Deluxe Moon HD - User Guide for iPad
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Deluxe Moon HD - User Guide for iPad



Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted moon application with innovative lunar design. It combines traditional lunar themes with modern technology to bring you the best: a feature rich interface with ...

Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted moon application with innovative lunar design. It combines traditional lunar themes with modern technology to bring you the best: a feature rich interface with style.

Deluxe Moon provides comprehensive moon information and includes specific gardening advice based on the current moon phase, precise times of the moon phases, animated Zodiac circles, moon horoscope and calendar, sunset and sunrise times and moon day descriptions.

Are there connections between the moon and plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health or finance? Discover new amazing relationships with Deluxe Moon application!



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Deluxe Moon HD - User Guide for iPad Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Main Screen You can select the date either by swiping the moon image or by changing the date on left. If you change the date, moon parameters will change as well. Next to the moon you can see the full name of the current phase, Zodiac sign and illuminated or visible portion of the Moon. Moon age is the time between two full moons or between successive occurrences of the same phase. It ranges on average from 0 to about 29.53 days (29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes). 1
  • 2. Countdown timers show how much time is left until moonset and since moonrise. Tap on either of them to see Sunrise and Sunset timers. Moonrise and moonset as well as sunsrise and sunset times are shown below. In the middle you can see their Zenith time. If you pull the panel up using a small arrow in the center, a new tool panel will show up. Moonrise and Moonset Times
  • 3. Moon Calendar Select a date using left and right arrows on the top to see moon phase, Zodiac sign, moon age and illiminated part for that date. On the sides of the calendar moonrise/moonset and sunrise/sunset times are displayed for the selected date. Major moon phases are always shown on the calendar using circular icons: New Moon, First quarter , Full Moon and Last quarter . The panel on the bottom has a list of Moon and Sun parameters as well as precise times for the major recent and future moon phases.
  • 4. Options Slide the bottom panel and you will see nother panel with application options. Here you can select how you prefer to set the location: automatically by GPS or manually and use system or custom date and times. You can also disable astrlogical horoscope tab on the main screen and select distance units.
  • 5. Compass Turn the circular panel and select a compass. A small moon icon on it shows Moon’s current azimuth. Two white labels mark the azimuth of moonset and moonrise – a useful feature to photographers.
  • 6. Eclipses Pull a little tab on the top right to see lunar and solar eclipses information.
  • 7. Zodiac Circles Keep turning the circular panel until you see animated Zodiac circles with two types of Zodiacs: tropical, sidereal as well as astronomical constellations. The current Zodiac sign is shown with a ray. It also has the current moon phase icon. If the current ecliptic longitude of the Moon is within 3 degrees from the sign borders, the ray on which the moon sits widen s : this situation signifies Void-Of-Course for the Moon. Precise Void-Of-Course time is shown on Moon Day tab.
  • 8. Gardening Press and pull a small tab with a flower to the right. This panel gives you s pecific gardening advice based on the current moon phase , Zodiac sign and moon transition type.
  • 9. Moon Zodiac and Horoscope Select Zodiac title on the top to enjoy moon horoscope with three aspects: health, business and personal life as well as Zodiac sign characteristics.
  • 10. Moon Day Descriptions Select Moon Day title to see precise Void-Of-Course times as well as detailed currnet Moon day description.
  • 11. Help and Application Support If you tap on a help sign ‘?’ on the top of the main screen, you can read more about various moon parameters and immediately get even more information from Wikipedia. In case if you have any questions or would like to suggest a new feature, feel free to email our support. Please help us make this application better with your feedback - have a look at the screenshots and videos and let us know your opinion : if you like Deluxe Moon HD, please take a minutes and write us a review on iTunes – your support would grealty help!