Social Media Safety For High School


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Social Media Safety For High School

  1. 1. Social Media Safety High School Edition
  2. 2. What Should You Know?• What is a Digital Footprint?• The Big Deal About Internet Privacy• Private Today, Public Tomorrow• College Bound
  3. 3. Have You?• Created a profile on an Internet site?• Filled out a form online?• Chatted on AIM or GChat?• Sent an email?• Typed your name into Google?
  4. 4. Your Digital Footprint Let’s Watch a Video The Digital Footprint
  5. 5. What is A Digital Footprint?• You have a digital footprint and the info from it can be searched; copied and passed on; seen by a large, invisible audience, and can live FOREVER…• Online information can be helpful or harmful to your rep and image• Consider what your digital footprint says about you
  6. 6. Why Should I Care About Internet Privacy?• Privacy in both a real-world setting and online• How and why companies collect information about visitors to their websites• Posted Privacy Policies• Tools to help stay private
  7. 7. Here’s What To Do!• Read the privacy policies of the sites you visit.• Talk with a trusted adult about ways that you can protect your privacy.• Look at the privacy options and choose the ones that are best for you.
  8. 8. Private Today, Public Tomorrow• Why do you think things posted online tend to persist, even when you prefer they didn’t?• What kinds of things might be good for your reputation in the future if they are posted online now? What kinds of things might be harmful?
  9. 9. Private Today, Public Tomorrow• The benefits and risks of sharing information online• Risks of sharing inappropriate information (over-sharing) online• Recognize the importance of context in posting or viewing online images• Protect the privacy of others online• Think about what you post and share
  10. 10. Going to College?Is it fair to judge someone based on what you find about them online?
  11. 11. Privacy & Digital Footprints Let’s Watch Abbass Story
  12. 12. Going to College?• Your Digital Footprint follows you• Information you post online can help or hurt your image and future opportunities, including their chances for college admission or employment• Always present an authentic and positive image online
  13. 13. The Moral of the Story…• Think about what you posting and sharing online BEFORE you post and share it.• Ask questions!• Don’t believe everything you see, read and learn online.• If you get a funny feeling about something, trust it!