completeness
  • Recommendations - Don’t ask give to receiveConsider other applications such asReading listTwitter feedsEventsRecommendations
  • GoodPublic and instant = greater SEO exposureOpen forum - build a communityFans can “follow you” without you having to reciprocateQuick way to share links to contentUsers are very vocal, so if they are happy with your firm they’ll say soBad140 characters is challengingBusy with lots of “noise.” Stand-out very hardIncreasing spammersNeeds monitoring , poor customer service etc
  • Track through twitter buzz
  • Great way to explain a service, use for client testimonials too
  • How to videos explaining complex areasMake sure you promote widely and embed into directories etc
  • Variety of tools that allow you to manage social media
  • Image to show hootsuite where you can add streams and then statistics
  • Promote through business cards, email signatures etc


  • 1. Being social with your marketing
  • 2. Presented by
    Claire Griffiths
    Lighthouse Marketing Ltd
    Over 15 years B2B marketing experience
    Professional services/finance sector expertise
    Offer strategy, planning, implementation
    Communications, PR, events
    Traditional and digital/social media marketing
  • 3. Agenda
    What is social media
    Social media & marketing
    Available tools
    Top tools & some tips
    Managing digital and social media
  • 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLd9q88ohUs&feature=fvw
  • 5. Rethinking marketing!
  • 6. Social Media + Sales/NBD funnel
  • 7. Digital/Social Marketing Tools
    Image source: Marketing Tom Media | Digital Marketing Company
  • 8. Popular Digital tools
    Will depend on your target market
    Google Tools
    Share buttons
  • 9. Google the Great!
    Alerts – keep tabs on your company online
    Analytics – allows you to measure digital tools
    Adwords – buy keywords and gain SEO
    BlogSearch - Find blogs on your favourite topics
    Places– get a Google local listing
    Ad Sense – earn from your site (where appropriate)
    Maps – enhance your directions
    Reader – RSS feeds
  • 10. Your Website
    1. Be found on search engines
    2. Generate leads and filter to conversions
    • Good functional design
    • 11. Content management system to update/edit
    • 12. Understand your keywords
    • 13. SEO friendly – content, meta descriptions, keywords, page titles, linking strategy
    • 14. Page tags on every page
    • 15. Use analytics and refine pages
  • 16. Google analytics
  • 17. Blogs
    Content publishing tool that displays your posts/articles in chronological order
    Multi media content and excellent SEO
    Top 3 platforms
  • 18. Blogging guide
    Online PR, demonstrate expert knowledge
    SEO essential to promote your blog
    Use tags/categories
    Link to other social media
    Promote your blog
    Invite Guest bloggers
    Respond and leave comments on other blogs
    Diversify content – links, video, slides etc
  • 19. The “professional” social network
    Launched May 2003 - 43 million users in 170 industries
    Around 50% of users in UK
    Create online CV & add connections
    Also have company profile & services area
    Great for targeting and business development
  • 20. How can you use it?
    Develop and promote yourself and your firm
    Build connections
    Seek recommendations
    Promote your knowledge and answer questions
    Promote upcoming events/seminars
    Promote other content you’ve created, including webinars, blog posts or podcasts
    Recruit new staff
    Targets – Develop relationships with targets
    Pre-meeting research
  • 21. Linked in tips
  • 22. Linked in tips
  • 23.
    • Free micro-blogging service
    • 24. Send and read 140 character Tweets
    • 25. Build up connections or followers
    • 26. Share Tweets (RT) and highlight someone/thing (#)
    Image source: Marketing Tom Media | Digital Marketing Company
  • 27.
  • 28. How can you use it?
    Develop and promote yourself and your firm
    Interact with your customer base
    Track what people are saying about your company and brand
    Create buzz around upcoming events/seminars
    Promote other content you’ve created, including webinars, blog posts or videocasts
    Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement
    Track competitive activity
  • 29. Pod/Videocasts
    Digital media files (either audio or video) that are released and downloaded through web syndication
    Second largest search engine so great SEO
    Create your own channel
    Professional video not necessary
  • 30. Videocasts
  • 31. Facebook
    500 million users
    24.2 million in UK
    50% login every day
    Business = Facebook Page
  • 32.
  • 33. Keeping track of it all...
    Tools to manage and track social media
    Can be linked into Google analytics to track conversion rates/effectiveness
  • 34. RSS - the ability to update readers ‎with new content it publishes
    Set up a RSS reader
    Keep track of all relevant sites, blogs etc
    Make time to read your RSS feeds
    Share what’s relevant – Retweet, blog etc
  • 35. Keeping track of it all...
    Hootsuite(http://www.hootsuite.com). –
    Manages multiple Social Media accounts
    Provides statistics & tracking
    Ability to pre-schedule messages
  • 36. Keeping track of it all...
    Allows you to feed your RSS/blog feed into your Twitter account and thus keep updated and in sync
    Free browser for tracking social media accounts
    No tracking as yet , so use a URL shortener
    No pre scheduling of messages
  • 37. Keeping track of it all...
    URL Shorteners - bit.ly
    Saves characters vital in Twitter
    Tracks clicks on URLs
  • 38. Summary
    Social Media is another marketing tool, don’t forget to promote the channels
    Choose the right tool
    The key is engagement
    2-way conversation needs interaction
    Needs time
    Can be monitored and tracked
  • 39. Any questions?
  • 40. How can I help your firm?
    Contact me on:
    m: 07845 185143
    e: claire@lighthouse-marketing.net
    t: @ClaireGLighthse
    l: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/clairegriffithslighthouse
    Fixed hourly, daily, project rates so no surprises!
  • 41. How your websites ranked