Using Digital Media to Build a Profitable Business


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Presentation by Aaron Mottern ( at the March 14, 2012 ACA Lighthouse Speaker Series.

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Using Digital Media to Build a Profitable Business

  1. 1. How to Use Digital Media to Build a Profitable Business By: Aaron J. Mottern
  2. 2. Who is Aaron Mottern?• Entrepreneur• Digital Strategist• Community Friend• City Dweller• Animal Lover
  3. 3. What is Digital Marketing?• Internet based advertising – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Pay-Per-Click/Display Advertising – Display Advertising – Online PR• Social Media Marketing – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter• Blog Marketing – Stubble Upon – Digg
  4. 4. Why is Digital Marketing Important?
  5. 5. Why is Digital Marketing Important?
  6. 6. Why is SEO Important?
  7. 7. Does Digital Marketing Work?
  8. 8. Why Use LinkedIn?
  9. 9. Does Facebook Work?
  10. 10. Will Your Blog Help SEO?
  11. 11. How Do You Do This?• Commit to your digital media budget• Define your target market• Identify the digital media that best fits your market• Create a goal for your campaign• Develop your digital marketing strategy• Empower a champion to own the implementation of your strategy
  12. 12. What Can You Do Now?• Set up Google Analytics & Web Master accounts• Add a blog to your website• Claim your search engine map listings• Sign up for online directories• Select one social media channel to master• Create premium content for your new blog• Add links into all company email signatures
  13. 13. “Just Do It” Tips & Tricks
  14. 14. Optimize Your Website• Title Tags• META Descriptions• “H” Tagged Content Titles• Keyword Content• 404 Error Pages• 301 Redirects• Internal and External Links• XML Site Map
  15. 15. Optimize Your Map Listing• 100% Completeness• Keyword Description• Relevant Photos• Relevant Videos• Targeted Categories• Service Area• Review Requests
  16. 16. Top Blogging Tactics• Target your content to an audience likely to share• Make your blogs content SEO-friendly• Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to share your posts & find new connections• Add graphics, photos and illustrations with back link• Conduct keyword research while writing your posts• Participate in social sharing communities like Reddit + StumbleUpon• Interact with other blogs via comments• Participate in Q&A sites
  17. 17. Top Facebook Tactics• Create fan liking campaigns• Use a campaign software -• Reward your top influencers• Use your fans for a focus group• Test Facebook PPC campaigns• Offer promotions• Stagger your educational and fun postings• Comment quickly to postings
  18. 18. Top LinkedIn Tactics• Ensure 100% completeness• Optimize your profile• Ask for recommendations• Use LinkedIn add-on profile apps and plug-ins• Create a company page• Be a paid member• Promote yourself and your company in LinkedIn groups• Build your own group• Research sales prospects and utilize direct email• Promote your business using LinkedIn
  19. 19. Top Twitter Tactics• Share tips related to your business and work-life balance• Share photos of conferences, products and other finds• Share news and commentary related to your business• Link to content with a summary of why it’s valuable• Feed your tweets into Facebook and LinkedIn• Participate in tweets related to your industry• Post discounts and offers on Twitter• Follow industry experts, companies and competitors• Be authentic, genuine and real
  20. 20. Contact MeAaron J. MotternEmail: aaron@ghostpepperagency.comCell: (314) 629-4505